I’m a Director, I’m Not Bad

Chapter 655: 652 real completion

   Chapter 655 652. The real completion

   On the first day of New Year's Day, he stole half a day's leisure, but on the second day of the New Year, he directly boarded the plane and headed for Wuxi.

  The old man is still waiting for him.

  Although... During the phone conversation, Zhang Yimou was still a little unhappy when he heard that Xu Xin was not staying overnight in Wuxi.

  I feel that you have come all the way, and you are in a hurry just for a meal, which is more or less perfunctory.

   But when he really saw Xu Xin, he still smiled.

   "Brother! Brother!"

  The three children who went home together on New Year's Day wandered around Xu Xin.

   And Xu Xin sent his own gift.

  According to what my father said, Dao Zhang's family should prepare a generous gift for a big wedding.

  But Xu Xin thought about it for a long time, but finally chose a gift... At first glance, it seems a bit inferior.

  A latest Polaroid.

  Not expensive, about a thousand dollars.

  Plus 200 sheets of photo paper, a total of over two thousand.

   When taking out the gift, Zhang Yimou was very happy, and didn't think much about it, he just complained:

   "This thing might have to be wasted by the children."

   But Chen Ting's eyes lit up.

   "Xiao Xu, thank you!"

   Obviously, she liked this gift very much.

   And also understood Xu Xin's intention.

  For this family of five, when everyone’s names are listed together in the household registration book, it is a new beginning.

  Xu Xin always remembers that Sister Mo told him that the family portraits of his father, aunt Ting, and younger siblings were taken by the equipment of a photo studio he rented at home.

  So, the meaning of his gift is also very simple.

  It is to record the beautiful moments in these families anytime and anywhere.

   No need to hide, no need to feel guilty.

   Walk in the world openly and aboveboard.

  So, she really likes this Polaroid. After taking it, the attention of the three children was quickly attracted by this camera that can take pictures and print at any time.

  Leaving Xu Xin behind, Yijiao and Yiding raised their hands to play around their mother, while Yinan was fine, just helping his mother unpack the photo paper in a sensible way.

   "Let's go, have a cup of tea."

  It's only early 10 o'clock, not yet time for dinner.

  Xu Xin nodded, followed the old man, and walked into his study, which was neither too big nor too small.

   "Where's Sister Mo?"

   he asked.

  Zhang Yimou casually pointed to a place for him to sit, and replied:

   "I went back to her mother on New Year's Day... She recently met a boy who treated her very well. He probably went to her mother's staff."

   While speaking, he took out a bag from the desk drawer and handed it to Xu Xin:

   "This is what the boy gave me, here."

   Before Xu Xin had time to be surprised that Sister Mo had left the order, he focused his eyes on the small bag.

  I took one out of the box and found that it was full of small round boxes. There were a bunch of letters on the box to form non-English words. The only words that could be spelled out were four.



  Xu Xinxin said what the **** is this?

   asked wonderingly:

   "What is this?"

   "Sweden's local specialty, what does it seem to be called... lip smoke? Inside is a bunch of tea bag-like things, said to be... in the mouth? It seems to come from this way. Try it."

  Hearing this, Xu Xin nodded, and instead of asking any further questions, he unscrewed the box.

  In fact, smokers can more or less get his curiosity.

  It’s like you met a brand of cigarettes you’ve never seen before, regardless of whether the cigarettes are cheap or expensive, you always want to smoke one.

   After opening the box, as expected, it was a stack of coin-sized "tea bags".

  Xu Xin took out a piece, touched it, and asked curiously:


"Yes, that's what he said. The reason why Sweden is the country with the lowest incidence of lung cancer is because they used this to enter the era of burn-free tobacco. This is what Momo asked him to bring back, saying it was for you of."

  Hearing this, Xu Xin didn't ask any more questions, but just threw it into his mouth.

   Still smash it, smash it, mouth...

   It doesn’t taste like much either.

   "Are you sure it is Han?"

  Because there was something in his mouth, he spoke vaguely.

  Zhang Yimou nodded:

   "That's what he said."

   "Will smoke come out if you hold it in your mouth?"

  Xu Xin asked a little awkwardly.

  Zhang Yimou rolled his eyes:

   "I don't know, I don't smoke."


   Now, Xu Xin fell silent again.

  Because his mouth started to drool now.

   As soon as his saliva touched this thing, he immediately tasted a... very strange taste.

   To say that the smell of smoke is not the smell of smoke, and to say that the taste of bitterness is not bitter.

  He tilted his head in doubt, stared at the old man, closed his mouth, with a blank expression on his face.

  Zhang Yimou didn't speak, just stared at him.

   Obviously, he was also curious.

  I want to see if Xu Xin will spit out smoke or bubbles after eating this thing.

  But as time passed, Xu Xin's face suddenly changed:

   "Eh? Spicy...spicy! Bitter!...wrong...what is this? Eh?...Ah bah!"

  He spit straight into the trash can.

  Feeling the unusually colorful taste in his mouth, his eyes are full of speechless:

   "What is this?"

"How would I know!"

   "...Don't lie to me, the Swedes really have this?"

  With a full face of resistance, he threw the thing on the table and pushed it away:

   "Let's keep it to honor you, I can't bear it...TUI~"

   After spit again, he pulled out two napkins and scratched his tongue a few times. That embarrassed appearance made Zhang Yimou laugh out loud.

   "Haha...then you keep it too, after all, Momo asked someone to buy it for you."


  Xu Xin pouted speechlessly, and asked curiously:

   "This boy...is a foreigner?"

  He couldn't help but say the word "also".

  Bringing this matter up, Zhang Yimou was rather open-minded:

   "Well. Swedes, the two of them have known each other for a long time, and they can be regarded as insiders. They work in IMAX Corporation. They have a Chinese name called Meng Danqing. They have been chasing Momo for a year or two..."


  Strictly speaking, Sister Mo is actually quite beautiful.

   This is true.

  He really hoped that Sister Mo would find a stable man for the rest of her life, but if possible... it would be best to be one of his own.

   Finding a foreigner, at least with him, always feels weird.

   But this kind of thing is a private matter of others, and no one has the right to say anything.


  He said in a rare way:

   "Then... I want to fall in love this time, as long as possible."


  Zhang Yimou obviously understood what Xu Xin was talking about, so he nodded.


  Know people, know face, but not heart.

  This time...you have to take a good look.

  After talking about Zhang Mo, Xu Xin took out a cigarette from his pocket.

   After ordering one, he asked:

   "How's your movie going? What date?"

   "On the 10th. I will go to Nanjing on the 4th. Bell arrives on the 5th. Everyone is ready to start. The estimated time is to end in June. In order to cooperate with Bell's time, everyone may not be able to pass the New Year normally this year."


   Now, Xu Xin was really surprised:

   "How old is it?"

"It's difficult. Foreigners don't celebrate the Spring Festival, and the filming tasks are also tight, so I finished talking with the crew. This year's Chinese New Year, I only have two days off, 31 days, and one day on the first day of the new year. The time is too short, and there is no can't go home."


  For a while, Xu Xin didn't know what to say.

   Just a tentative question:

   "I'm getting married on the 15th and you are the witness..."

   "I know, I will go there on the night of the 14th, and I will leave after attending your wedding on the 15th."

  Zhang Yimou laughed:

   "What? Are you afraid that I won't go?"

   "Haha, how can it be. Isn't it because you are working too hard?"

  Hearing these insincere words, Zhang Yimou shook his head amusedly, and asked:

   "What are your plans for next year? Do you have a specific story? I have a few good scripts here, which one do you choose?"

   "Yes. "Sunspot", I plan to shoot this next year."

   "The script is out?"

   "Well, it's out. Would you like to see?"

   "Don't read it."

  Hearing this, Zhang Yimou answered very quickly, with almost no time to think about it.

"Your style has gradually matured, so I don't need to worry about it anymore. I am now fully preparing for "Jinling". Even if I can distract myself from reading your script, it is too perfunctory to give you any constructive advice. .It’s better to let you play freely.”


   Seeing this, Xu Xin didn't ask any more questions, but took the initiative to start chatting about the plans of Xiying Studio after the year and year.

  From the investment company to the three movies, after talking about some trivial things, big and small, Zhang Yimou nodded slightly, holding a teacup in his hand and fell into deep thought.

   After pondering for a moment, he said:

   ""If You Are the One 2", after I saw the two of you arguing on the Internet, I also watched it."


  Xu Xin was taken aback.

   "Did you go to see it?"

"Well, I watched it. I also saw your response...Your point is right, the film is indeed very severe. However, you haven't had much contact with commercial films...Of course, I mean the normal operation That kind of commercial film, "Secret" and "The Wind" are not included. You have never been exposed to these things, so when you watch it, the first thing you pay attention to is its artistry. This is actually a bit of a misunderstanding~ "

   Xu Xin sat up slightly.

   There is no one else in the study.

  The two fathers must have spoken from the bottom of their hearts.

  So regardless of whether it is useful or not, he has to listen to it first.

"Commercial films have more commercial elements than anything else. It's like that after these films are made, they don't pursue any awards or admit that the only goal is the box office. Even, in the eyes of some companies, as long as the box office is good enough, they If you make money, that is success. As for word of mouth and the like, it doesn’t matter at all.”


  Although he didn't know what the old man was going to say, Xu Xin continued to listen.

  After all... He hasn't listened to the old man give him a lesson for a long time.

   "So, from their point of view, your statement itself is wrong."


  Xu Xin was taken aback.

   And Zhang Yimou also saw his confusion, and while signaling him not to worry, he continued after he finished speaking:

   "Of course, what I mean by mistake is not that you are really wrong. It's that you are too subjective in this matter, and you have more or less guided the emotions of the people."


  Xu Xin is really confused now.

  Where did you say this?

   Seeing that he was puzzled, Zhang Yimou continued:

""If You Are the One" is actually a commercial film full of Feng Xiaogang's personal style. If you talk about the artistry of this film, your starting point is wrong. In terms of artistry, "The Hawthorn" beats him by ten blocks, but you know why your box office is the first. Zhou only won 2 million, but now he is overtaken by him again, and is he starting to distance himself?"


  The old man was telling the truth. Although he didn't pay attention to the box office of the movie on New Year's Day, on the 31st, the box office of the movie was 312 million. And "If You Are the One" has reached 340 million.

"Because Feng Xiaogang understands that if you want to make an art film, then you should make an art film. If you want to make a commercial film, then you should abandon art and completely commercialize it. To put it bluntly, if he uses a commercial film and even fights with you, he will lose if he wins. The same is true for you, "The Hawthorn Tree" is a film that will be written into film history, comparing it with "If You Are the One", you are too bullying."

  Xu Xin still didn’t understand:

   "Then why do you say I'm too subjective?"

   "Because you're trying to make all comparisons of movies based on artistry."

  The old man held the teacup and expressed his opinion:

"This in itself is a thing that violates the laws of the market. Like I said, why did you lose? Is it because "The Hawthorn" is not exciting? Or is it that "If You Are the One" is so good? Actually it is not. You lose, It's not your fault, it's the audience. But it's not that the audience is wrong, it's that you underestimate the audience's need for entertainment."


  In Xu Xin's frown that suddenly frowned, he grew another year, and the old man who had a clearer understanding of the world said:

"Xiao Xu, no one has the right to interfere with the people's pursuit and yearning for a better life, and the same is true for movies. It is true that movies themselves need artistry, humanistic values, and full of thinking...but you It is undeniable that these thoughts are actually very tiring. Don’t you yourself sometimes don’t want to do anything, just want to be in a daze, or keep some tedious things away from yourself, and only do some things that require the least thoughtful, or simple Rough and funny entertainment?"


"In terms of film, the essence of business and art should be balanced. If the Chinese film market is full of artistic works, then I can only say that this market is not far from death. The opposite is also true. And, although it is Balanced, but in fact, in my heart... 37 is the most normal ratio."

   "30% of art films, 70% of commercial films?"


  Xu Xin's tentative inquiry received a positive answer:

"I know you are not interested in making commercial films, but don't forget, that's just your own idea. Movies are a cheap form of entertainment. Think about it yourself. After a busy day, you have an appointment with your girlfriend after get off work. At the entrance of the cinema.

   What you two really want to watch is a movie full of bitterness and deep hatred, full of thoughts, disputes, struggles, rebellions, etc. about the world? Or do you want to watch a movie with popcorn, drinks and a good laugh? "

  For the former, maybe you think about the details, metaphors, and portrayal of human nature in the movie, which is more tiring than when you go to work. But the latter can be forgotten in the back of your mind after reading it, but at least, in those one or two hours, you feel very relaxed and comfortable, and come to decompress yourself. This is one of the basic reasons why commercial films have become mainstream.

   is also why you lost.

We all know that "If You Are the One" has a low score, but it contains Ge You, Sun Honglei you praised, Wang Shuo's personal style of life summary... There is even Yao Chen, and Shu Qi who is twisted... But it is not only With these, it also has the beautiful scenery of Sanya, as well as various appearances of materialistic luxury for people to fantasize and immerse themselves in.

   Correct, not necessarily good. And if everyone thinks it’s good, it must be right.

  Because it is human instinct to pursue "goodness". "


  Some words left Xu Xin speechless.

   For a while, I didn't know what to say.

  Can only quietly smoke.

   After smoking half a cigarette, he asked:

   "Am I a bit condescending?"

   "Well, I can see some signs."

  A flash of relief flashed in Zhang Yimou's eyes.

  Obviously, it is best for disciples to realize it themselves.

  He didn't want to dampen the enthusiasm of his disciples, and he also firmly believed that the path he was taking must be correct.

  But in this world, there is black and white, and there is gray besides black and white.

  Lonely yin does not grow, and lonely yang does not grow, and everything is in balance. This is the way of harmony.

   And this is what he wanted Xu Xin to understand today.

  Xu Xin, after getting this answer, thought for a while, and tentatively said:

   "But I haven't always pursued the path you mentioned... For example, let's talk about the factory. The three movies that will be released next year are all made by me. I think they all belong to the category of commercial movies..."

   "I don't care about them, I'm talking about you."

  Zhang Yimou shook his head with a smile:

"How the factory operates is Tian Shuanghe's business. I'm talking about yourself, your current artistic style... It can be said that you have supported the sky of your generation of directors. But you are not perfect... The year just ended the Olympic Games , I may not say this to you, because you were immature at that time. But now I can say what I want to say to you most: your starting point is too high, this is your advantage , but also your shackles."


   In a daze, Xu Xin recalled the night he asked himself to go to Xiying Studio...

  The phrase "It's a big deal, I'll go home and inherit the family business" is still in my ears.

  Although it was a joking remark, when he took it out, he was actually quite proud in his heart.

  Can now...

   And at this moment, he heard Zhang Yimou's next sentence:

   "Don't think of the box office simply as a money transaction. You have to understand that those figures representing money are also the audience's recognition and love for you."

  Looking at Xu Xin, he said very seriously:

   "You are responsible for the audience who love you, understand their tastes, understand their needs, and shoot their favorite works."


  “The essence of a movie is a form of entertainment. Whether it’s a commercial movie or an art movie, as long as the audience likes it, it’s a good movie.”


   "There is no distinction between high and low."


  Xu Xin frowned more and more.

  In a trance, he suddenly remembered the answer he gave when Qi Lei asked himself if he was interested in making commercial films when he was in Xi'an:

"Not interested in."

  He answered so resolutely and decisively.

  But now...after hearing what the old man said, he suddenly felt a little shaken.

  Are you responsible for... the viewers who like me?

   Shoot what the audience likes and wants to see...

   Immediately afterwards, inexplicably, he thought of yesterday again.

  Yesterday, my wife dragged me to go skating. That’s what I said.

  Intentionally, he wanted to say that it was cold yesterday, not to mention the New Year's Day holiday, there must be a lot of people, it would be troublesome for her to be recognized, why not another day.

  But Yang Mi misunderstood what he meant, thinking that he didn't like too many people coming from Shichahai.

  Speak for the people of Yanjing.

   After the two arrived at the place, Yang Mi complained that the tickets were expensive. He also stood in the perspective of the people and enlightened them that they were only fifty yuan. For ordinary people, this form of entertainment is very cost-effective.

  He didn't mean to look down on ordinary people.

   But Yang Mi misunderstood.

  Although he doesn't care about fifty yuan, he also knows that winter in Shichahai is a very cost-effective form of entertainment for anyone.

  But today I heard the old man say this...

  He just found out...

   It turned out that his high profile actually stayed in the circle.

   It’s not that I look down upon it, but I’m just not interested.

   I'm not interested in watching these people use any means for the tens of millions of shares, all kinds of ways, each showing their special skills.

  But he forgot...

  In the "outside the circle", the audience's expectations for the movie and the joy of seeing a good movie.

  It's like football that has nothing to do with life and death but is higher than life and death.

  The essence of the movie, I did not make a mistake, but missed the most important part of the audience.

  And the words of the old man in front of him today made him enlightened, and he suddenly became enlightened...

"…I see."

  He nodded sincerely.

   As if he had completed himself, his gaze towards Zhang Yimou shone brightly!

   "I see what you mean. Indeed, my starting point in this matter was wrong. You are right."


  A gleam of joy flashed in Zhang Yimou's eyes.

  The corners of his mouth also began to rise.

   And at this moment, before he had time to praise and encourage, the door was "brutally" pushed open.

  Yijiao walked in bouncingly:

   "Dad, brother, let's eat!"

   Let me explain, this is to fill in Xu Xin's bias towards artistry. During the Olympics, he said that he wanted to make a film he liked, and the rejection of Qi Lei in the first few shots was foreshadowing.

   It's not that Xu Xin doesn't touch commercial films, but I need a natural change of mentality and a new year, Xu Xin's growth after one year older.

   It's not water, and it's not the wheels of a cart.

   This is a process.

   The most important line of 10 years is over, and the lines of some movies will be buried here after 11 years. It's really not water.

   Recommend a book, the new work of Clay White Buddha:

   "You Don't Know the Happiness of a Director"

   Introduction: "Director, I want to make a movie"!

   "Oh, stand up and talk, the ground is cool~"

   There are many heroines in China Entertainment, and Sissy Mimi is already in place~



  (end of this chapter)

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