“This…” said the poisonous island boy frowning when he heard this, looking at Ren Donglai’s face, and swallowed the words he was about to exit again.

“Uh…” The special zombie confronted those men for a moment, kicked on the ground, and jumped towards one of the men, the man was the man who had just appeared, holding a fire axe, the man looked at the jumping zombies, his face was shocked, and the fire axe in his hand slashed towards the jumping zombies. His face turned red, and he obviously used all his strength.

“Boom!” The zombie who jumped towards the man, I don’t know whether to dodge in the face of this axe, or not hide at all, swinging his hand, he was directly slashed on the arm by this axe.

“Boom!” The fire axe slashed on the zombie’s arm, making a muffled sound, and a few drops of black blood flew, but the fire axe in the man’s hand was directly shocked and flew, his footsteps choked, his body couldn’t help but retreat back, behind him was a car, he retreated to the car.

“Played.” Ren Donglai, who had been watching here from afar, narrowed his eyes and said in his mouth.

Sure enough, Ren Donglai’s prediction was correct, the zombie knocked the fire axe flying, and when the man couldn’t help but retreat, the zombie had already followed, and the other hand grabbed it, and the claw-like hand waved down, like the claws of five small knives, easily broke the clothes on his body, and even broke the skin and muscles on his body, because of the height of the zombie, it was directly scratched on his stomach, but saw that with this swing, the stomach was broken, and the intestines in the stomach were exposed, rushing outside.

“Ah…” A scream appeared from the man’s mouth, his face was full of fear, his hand grabbed the gushing intestines, trying to stuff it into his stomach, but it was useless, the zombie did not stop, grabbed his arm, bit into his arm, and with a force in his mouth, a large piece of meat was bitten down by him, and he kept chewing in his mouth.

After the zombies knocked the man down and gave the man an open chamber for free, at this time, most of the people who rushed up around were frightened by the man’s miserable appearance, and the people who surrounded them couldn’t help but step along, such a miserable scene was unacceptable to them, and they didn’t want to follow in this person’s footsteps.

There were only five or six people, their footsteps paused, not frightened, and plucked up the courage to rush towards this zombie, this zombie is not dead, they are uneasy in their hearts, and danger will come to them at any time.

When these five or six people rushed with various weapons in their hands, they saw this zombie, squatting next to the man he killed, eating his flesh and blood all over his body, like a demon coming out of hell.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but vomit, this scene, it’s really disgusting, the end of the world has arrived less than a day, even the psychologically strong people can’t adapt to this, nausea at the same time, the sense of fear can’t help but become more serious, their steps are slow again, and some cringe and shrink.

“Kill! He must be killed, or we will be its lambs to be slaughtered, and death is a matter of time, kill! One of them, the man with the katana shouted, ran along the gap between the cars, slashed down, and slashed at the zombie, and several other people, some overturned, some along the gap between the cars, killed the zombie.

Katanas, steel bars, steel pipes, and two machetes hit the man who was eating the man’s flesh.

“Roar…” But seeing the zombie roaring, in the face of these people’s attacks, stopped eating, kicked his feet on the ground, quickly got out of the range of several people’s attacks, resisted the attack of one person, hit a person’s body, like a claw-like hand, slashed across this person’s stomach, the zombie has gone away.

“Roar!” The zombie cut a hole in the person’s body, had reached the roof of a car, and let out a roar at the rest of the people, put its claws on the side of its mouth, and licked the blood on its paws, which added a bit of terror.

“How to fight this?” A person who just shot at this zombie, looked at the zombie, couldn’t help but say, the speed is too fast, more than twice as fast as the normal zombie, the zombie comes out more than twice, more flexible than normal people, the speed is faster, jumping the car is like waiting for leisure, as simple as eating and drinking.

The men were terrified, but this zombie was not a vegetarian, he was a meat eater, a human flesh, his feet on the car, leaving a big hole in the roof of the car, and jumping towards one of the men holding a machete with a slight sound of wind.

“Ah…” the man roared, swinging the machete forward in his hand, and he did not give up resistance in the face of the zombie.

“Click…” With a crisp sound, the zombie used that move again, blocking the slashed machete with his arm, and swinging down with another claw, five wounds appeared on the person’s body.


“Special zombies are so powerful.” Ren Donglai they did not go far, has been watching the special zombies and those people from a distance, watching the special zombies kill those people, Ren Donglai couldn’t help but say, secretly compared him and the special lost ability in his heart, and felt relieved, maybe he and the special zombie close combat, the special zombie fights his speed and is not afraid of injury, the characteristics of injury do not matter, maybe he is not the opponent of the special zombie in close combat, but he has firearms, a strong spirit, under a strong spiritual insight, He can use the spirit and the dynamic vision of his eyes under the rapid movement of zombies, and he can lock on the special zombie, and the special zombie can break through his defenses under the fire axe and machete of those people, let alone firearms, and finally came to the conclusion that Ren Donglai can kill the special zombie!

“Do you have the confidence to kill that zombie?” Ren Donglai secretly came to a conclusion in his heart, and opened his mouth to ask the poison island boy.

“No problem.” Poison Island said with confidence, the katana in her hand waved, and said with endless fighting intent in her eyes, she is not Ren Donglai’s kind of more flattering, with firearms to defeat, but with a katana, close combat, the kind of confidence to kill that special zombie.


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