Chapter 0092: Return to Home Scam!!!

The message that pops up is:

[Cheng Xin: After seeing Yun Tianming’s oath, my play trembled like falling into an ice cave. 】

[And Vader said with his eyes: See his quality, right?] 】

[I understand that this may be a means for Yun Tianming to confuse Zhizi into surveillance.

Seeing this, netizens all said on the barrage: “I’ll go, this Yun Tianming doesn’t take the oath, it turns out that this is the purpose.” ”

“The thinking of the three-body people is transparent, so they can’t read the true meaning of Yun Tianming at all. Gee, this Yun Tianming, cow! ”

“Hide your true thoughts? This is similar to the wall-facing person, but unfortunately Yun Tianming’s brain is about to be sent into space. ”

“Actually, from this point of view, Yun Tianming’s task is no easier than the task of the wall-facing person! To suffer from the cold of the universe, as well as the experiments on their brains by the uncertain trisolarans, and in this case, try to send a message about the trisolarans to Earth. ”

“Indeed! If Yun Tianming really succeeds, Yun Tianming is a super awesome existence! ”


The day to take out Yun Tianming’s brain came.

Cheng Ya was outside the hospital, hesitating.

When the day of the operation came, the guilt that had disappeared in Cheng Ya’s heart all returned!

Moreover, the guilt is even worse!

Because now it is not only the ladder plan that she proposed, but even the candidates for the ladder plan are the ones she went to talk to and let her participate in.

Although Cheng Ya told herself over and over again that this is just a game, don’t care.

But the powerful realism of this game still filled her heart with pain.

It made her feel very guilty in her heart.

And just when she was very painful for this in her heart, Vader who passed by gave her a painful blow: “That star is what Yun Tianming sent you!” ”

Cheng Ya was instantly stunned.

The whole person froze in place.

The star 05 that made her feel the ultimate romance even if she knew that she was in the game, was actually sent by Yun Tianming?

At this time, Yun Tianming is being removed from the brain, and will be launched into the three-body fleet, and then the brain will be resurrected, with consciousness and memory, etc., enduring endless cosmic cold and unknown three-body experiments!

And the fundamental reason why Yun Tianming had to suffer all this was actually because of himself?!


Cheng Ya’s mentality collapsed!

She felt so cruel.

After the netizens in the live broadcast room saw such a scene, they were also distressed and said on the barrage in the live broadcast room: “Good little sister who feels sorry for the kindness.” ”

“At this time, Miss Cheng Ya, she must be in pain and can’t stand it, right?!”

“I suspect that Vader deliberately told Cheng Ya about this, Vader just likes to appreciate the despair of others, and must have wanted to see Cheng Ya’s despair, so he did this.”

“Vader is really hateful! This man is really a devil, a hateful devil! ”

But fortunately, Cheng Ya’s pain did not last long, and the timeline in the game accelerated.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the ladder plan to be executed.

The nuclear explosion began, and the flash of light continued to light up behind the giant sail at a certain time interval, and the radiation strongly pushed the thrusters forward.

Soon, monitoring indicated that the craft had reached its intended speed.

But at this moment,

The glitch has appeared!

The sails began to curl, the sail cables broke, and the probe deviated from its intended course!

The probe is going to take Yun Tianming’s brain and drift in the boundless darkness!

And Cheng Ya, also because PIA asked her to serve as the future liaison of the ladder plan, hoping that the ladder plan would not be forgotten or misunderstood by the future,

And into hibernation.

After Cheng Ya entered hibernation, darkness returned to her eyes.

Originally, in this case, the game timeline would have jumped, and it would not take too much waiting to reach the day when hibernation ended.

But Cheng Ya chose to temporarily withdraw from the game.

Because of what happened just now, the pain in her heart continued.

She needs to quit the game to ease the pain in her heart.

And for this situation, the netizens in the live broadcast room not only did not call her hypocritical, but all praised her: “Miss Cheng Ya is really too kind!” Such a person is fiercely powdered! ”

“Even if Miss Cheng Ya doesn’t send red envelopes in the future, I will stay in the live broadcast room of Miss Cheng Ya!” What I said, no one can pull me away! ”

“The ladder plan failed? No wonder in the later timeline, the new era has arrived, and this matter is still not mentioned. I just don’t know what the purpose of this matter is in the three-body 3? ”

“Maybe it’s a further future.” Maybe in the future, I will bring this matter back again. ”

“After waking up from hibernation, it should be after Luo Ji shocked the three-body world, right?!”

“Brothers, you can go to the live broadcast room of the sauing pig, he is a character activated in multiplayer mode directly after the shock, you can go and take a look.”

“Shhhh I’ll go check it out. ”

“But I can’t bear to abandon Miss Cheng Ya’s live broadcast directly, maybe when will she start again?”

“Dual screens, open two live broadcast rooms.”

“Great idea! That’s it! ”

Pig live broadcast room.

Piggy plays multiplayer networking mode.

In multiplayer mode, as in Three-Body 2, the character is activated.

But this time, the information is no longer a hidden message.

And the character he activated turned out to be a deputy captain of the ‘Bronze Age’

That’s right, it was the “Bronze Age” ship that successfully escaped the solar system in the face of the water droplet strike, and then eliminated the “Quantum” that escaped the solar system together for resources.

And netizens learned some information according to the information tips of the pig:

It turned out that after the dark battle broke out at both ends of the solar system,

The connection of the remaining fleet with the earth was broken.

In the two days of November 208, the Earth’s informational radio waves emitted towards the sun disappeared, and all bands fell silent.

The earth is like a lamp that suddenly turns off, and for the reason for the sudden disappearance of the earth’s electromagnetic information, most people on the Bronze Age believe that the solar system has been occupied.

The spacecraft increased its acceleration power and headed for a star with a terrestrial planet 26 light-years away.

But 10 days later, the Bronze Age suddenly received a radio message from the space fleet’s peers:

“Bronze Age, Blue Space, this is the Space Fleet Division.”

“A day ago, the logic of the wall-faced has successfully negotiated with the three-body world, and the human deterrent to the three-body world has been established, please return immediately.”

“Given the dark forest state of the universe, we are taking great risks by sending this message and will not repeat it again. Then the Earth will remain electromagnetically silent for a long time. ”

For this information, the Bronze Age did not dare to believe it.

But for the sake of possible return, the spacecraft stopped accelerating, while asking the Earth for continuous power generation.

But Earth’s electromagnetic silence continues.

Just as the Bronze Age was about to start accelerating again, the Children from the Three-Body World spread out in low dimensions on board the ship, establishing quantum communication between the Bronze Age and the solar system.

Everything was finally confirmed!

So the Bronze Age, which survived the Doomsday War, received a return command from Earth with infinite thoughts about the earth.

Each crew member was told that they would return to their families as heroes.

They also know that the whole world is welcoming their return, and everyone is in a state of excitement.

And the timeline where the pig is now is in the timeline where the fleet is about to arrive in the solar system!

At the same time, they also learned that after Luo Ji shocked the three-body world, the era was renamed the era of shock!

And now, it’s 13 years of the Era of Shock!

When the information saw this, the netizens in the live broadcast room were sour: “Hero? ”

“Groove! Is the pig so lucky? Just enter the game, you have to be. ”

“Nima! How is the pig’s luck always so good? When in the Three-Body 2, the space force officer, then the fleet commander, followed Ding Yi to get close to the water droplets. ”

“Although it is inevitable in the end, at least until this, he has a better life than us.” Besides, we were basically all space forces at that time, and the final result was not much better than the pig, or even worse than the pig. ”

“What’s the point? After the pig died of water droplets, he immediately transferred his identity card, and the new identity card also allowed him to witness the scene of two thousand rings in space! Although that scene is very desperate, it is absolutely shocking to see that scene. ”

“Now his identity card after entering the game is actually the deputy captain of the battleship who is about to reach the solar system and was awarded the title of hero?!”

“Crying to death! It’s really too envious! ”

The sauous pig looked at these barrages in front of him and raised his eyebrows.

The smug look on his face speaks for himself.


The battleship moored into the spaceport.

The moment they docked into the spaceport, everyone on the Bronze Age was looking to the sides, each trying to find their familiar figure.

When they saw those people outside, everyone was tearful and cheering!

These people on the battleship, he couldn’t help but cheer with encouragement: “Go home!” We are finally home! ”

“When it lands, I’ll retire!” I want to open a small farm and live on the earth forever! ”

“yes! I don’t want to live in a battleship anymore, and these more than ten years of space navigation have made me miss our land immensely! ”

“I’m going to see my family! My parents, my wife, my children! ”

Seeing the excited cheers of the crew around him, he couldn’t help but be infected by it.

The eyes were also slightly filled with tears of joy because of excitement and joy.

The netizens in the live broadcast room said very badly: “This saustard pig, you picked up the credit for nothing, what are you excited about here?” ”

“Exactly! What’s the matter with you? It’s just a waste of credit! ”

“Well, maybe it’s because he picked up such a big credit for nothing, that’s why he is happy to be like this?”

“Haha, I look very similar!”

“People are excited because they are about to return to the earth and are about to see their families, and the pig is excited because they have picked up the credit for nothing? Haha, can’t hold back! ”

The sooty pig glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room, rolled his eyes, and didn’t want to deal with these netizens.


The Bronze Age was moored in anticipation.

The Space Fleet Division sent them a message: “We will conquer the three-body world in our lifetime and open up the second solar system for mankind.” ”

“Captains, I don’t think it’s necessary to leave anyone on duty, you’ve been away from home for too long, and everyone has the right to be reunited with your families!”

Originally, those crew members who were still struggling with who to let stay on duty, after hearing this, 133 instantly became even more excited!

They all want to rush to the ground at the first time, and none of them want to be on duty.


After they all got off the battleship, what happened made them dumbfounded!

I saw that after all their personnel got off the battleship, they named them twice to confirm all

People are here after that.

The sea of people around who were originally cheering suddenly disappeared!

In their place were a large number of armed soldiers who surrounded them!

These people turned their guns on them.

And the magnetic shoes under their feet also failed at the same time, losing support in weightlessness

Float up, like a group of immobile targets.

And the space force officer who originally greeted them with a happy look also became very indifferent at this time: “All those who carry weapons, please hand over their weapons!” Otherwise, your life cannot be guaranteed! ”

“From now on, all of you are arrested for first-degree murder and crimes against humanity!”

“Now declare: all the officers and men of the Bronze Age have been dismissed from the ship! No longer belongs to the solar system fleet! ”

“But the shame you have brought to the fleet can never be erased. You have been handed over to the judicial system of the fleet, to be judged! ”

Everyone on the Bronze Age was dumbfounded!

The pig was also dumbfounded!

The netizens before the live broadcast room were even more dumbfounded!

The call to return to earth with honor,

It turned out to be just a pathetic scam?!

What will be awarded the title of hero, in fact, just a reason to trick them back?!

Even those cheering crowds are nothing more than holographic projection technology?!

The so-called no personnel on duty, and even two roll calls, just to ensure that everyone is here, and no one has the opportunity to escape in the Bronze Age again?!


In fact, it is to be judged!

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were extremely heavy!

Whether it was the crew on the Bronze Age, or the pigs, or the people before the live broadcast room, this was the case.

Even many netizens in front of their own screens,

They all began to sneer.

It turns out that all this is a joke?

A scam to trick the Bronze Age into returning home?!

Is this what the General Assembly is today?

However, it seems that those people in the previous special federation were only interested in their own useful things.

Such as excess hydrogen bombs, such as detectors and so on.

Their first concern is, is whether these technologies are useful to them. And not what impact can it have on the trisolarans?

Even after the era of shock and awe, the virtues of these people have not changed, or even become more serious!

It’s sad and lamentable!

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