“There is a convenience store in front, stop the car, we will replenish some supplies!” Ren Donglai looked at the street in front of him, his eyes lit up, and he shouted to Shizuka Juchuan in the driver’s seat.

This convenience store, is a convenience store next to the highway, there are not many pedestrians in the past, it can be said that it is not in front of the village, not in the store, a lonely convenience store, earn is the money of pedestrians in the past, at this time, there is no more perfect place to supplement materials than this, such a place has fewer zombies, the end of the world is coming, the most precious thing is the material, he began to subconsciously collect.

“Squeak…” A brake sounded, and the school bus gradually stopped in front of the convenience store.

“It seems that there are no zombies in it.” Poison Island Boy said that the entrance of this convenience store is made of glass, and through the glass, the situation inside the convenience store is unobstructed, and there seems to be no figure inside.

“Be careful, don’t be sloppy at this time.” Ren Dong said, holding the katana in his hand, he got out of the car first, carefully observed the vicinity of the school bus, and there were no zombies around.

“Guard the school bus, clean up the incoming zombies, and most importantly, once someone appears, try to snatch the school bus and kill!” Ren Donglai looked at the poison island boy and said.

“Hmm!” The poison island boy looked at Ren Donglai, nodded firmly, clutched the katana in his hand, and spoke, “Don’t worry.” ”

“Saya Takashiro and Rei Miyamoto followed me into the convenience store, ready to move supplies, Teacher Jukawa is waiting in the car, don’t turn off the school bus, in case something happens, after we get on the bus, drive directly!” After Ren Dong came to see the poison island boy agreed, he continued.

“Okay…” Gao Cheng Saya they did not object, nodded and answered, Takashiro Saya and Miyamoto Li got off with Ren Donglai, Miyamoto Rei took the simple spear she made, and looked around carefully, and Gao Cheng Saya had no combat effectiveness, it was simply empty-handed.

Ren Donglai took Gaocheng Saya and Miyamoto Rei to the door of the convenience store, through the door of the convenience store, looked inside, but saw that there were a lot of materials inside, most of them were bread, ham, potato chips and other foods, as well as various drinks, tobacco and alcohol, toilet paper and other things, but this is not a supermarket, pots and pans and other things, as well as electrical appliances, etc., these things are exactly what Ren Donglai and others need.

Ren Donglai three people against the glass door to observe for a moment, finally in one of the corners, found two figures, Ren Donglai carefully observed for a moment, couldn’t help shaking his head, this person is no longer a normal person, has become a zombie, one of them, a piece of meat missing from the neck, blood stained half of the body.

Seeing that there were only two zombies, Ren Donglai put down his heart, pushed open the glass door and walked in.

After entering the convenience store, the two zombies did not notice Ren Donglai, Ren Donglai used the katana in his hand to knock twice on the shelf next to him, and the sound he made immediately alarmed the two zombies.

“Roar…” The two zombies roared and rushed towards Ren Donglai, and Gaocheng Shaye, this guy, immediately hid behind Ren Donglai in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, you guys start moving supplies, all food and drink are moved to the car, and those two zombies are handed over to me.” Ren Donglai pulled the katana out of its scabbard and said to the two women.

His storage space, before the end of the world, began to prepare supplies, at this time his space is full, there is no need to fill the materials at all.

“Okay.” Miyamoto Li nodded, pulled Takashiro Saya, and the two began to move things in the convenience store.

“Roar…” The two zombies quickly came to Ren Donglai and roared and grabbed Ren Donglai.

Ren Donglai looked at the zombies caught by him, his eyes narrowed, the katana in his hand moved instantly, suddenly cut out, two huge heads were cut off by a knife, the two zombies fell to the ground, there was no way to fight back, wiped the katana on one of the zombies, Ren Donglai carried the katana, carefully checked it in the convenience store, and deliberately made a little movement from time to time.

“It seems that this convenience store should have only two people before, and when the zombie virus broke out, one was infected and became a zombie, and one was bitten by another person.” Ren Donglai quickly made a circle in the convenience store, did not find any other zombies, said with a sigh of relief, sheathed the katana, and joined the ranks of carrying supplies.

Ren Donglai and Gaocheng Saya ran back and forth for more than ten times, and in the school bus, there were already half a carriage of materials, Ren Donglai nodded, these materials are enough for a few of them to eat for a while.

“Okay, Jukawa-sensei drive.” Ren Donglai said with a smile, and Gao Cheng Saya and Miyamoto Li sat back in the car, this trip can be said to be extremely smooth, and there is no danger.

The school bus started again, along the road, and drove forward.

“Xiao Ren Donglai, we have to have a purpose, the front is the city, and we will go to the city without a purpose.” The car drove for a distance, and Shizuka Jukawa spoke again that the main city of the bed in front of him was already in sight, but Ren Dong said that he could not enter the city.

“We now have two problems to solve, one is that it is going to get dark this day, and I need to find a place to spend the night, this is good to say, where to rest, just find a room, and the second is that my pistol is running out of bullets, I need to replenish bullets, at this time, firearms are still very good to use.” Ren Donglai pondered and said.

“Replenish the bullets, unless you go to the police station in the city, I am afraid there is no other place.” Poison Island Boy spoke.

“I know, I know where the bullets are, we can still rest there!” Juchuan Shizuka suddenly remembered something, opened her mouth and said, looking at Ren Donglai proudly.

“Ahhh… Look at the direction, Mr. Jukawa, you drive again! Ren Donglai shouted loudly, indeed when Shizuka Juchuan was speaking, she turned her head to look at Ren Donglai and almost hit the roadbed in front, which is very dangerous.

“Ahhh… Excuse me…… Hehe…” Shizuka Kumagawa quickly adjusted the steering wheel and said embarrassedly.

“What did Kikukawa-sensei say?” Is there anything where both problems can be solved? Police department? Poison Island asked after Shizuka Kumagawa adjusted the steering wheel.

“No, my friend Nan Lixiang, a sniper and inspector of the first squad of the county police special emergency unit (S.A.T), not only has a lot of guns and ammunition in her home, but also a big car!” Shizuka Kumagawa said.

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