I Made Scientific Magic

Chapter 506: Gravity perpetual motion machine and optical photography

  Chapter 506 Gravity perpetual motion machine and optical photography

  In September, the cool autumn wind blows away the heat of summer.

  After several months of war, the entire eastern, central, and southern regions of the empire have been completely occupied. According to the most optimistic estimate of the parliament, the war against the empire will be completely over in two months at most.

At the same time, the railway tracks have been repaired one by one, like a large criss-crossing net, covering every major city in the eastern region, and will expand to the entire empire in the future, which also facilitates the holding of this academic seminar. .

  A magical train full of passengers drove out of the unbuilt platform amidst the loud whistle, and headed towards the capital at a very fast speed!

  The rolling wheels kept running over the rails, making rumbling noises, and the carriage was shaking faintly, but this novelty was enough to make people ignore these slight discomforts.

  The middle-aged wizard Sean, who had just taken his seat with his apprentice, couldn't help sighing when he saw the dense bushes outside the window quickly disappearing from his field of vision. "What an amazing alchemy creation..."

  The train under them was more than 70 meters long and could carry nearly a thousand people, traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

   It is said that it only takes nine hours to travel from the middle of the empire to the capital of the Magic Kingdom!

  This also includes the time of stops in other cities, which can only be described as incredible.

   "Teacher, do you think the night in the capital is really as bright as the day?" The apprentice who was only eleven or twelve years old sitting next to Xiao En couldn't help asking.

  They had been in the empire before, but they had already heard a lot about the magic kingdom from the caravan coming and going.

According to the tales of those traveling merchants, the capital is almost a paradise on earth, the food is made by magic, even the common people wear exquisite clothes, all kinds of novel alchemy creations are dazzling, and the travel is not a horse-drawn carriage, but a car. A steel behemoth that spits smoke from behind...

  In comparison, the imperial city they were in was simply a cesspit, even the Holy City before the collapse. Except for the occupied area, everything else was far inferior.

   "Of course." Sean smiled and explained, "I heard that it is the masterpiece of the magic star, Speaker Lynn, who binds a powerful thunder force in a light bulb and uses electricity to create light..."

The young apprentice fantasized about such a scene. In a trance, the sky suddenly dimmed—the train drove into a long and dark tunnel. At the speed of this train, it took more than ten seconds to rebuild the sky. .

  Such a strong light and dark change surprised the wizards in the carriage. Sean, who was leaning against the window, looked through the window curiously, and there was a huge mountain behind him!

   "It's Despear, the Peak of Despair!" Sean quickly recognized it. This is the second tallest mountain in the empire, and it got its name because of its steepness.

   This train passed directly through the mountain, no wonder it suddenly felt dark around.

  Under Xiao En's gaze, there was a huge tunnel running through the front and back in the mountainside, which looked quite spectacular.

  He remembered that the Kingdom's Musketeers had only arrived here three months ago. What kind of force could hollow out an entire mountain in such a short period of time!

   Hundreds of wizards in the carriage were also discussing, and one of the gorgeously dressed witches spoke quite proudly. "The one who created this tunnel was the Yangyan Cannon, one of the greatest alchemy creations in the current parliament, and it blasted through this mountain with just one blow!"

  Shawn and the others showed shock, blasting through the Peak of Despair with one blow?

  What a powerful force it is to do such an exaggerated thing.

  Many wizards also expressed doubts, thinking that this must be hearsay, which is too exaggerated. Maybe it was dug out bit by bit by great wizards with magic.

  The witch curled her lips and did not continue. What is a peak of despair? The entire holy city was destroyed in the battle between the speakers and the false god.

   This Yangyan cannon was originally used to deal with the remnants of the imperial army, but as a result, the performance of those nobles became more and more hip, and the battle could be said to collapse at the touch of a finger, so there was no need for this big killer.

   On the contrary, they encountered a lot of troubles when building roads, especially in the central part of the empire, where there are many mountains and mountains. It would undoubtedly be time-consuming and labor-intensive to build roads by detour.

   So Chairman Vittorio had a sudden whim, and directly used the idle Yangyan cannon on the road. One cannon can be said to be a mountain to open a mountain, and a forest to destroy a forest. It is not too easy to use!

  Sean didn't have the slightest doubt about the witch's words, because he heard that the legendary wizards in the kingdom used a powerful magic to create a land of death that spread over ten kilometers, which was obviously more exaggerated.

  The journey of nine hours is not too far away. After the excitement of taking the train for the first time gradually receded, the train has slowly stopped at the platform of Wangdu.

  It's evening now!

  The witch who spoke before got up and got out of the train first, and the rest followed suit.

  Sean didn't act immediately, but took out the best blue robe from the suitcase and changed it on. Then he took a deep breath and stepped out of the train with his assistant and apprentice.

   "Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!"

A loud and enthusiastic voice rang in everyone's ears, and the one who spoke was naturally Theodore who was in charge of welcoming the train. He was holding a long list in his hand, confirming everyone's name one by one, and then guiding Lead them to the place of departure.

   "This way please gentlemen!"

  Sean walked among the crowd, holding his suitcase tightly with one hand, which contained the research results of his life, which was also the purpose of participating in the academic seminar.

  The young apprentice beside him was looking around, everything in this city was new to him.

He saw the beautifully decorated train platform, the wide, tidy and slightly crowded bustling streets, the strangely shaped and fast alchemy cars passing through the road, the alchemy workshop with billowing smoke... even the bricks and stones on the platform under his feet They are all as smooth as a mirror, and stepping on them can't help but feel a sense of guilt for destroying the artwork.

  Before the afterglow of the setting sun completely fell, bright lights lit up from the tops of the columns erected on both sides of the street, dispelling the coming darkness ahead of time...

  Inside the oval lamp is a filament that has been heated to an incandescent color, which vividly demonstrates what it means to trap lightning in a light bulb.

  In the ear, the soothing singing sound came from nowhere, and the melodious tune seemed to contain a special rhythm, which made people intoxicated.

   "Who is playing music here?" An alchemist asked curiously. There was no band playing music nearby.

   "Haha, this is the music played by the wind, played by magic!" Theodore explained with a smile.

  In view of the fact that the holy city of the church is resounding with loud and clear hymns all day long, the capital of the kingdom, as the face of the parliament, certainly cannot be defeated in this respect!

It’s not unusual to say that the so-called sound is the sound wave generated by the vibration of objects. Combining Dean Lynn’s resonance principle, as long as a special harp is placed on the statues all over the kingdom, and one side is played by casting a spell, the sound will It will spontaneously resound everywhere in the capital.

   And this magical repertoire covering the entire kingdom is naturally a masterpiece of the Wave School!

   While Theodore explained, he led the crowd to the Magic Research Institute in alchemy cars that had been prepared long ago.

   It was already around seven o'clock in the evening when they arrived together.

  Sean stepped into the exhibition hall full of excitement. The size of the exhibition hall was beyond expectations. Rows of seats were arranged in a circle and in the form of steps. Hundreds of magic lamps above the head illuminated the interior as if it were daytime.

  They were apparently the last batch to arrive. Tens of thousands of wizards had already gathered in the huge exhibition hall, exchanging ideas and research in various fields of magic.

  However, not all of them were so harmonious, there were disputes and curses one after another, but fortunately, no one dared to do anything in this exhibition hall.

  The extremely reserved Sean didn't intend to participate in the discussion. He took his apprentices and sat down in a seat on the outside, listening to the discussions of the wizards around him.

   This year's academic seminar seems to be extraordinarily grand. It is no longer hosted by great wizards as in the past. All the legendary speakers have arrived, which shows how much they attach importance to it.

  Sean immediately turned his attention to the speaker's seat. This was the first time he had seen the true faces of the legendary speakers at the top of the magic school, and the figure in the center was particularly conspicuous.

  Sean understood that it should be Speaker Lynn, the magic star whose reputation resounded throughout the empire and made the church fearful.

   Just thinking about it, the exceptionally young speaker looked over, cleared his throat and said.

   "Everyone, please be quiet!"

   The extremely loud voice resounded in the entire exhibition hall immediately, with an undeniable majesty and oppressive force, which instantly stopped the noise and disputes.

  In just one second, only echoes were left in the huge exhibition hall.

Counting it, this is the second time for Lynn to serve as a judge, and he is naturally very familiar with various procedures. He briefly said some polite words, and after welcoming many wizards who came from afar, he announced the decision. The next magic seminar has officially started!

  Under the gaze of everyone, an old wizard led several apprentices to the exhibition hall carrying a transparent box.

Inside the box is a very delicate device. The main body is a huge gear with a diameter of about three meters. Each tooth pitch is made into a **** shape. Forty movable short rods are installed inside. One end of each short rod Both are equipped with an iron ball with a mass of 20 kilograms, which is moving outward along the spokes of the runner.

   "This is the result of my research, a vacuum gravity perpetual motion machine!" The old wizard on stage proudly introduced his great invention to everyone!

   Nowadays, there are many power devices in the magic world, such as steam engines and improved internal combustion engines, but without exception, they all need to consume energy.

  So he has been thinking about whether he can find a way to continuously output power without adding any fuel!

So this perpetual motion machine was born. It uses the gravity of the planet itself and uses an asymmetric frame structure, which makes the gravity of the objects on both sides of the frame deviate. The heavy side pulls the light side to produce a cycle of mechanical motion. .

  In order to eliminate the influence of external forces as much as possible, he also specifically begged a great wizard to evacuate the elements inside the device, so that the device can continue to run!

  Looking at the strange perpetual motion machine in front of them, the wizards present were also quite interested.

  Although the output power of this thing is limited now, what if it is enlarged a hundred times or even a thousand times?

  The power generated might be able to supply an entire city!

   Lynn, who was sitting on the judging seat, rolled his eyes.

   Good guy, even the perpetual motion machine is out!

   To put it bluntly, this thing is the same as the Foucault pendulum he used to prove the rotation of the planet.

  Foucault's pendulum is in a vacuum without any interference, and with the help of gravity, it can indeed achieve theoretical "perpetual motion".

   But this perpetual motion machine is obviously still far away, and the biggest problem with this thing is that it can't output too much power at all, and its efficiency is far inferior to that of using water power, wind power, and solar energy.

  If this can also be regarded as a perpetual motion machine, then wouldn’t the water wheel that operates with the help of water flow also become a perpetual motion machine?

  In a few words, Lin En pointed out the shortcomings of this 'perpetual motion' device one by one.

Sean and the others also noticed at this time that the transformation speed of this perpetual motion machine was gradually slowing down. The great wizards even roughly estimated that this thing would stop by itself in at most two days, which is obviously far from the word "perpetual motion". far.

   It was Vittorio who smoothed things over, saying that the idea of ​​using the gravity of the planet to provide a steady stream of power is very innovative, but this perpetual motion machine does not have much practical value.

Under the 'picking' of everyone, the old wizard who was full of confidence blushed for a while, and kept saying that his perpetual motion machine had great potential, but it still needed continuous improvement. When he finally stepped down, his face was full of tears. It was a look of anger, obviously his 'great invention' was so ignored, which made him quite angry.

Immediately afterwards, Glenn took his new camera to the front of the stage and demonstrated it to everyone. With a burst of flashes, under the effect of magic, an extremely clear black and white photo quickly appeared on the stage. in front of everyone.

This kind of alchemy instrument that can engrave reality on the 'painting' immediately aroused the interest of many people. When the newspaper was published before, they were amazed by the lifelike picture above, but now they finally understand it after Glenn's explanation. The principle of it.

   "Small hole imaging? It's a good idea..." Aurora said with a smile.

  Many people know about this natural phenomenon, and the wizards of the theory of light particles regard it as one of the most direct evidences that light travels in a straight line, but Glenn is indeed the first one who can think of using this phenomenon.

  For this new invention, Lin En and others all gave high praise, and immediately decided to award him a Morning Star Medal in recognition of his achievements...

  (end of this chapter)

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