I saw the big horse monkey showing in front of his eyes;

[Congratulations, effective advice. 】

You have been granted permission to log in to the last scene.] 】

[Also, I got the first play qualification of “Three-Body 2” and the first ‘Three-Body Problem’ badge! ] 】

At this time, the horse monkey behaved that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a monkey that has been jumping up and down.

At this time, he was really excited.

To be honest, before he started, he was also nervous and apprehensive.

He can’t guarantee that his answer will be correct.

And the netizens before the screen also jumped up directly excited at that moment.

Then immediately share this matter with the people around you.

In just a few minutes,

The horse monkey solved this problem and directly exploded the whole network!

Directly parachute all sites first!

It’s so fast, so fast!

Not because of the horse monkey fire,

It’s because it’s about the three-body problem! It is because the first play qualification of the Three-Body 2 and the ‘Three-Body Problem’ badge are something that everyone is paying attention to!


In just a few minutes, the live broadcast room of the horse monkey has flooded with tens of millions of viewers, and it is increasing rapidly.

Seeing that it is about to break 100 million!

The Douhu platform connects to the underground to give emergency instructions, and open a few more servers!

Because new users are growing rapidly!

Most of these new users are also from abroad.

That’s right!

This incident is not only explosive on all domestic platforms, but also the first in airborne hot search

Those social platforms abroad too!

Players around the world were shocked by this news.

The bigwigs in the scientific community also came one after another.

And all this,

It’s all because of the three-body problem!

This is how hot the three-body problem is currently around the world!

This is also the importance that everyone attaches to the problem of how the three-body civilization will survive and solve, more precisely, the importance that players attach to the qualification of the three-body 2 first game and the first ‘three-body’ badge!


The horse monkey finally calmed down from the excitement

Looking at the screen in front of him with his eyes shining, he said:

“Log in to the final scene.”

At this time, the big horse monkey did not pay attention to the live broadcast room at all.

He doesn’t know anything about everything that happens in the live broadcast room, how many bigwigs are coming in the live broadcast room, and how long the live broadcast room has been filled with barrages.

All his attention is on the game in front of him.

Enter the final scene of the game

The big horse monkey saw a black Gobi Desert stretching out to the sky.

The scene freezes and the subtitle appears:

[After a long period of development and iteration of multiple civilizations, the three-body civilization gave up the goal of mastering the laws of the sun’s operation. 】

[Because of the three-body movement problem, there is no solution! ] 】

[The three-body civilization has a new target:].

[Fly to the universe in search of a new home.] 】

After the subtitles disappeared, the scene in front of the horse monkey also returned to normal

The big horse monkey squinted his eyes, looked carefully, and after seeing the scene in front of him clearly, he directly gasped!

Because what is in front of you is not the Gobi Desert at all!

It’s dense, endless sea of people!

Just as far as the eye can see, there are hundreds of millions of people!

I’m afraid that the people of the three-body world are all here, right?

Then the horse monkey found that these people were looking up at space, and he followed suit.

Then he saw a scene that shocked him even more.

The stars that should have been scattered and arranged irregularly turned into a strict square array!


This is not a group of stars!



It’s Starfleet!

It was the silver light cast by the starship, making people think it was a star.

The big horse monkey roughly counted, at least there are thousands of starships!

At this time, the sea of stars in the sky has been reduced to the background!

The scene is extremely shocking and full of a solemn sense of power.

The subtitles in front of you appear again:

[Trimaran Starfleet, now officially set sail for the expedition! ] 】

[Their spacecraft has reached one-tenth of the speed of light.] 】

[Their destination is a star four light-years away—].

[Earth! 】

Immediately afterwards, the picture in front of the horse monkey’s eyes flashed again, and he had returned to the study.

However, the horse monkey is already in shock and sluggishness.

Because of the scene just now,


It was really impressive.

The Starfleet that reduced the sky to a background plate, and the silver light of the ship’s hull lit up to make people think that it was the Starfleet of the stars, which was really shocking.

Full of oppression.

And such an oppressive Starfleet, the goal is to conquer the earth in order to obtain a new home that allows them to survive?!

So far,

The truth of the Earth crisis has been revealed to people.

The scientific and technological height of the three-body civilization is also displayed in front of mankind!

The barrage area of the live broadcast room finally appeared after a period of silence:

“These of the three-body civilization, any interstellar battleship, can completely wipe out our earth, right? Not to mention that they have thousands! We earthlings, do we really have a chance of victory? ”

“Shhh, seeing this last scene, there is inexplicably a sense of powerlessness, a sense of suffocation!”

“Can humans really win? In the face of such a three-body civilization, does mankind really have a chance of victory? ”

“Don’t worry, you guys forgot about Three-Body 2? Have you forgotten the ‘Science Fiction World’ announcement? The ‘real beginning’ is in the three-body 2, and in the three-body 2, the confrontation with the three-body civilization begins. ”

“I guess ah, the timeline in the Three-Body 2 must have changed! And it will definitely give our players the same level of technological weapons as the three-body civilization! At that time, there must have been a battle with them. ”

“Hey, the whole one will live with the three-body 2! Three-body 2 hurry up and go online, please! ”


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