Coupled with Ren Donglai, the invisible captain and her discord, the sense of crisis in her heart, can’t stop churning, at this time to stand up to deal with things, is to show herself to several other people, show her skills, show her positioning, in her mind, it is best that she can be positioned as a military master of the squad, diplomacy, she is not a useless person, will not be abandoned in the end.

“No, no.” A girl quickly shook her head and said, the two girls had a shocked look on their faces, but several zombies were killed by Ren Donglai, and they were out of danger and no longer screamed.

“It seems to be really okay.” Gao Cheng Shaye stepped forward and looked around at several people, looked carefully at it a few times and said.

“Are we going to escape from here, do we want to go together?” Without waiting for Ren Donglai to speak, Komuro Xiao opened his mouth and asked a few of them, looking like he warmly invited several people.

As soon as Komuro Hyo spoke, Ren Donglai frowned, before he said anything, Komuro Takashi sent an invitation to several people, what does this mean? Is the squad in your hands, and these five people, only the one who stabbed the zombie with a steel pipe, has the courage to deal with the zombie, and the remaining two men and two women are simply a burden, what do you want them to do, raise four more to eat dry food? These are all island people, and he has no interest in raising a few more people who eat dry food.

As soon as Komuro Taka’s words came out, the poison island boy, Takashiro Saya and Miyamoto Rei in the squad couldn’t help but flash their eyes, looking at Ren Donglai, they felt that Komuro Taka’s decision to invite these five people was a little hasty, and they didn’t know how he would respond.

When the three girls looked at Ren Donglai, but saw that Ren Donglai didn’t say a word, as if the default Komuro Hyō’s words, let Komuro Takashi represent the team, but they didn’t know that Ren Donglai had silently made a decision in his heart.

“Uh-huh…” Several people heard this, quickly nodded, they did not dare to deal with zombies, they were very afraid of death, someone could not be better protected, and they all followed.

A few people walked forward again, Ren Donglai fused the cat’s gene, and recovered quickly, after breaking behind, resting for a while, the physical strength has completely recovered to the peak state, the formation changed again, this time he did not break back, but formed the team into the shape of an arrow, Poison Island Junko is the tip of the arrow, he and Komuro Takashi are behind Poison Island Junko, pink loli Takashiro Saya and Shizuka Kumagawa are behind the two, Miyamoto Rei is behind the two, as for the others, just behind Miyamoto Rei, in his heart, Miyamoto Rei is broken, and the few people behind, he did not count at all.

Shot into a formation, there are zombie poison island boys, Ren Donglai and Komuro Xiao shot, the way was quite smooth, soon through the corridor, to the bottom floor, that is, the lobby, through the lobby, out of this teaching building, the school bus is on the playground in front of the teaching building, as long as they get on the school bus, they are temporarily safe.

“There are so many.” Looking from the stairs to the hall below, several people couldn’t help but gasp and said, but seeing that the hall was densely packed with zombies, it was indeed from the teaching building to the underground and the shelter outside, basically passing through here, at this time, the school had begun to gradually quiet.

That is to say, the students who found safe shelter are basically more, and most of the rest have become zombies, and here is the students who rushed down from the teaching building before, and they changed into zombies before they had time to hide in the shelter, here are several corridors of the teaching building, where they will pass, each team passes here, leaving some zombies, and now there are so many zombies, it is not surprising.

“After my observation, zombies seem to have lost their normal sensory conditions, in addition to hearing and touch, such as vision and smell are lost, they only react to sound, and touch them have a response, we don’t have to hide at all, we can gently pass through the zombie group, as long as it doesn’t alarm them.” Gao Cheng Shaye looked at the many zombies in the hall, his eyes narrowed slightly, it was time for me to pretend to be a wave, his fingers pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and he spoke.

“How do you verify that what you said is true?” Ren Donglai looked at Gao Cheng Saya funny and said, he knew that according to the anime, what she said was indeed the truth.

But that’s just the saying in that anime, the zombies in that anime are called dead bodies, and the zombies in this world are still called zombies, and this is a comprehensive plane, zombies will evolve, Ren Donglai does not dare to gamble on this matter.

If it wasn’t like that, or if there was some accident, falling into the corpse, with his ability, it would be difficult to kill, there were too many zombies here, Ren Donglai estimated, at least there were more than a hundred.

“This…” was asked by Ren Donglai, Gao Cheng Shaye couldn’t help but pause, and then said arrogantly: “According to my observation all the way, this is indeed the case, you have to believe in my intelligence, I am a famous genius.” ”

Looking at the tsundere Gaocheng Shaye, the corners of Ren Donglai’s mouth couldn’t help twitching, he said that he had a high IQ, was it worth believing, or at such a fateful moment, it was simply unreliable, he was really a child who didn’t grow up.

“You don’t believe me?” Gao Cheng Shaye looked at Ren Dong with dissatisfaction and said, when he saw Ren Donglai’s expression, it was full of distrust.

“Is there anything to believe? If there is a little error in your assumptions, we will die, and there is no possibility of continuing to live, unless it can be verified, what you say is true, who dares? Do you dare?. Ren Donglai pouted.

Listening to Ren Donglai’s words, no one present spoke, and no one dared to gamble with their own lives on the truth of Gaocheng Shaye’s words, and for a while, everyone was a little silent.

“This…” Pink haired little loli Gaocheng Shaye, as soon as she heard Ren Donglai’s words, she stopped talking, and she didn’t dare to gamble with her own words.

Ren Donglai denied Gao Cheng Shaye’s words, he quickly observed the surroundings, thinking in his heart, whether to return to the second floor, create some movement on the second floor, and lead these zombies over, compared to using human life to experiment with zombies, he felt that it was better to be upstairs, make movement, lead the zombies over, come safely.

Ren Donglai observed for a moment, his eyes lit up, the second floor just to this side is windowed, he can throw things down the second floor, using the method that zombies will gather when they hear the sound, lead the zombies in the front square and this lobby out, lead far away, and then they are running back quickly, when the zombies do not come back, through the square, run to the school bus, as long as you get on the school bus, the school bus starts, it is safe.


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