Lighted a cigarette.

The moment I typed the word "complete book", I sat in the seat and fell into deep thought.

This book was uploaded on "2020.6.10" and ended on 2022.7.05", which lasted for more than two years.

At the beginning, I wrote ignorantly, but gradually I understood what I wanted to write.

Unfortunately, it's too late.

This is not a book that makes me proud to say it, but it is a book that leaves me with no regrets.

How many times I wanted to end it, and then stumbled towards the ending I thought of on the way.

Some readers have asked, what kind of ending can be worthy of such a turbulent story.

I can say that this ending can.

Maybe there are deficiencies that cannot satisfy everyone, but it is the most suitable ending for this book.

The first order of this book was only 600, and by the end of the book, the average order was close to 5,000, which was okay.

No regrets, no unfinished endings, no eunuchs.

I was like a loner, wearing a mask of pain to finish the journey.

All rivers eventually flow into the ocean.

All flowers will eventually wither.

All snow and ice will eventually melt.

All ronin eventually have a home.

All stories have an ending in the end.

"Congratulations, you have cleared the customs."

【Dividing line】

【Dividing line】

【Dividing line】

[The following content involves spoilers, and those who have not read it should read it carefully. 】

Interpretation of the ending.

I personally do a little blurring.

You can say anything about the bronze door that pays homage to the Tomb Raiders Notes.

Maybe some friends guessed what was behind the door.

I hesitated for a long time. In fact, this story decided the ending from the very beginning.

Irin's name, source code, end, infinite, ultimate.

Some things don't need to be told.

To put it bluntly, it is worthless.

Just like Yi Rin's final awakening, he became a perfect life. Facing the "unknown", he rejected the "unknown" for the first time, closed the door forever, and rejected everything behind the door.

What is behind the door, I think many readers who have read it all the way have the answer.

The content behind the door is not the main point of this story.

The theme of this story is "them".

Looking back at the past, many places were not handled properly.

Maybe give me another chance and I'll handle it better.

But it doesn't matter anymore. Two years. Do you know how I spent these two years?

The terrible data, do you know how I survived?

In fact, many nights I stayed up all night alone, I would think, if I didn't stick to it stupidly, it would be fine.


When I finish writing this story, all I can say is:

"I'm fortunate to have you here, I don't regret seeing you for the first time!"

The simple remarks are over.

Tell me about your plans for the next two months.

I will find time to write some extras, but the time is uncertain.

While thinking about a new book.

The new book is a bit of a sign. When that time comes, a notice will be posted in the group and in this book.

I hope you can support the next book.

in addition.

You can leave a message if you want to see something, such as "I haven't heard of a black name", I will consider it as appropriate, and write it when I have time.

Bye bye!

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