Chapter 0093 – Extreme Operation of the Pig: Don’t Return Home, This Is Not Home!!!

Soon, the trial of the Bronze Age began.

In the trial, compared to the brutal space battle,

The most fundamental accusation of the Fleet International against the Bronze Age is the dark battle they launched against neighboring ships by plundering resources!

The captain, two deputy captains, and the commander of the weapon system, four are the main subjects of trial.

One of the people.

And as the deputy captain, the pig was naturally the main judge among the four

However, at this time, there was no one in the live broadcast room who was shaky and smart, saying that seeing the pig did not go luck this time, but went bad luck and the like.

Because the netizens in the live broadcast room are depressed because of this homecoming scam, and they are silent because of the testimony of the trial.

testimony at trial,

It has become a true portrayal of the cruel universe!

According to the testimony:

The attack was the result of a collective vote of all members of the fleet.

94% of those who voted for attacking the Quantum

Captain Scott added: “Even if the turnout is below 50%, I will attack!” ”

Weapon Systems Commander Schneider added: “The moment I learned that the Bronze Age would never return and that the ship was my entire world, I changed. ”

“It’s a different person.”

“And when humanity is really in space, totalitarianism only takes 5 minutes!”

Regarding the disposal of the remains on the Quantum, Deputy Captain Lovinsky said: “All are stored.” ”

“So that it can be eaten.”


This shocking testimony struck everyone present

Not only everyone in the courtroom, but also all the netizens before the live broadcast room.

The hearing staff of the trial court, hearing the words of the deputy captain, directly fainted two people!

And netizens really realized at this moment,

Step into the universe, darker than they imagined!

Before, they only understood in Sister Zhou’s live broadcast room that if they didn’t kill each other first, they would be killed by the other party.

But I didn’t expect that after being killed, there would be such treatment.

And all this is for survival!

During the entire trial, the pig did not say anything that made the heart blow.

For the question of his judgment is not in itself an important question.

The role of the pig is responsible for the logistics rationing of the entire spaceship

However, the mood of the pig is heavier than that of the netizens in the live broadcast room.

Because what he feels is more real than netizens!

At the end of the trial,

Captain Scott made his final statement: “I don’t have much more to say, only a warning:”

“The landing of life from the sea to land is a milestone in the biological evolution of the earth, but those fish that come ashore are no longer fish!”

“Similarly, the people who really go into space are no longer people!”

“So when you plan to pounce into space and never look back, please be cautious, the price to pay is much greater than you think!”

Netizens in the live broadcast room, after hearing these words, instantly thought of when Sister Zhou was in the live broadcast room,

What Zhang Beihai said to Sister Zhou at the last moment: “A new civilization is being born, and a new morality is also forming. ”

“After mankind sails to the universe, it is no longer human beings, but new human beings with new morals.”

“Looking back at all that we’ve done in the future, it might be normal.”

It turns out that this is the real interpretation of Zhang Beihai’s words

The new morality is not just about attacking companions for survival, but also about getting more resources.

Also, break the moral bottom line of the past!

In order to survive, a new morality must be generated!

Human beings who abide by the old morality will become!

“New humans!”

After the trial.

The four of them also need to carry out the handover of the Bronze Age, completely handing over the Bronze Age to the new personnel.

It was at this time that someone made a bullet in the live broadcast room, which had been silent

Mutaku: “Well, to be honest, if you look at this as an outsider, you can’t really say how these people are doing. ”

“Black, maybe black. There is no moral bottom line, and it is. But this is all viewed by our current human standards to have such an assessment. If it is true from the perspective of the ‘new humans’, perhaps there is nothing right or wrong about them. ”

“It’s all about survival… Survival among the stars of the universe. As Zhang Beihai said, ‘a new morality is also forming’, which may be a new morality for the situation at that time. There is no way to look at it by today’s moral standards. ”

“Hey, it’s a pity that these people were deceived back by the return scam, but they were tried and sentenced.”


At this time, the troublesome pig, who was handing over the work with the new Space Force officer, was very depressed in his heart.

Lying in the groove, you won’t want to do this, right?

This role of himself, sentenced to life imprisonment, how to play this?

Or…… Sign up for a new account?

However, his role is neither natural nor unnatural death

If you die, register a new account, and you have to change your ID card.

And just when the pig is depressed,

He suddenly came to the game mission.

This game mission instantly gave him hope.

And the netizens in the live broadcast room who were originally sighing and sighing and discussing were also instantly attracted by this task.

[Call the blue space, number, tell them: don’t go back, this is not home! ] 】

After netizens in the live broadcast room saw this task, they all shouted: “Lying groove, this task is a little exciting!” ”

“In front of these people, you must first bring up the operation interface, activate the interstellar communication system, and then transmit the information to the blue space, the whole process is simply exciting to think about.”

“I suddenly have the feeling of watching spy war blockbusters.”

“Piggy, can you do it? Feel like the pig can’t complete this task? ”

And after seeing this task, the pig’s eyes lit up directly!

Because if you do this in front of the Space Force that transfers weapons, you will definitely be killed with a gun.

And isn’t such a death a natural death?

You can transfer your identity card yourself.

Isn’t the matter of the previously depressed character being imprisoned for life?


He narrowed his eyes slightly, and quickly calculated in his heart how to complete this task faster.

Soon, he had a blow in his heart.

The pig said to the space force next to him: “I will now hand over the system department I am in charge of to you.” ”

After getting permission, the pig came to a cabin.

And at the moment he just entered the cabin, he immediately quickly closed the door of the cabin, so that the two handover space forces did not enter.

However, the saugar pig did not dare to relax at all!

Because, now the weapons of the Space Force are enough to break the door of the cabin.

So the pig immediately brought up the operation interface of the battleship, clicked on it at a very fast speed, found the passage interface, and then opened the interstellar communication system.

This operation directly made the netizens who were originally holding their breath to watch before the live broadcast room because of this tense atmosphere were directly stunned.

They didn’t expect that the pig could operate so quickly

In Three-Body 2, after becoming the executive captain, he was more curious about its operating system, so he felt the behavior of this operating system.

This allows him to be familiar with the current operation.

Otherwise, if you take a look at the game prompts and perform a step-by-step operation, it is estimated that the communication system has not been activated, and you will be cold.


Just as the pig activated the communication system, a muffled sound was heard, and a small hole was burned in the bulkhead by the laser gun.

This is the space force outside warning him!

The tension in the air increased a lot.

The netizens before the live broadcast room were holding their breath at this time, staring at the operation of the pig.

Some people even clenched their fists directly because of this tense atmosphere and looked at the situation in the live broadcast room nervously.

And at this time, the pig could not care about the warning brought by this muffled sound.

He quickly whispered:

“Bronze Age ‘call’ blue space!”

“Bronze Age ‘call’ blue space!”


Another muffled sound.

But this time the laser gun didn’t hit the bulkhead.

but hit the pig on the chest!

The sauster instantly felt a sharp pain coming, which made him even sweat directly on his forehead!


He also felt that his life was slowly draining and death was approaching

But it has reached this point, and the pig does not want to give up just like that.

Netizens before the live broadcast room,

Seeing the scene at this time, they all widened their eyes a little again.

My eyes are swollen as I stare at the scene on the screen, and my clenched fists are clenched even tighter!

They were all shouting in their hearts: Hold on, brat! One point to hold on, shout the last sentence!

And the next operation of the sauing pig did not disappoint everyone.

I saw that the pig widened his eyes and grinned in pain,

With his last shred of life and strength,

Shouted hoarsely: “Don’t return, this is not home!” ”

Then it was poof! Burst!

“Two sounds.”

The pig’s eyes fell into darkness, and a window popped up: [You have died naturally, please do you transfer the identity card] Looking at this pop-up window in front of you, the pig did not transfer immediately.

Instead, he took off the VR device and wiped his forehead, which was already covered in cold sweat in reality.

With a look of horror, he said to the live broadcast room with a palpitation: “Lying groove, brothers, it was really just now, it was too thrilling!” ”

“Let’s not talk about how tense the situation was. Let’s talk about the pain after being shot by a laser gun, which really made me want to yell out. ”


“And the feeling that life is being lost, it really makes me think about it.”

“I guess I’m going to have nightmares tonight!”

At this time, he,

I’m really already frightened!

He felt as if he had actually experienced a death.

He shouted in his heart, it seems that the game is too real, the somatosensory effect is too good, and there are also disadvantages.

For example, just now I completely simulated the feeling of facing death once.

And the pain that the laser gun caused to himself!

That is, the last two shots took him directly, otherwise it would be painful.

And the netizens before the live broadcast room are no longer just now

‘s tense and dignified, but excitedly knocked on the barrage: “Lying groove, saustar, you were really handsome just now!” ”

“Pee spot!”

“The operation of the pig is really the limit! There was nothing from start to finish. ”

“Who said that the pig didn’t operate? Says who? Stand out! Look at being punched in the face now?! ”

“Lying groove, to be honest, the tense atmosphere just now really made me stop breathing unconsciously, staring nervously at the operation of the pig.”

“Needless to say, the pig is really awesome this time! Not only was the task done in this situation, but it was also done so well. ”

“In the end, the pig tried his best and shouted hoarsely that don’t go back, this is not home!”

“It’s really exploded!”

“What’s more, I’ve been getting goosebumps since he started calling Blue Space in the Bronze Age.”

The sooty pig looked at the barrage of praise in front of him, and although he also had a little pride in his heart, he still did not cover the fear just now.

He still said with trepidation: “Brothers, don’t boast! ”

“To be honest, if I were to do this scene again, I might really not be able to do such an operation, maybe I would have given up this mission directly!”

“Tai Nima is terrifying! After I was shot, I really felt the God of Death approaching me! ”

“Hu was all about adrenaline that inspired me, otherwise I would have stopped cooking long ago, and I wouldn’t have been able to say the last word.”

The netizens in the live broadcast room also expressed their understanding.

Indeed, before experiencing this, you may still have the courage to take on this task.

But after experiencing this, there are really not many people who have the courage to take on this task and do it again!

And at this time,

Several barrages in the live broadcast room attracted the attention of many people: “Brothers, the rich woman Chengya is online, and she is sending red envelopes in the live broadcast room again!” ”

“Hey, this time it’s still 400,000 red envelopes, which is bigger than the last time! Fortunately, I watched the live broadcast on a dual screen and did not miss it. ”

These two barrages immediately caused many people’s barrages: “What? Cheng Ya sent red envelopes again? Piggy, I’m going to go first! ”

“Pig, don’t blame brothers for not talking about friendship, it’s the rich woman who gives too much.”

“You guys nag first, let me go to Cheng Ya’s live broadcast room, and receive the red envelope first!”


The pig watched the number of viewers in his live broadcast room plummet, and he smiled bitterly.

I had to complain in my heart:

I’m Nima, it’s good to have money at home!

I started a live broadcast to make money, and when people started a live broadcast, they were simply throwing money.

But on the surface, I can only pretend to have nothing to do:

And the money I sprinkle in a day is a lot more than I earn.

“Brothers are really forgetting about money! I can’t keep you guys with such extreme operations. ”

“You’re all right, don’t forget to come back and see me.”

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