“Dada…” The poison island boy did not hesitate at all, moved his steps, and followed Ren Donglai’s footsteps, but Jukawa Shizuka, Takashiro Saya and Miyamoto Rei, looking at Ren Donglai’s back, a little hesitated, at this moment, in their minds, they had become a murderer, a murderer who had been avoided before.

“The world has become like this, what about murderers?” Miyamoto Li looked at the surrounding scene, people rushed to escape, zombies chased, constantly screaming, constantly dying, the whole world, looking around, a piece of ash, completely different from a day ago, human life is worthless, she recalled Ren Donglai and the poison island boy all the way, muttered in her mouth, chased Ren Donglai and the poison island boy.

“Alas, Xiao Ren Donglai, wait for me…” the cute Jukawa Shizuka shouted, her steps moved quickly, and she followed with a click, not knowing what she was thinking, what she thought about Ren Donglai’s murderous move.

Ren Donglai, who was walking in front, heard Shizuka Jukawa’s call, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but show a smile In addition to the poison island girl, in the team, Shizuka Jukawa will let him care a little, maybe in the month of crossing over, the friendship with Shizuka Jukawa is good, as for Miyamoto Rei and Saya Takashiro, he doesn’t care too much.

Although he cares about Shizuka Jukawa, killing in front of Shizuka Juchuan may cause a gap with her, but he feels that this matter is an imperative thing, such things should be many in the future, this threshold can not be passed, there will definitely be problems in the future, even if there is a problem, this problem needs to be faced, he believes that such things will be indispensable in the future, and in the future, in the last days, the future competition for materials, the fight for weapons, and even the struggle for power and other things, absolutely indispensable, killing is an essential thing.

Gaocheng Saye watched Ren Donglai and they went away, her eyes flickered, she now feels that she can go, he joined Ren Donglai’s squad, she feels forced, he feels that Ren Donglai is very hostile to her, Gaocheng Saye is a person with keen senses This she can perceive, in this squad, she is very uncomfortable, especially after Komuro Takashi died, Ren Donglai killed in front of her eyes, and was even more equal to the devil, although she left this squad and didn’t know what to do next, But she still chose to leave the squad without hesitation.

Just when Gao Cheng Saya was about to leave, he suddenly found that Ren Dong turned around, not only that, but the katana in his hand also gestured to him, looking at her eyes, full of deep meaning.

“Eh…” Looking at Ren Donglai who was looking at her coldly in front of her, Gao Cheng Saya admitted that she was prodded, facing Ren Donglai’s cold gaze, she wondered if Ren Donglai would chop her if she insisted on leaving, but she remembered that Ren Donglai had asked her to repay the life-saving grace, if she just said goodbye like this, Ren Donglai would definitely be angry in her heart, the consequences of anger, Gaocheng Saye could not accept it.

Gao Cheng Shaye pouted, although she didn’t know how Ren Donglai would ask her to repay the life-saving grace, but it should not take her life, compared with life, she still gave in and took a step to catch up.

Ren Dong came to them, after her murder, whether he was willing or not, these five people were still not few.

With the passage of time, the waves set off by the special zombies not only did not decrease, but continued to spread outward, and the number of people running around them in Ren Donglai continued to increase, I don’t know when, Ren Donglai began to appear more and more zombies in front of them, and there were more and more zombies around, and Ren Donglai’s situation became more and more dangerous.

“Ren Donglai, you must find a way, there are more and more zombies in front, and the zombies in the back, with that special zombie, the zombies will not decrease, but will continue to increase.” Gaocheng Shaye looked at the situation around him, frowned and said, there are many people around, but there is chaos, there is no leader, each fighting, in the case of zombies in front and behind, it is rapidly decreasing, if you continue to walk along this avenue, I am afraid that in the end it will be a death!

Although Ren Donglai and the poisonous island boy are very strong, there are many ants that bite dead elephants, and there is one or more powerful special zombies among them, trapped in it, there is absolutely no way to live.

“Go, go to the river.” Ren Donglai looked at the surrounding situation, Ren Donglai thought for a while, and said.

“To the river? We don’t have a boat, do we swim? Gao Cheng Shaye said, frowning, there are too many people here, there are too many zombies, even if she has a high IQ, in the face of this situation, she is a little numb, there is not much way.

“Go to the river!” Ren Donglai said again, turned his figure, and went towards the river, they were on the edge of the avenue, not too far from the river, and soon came to the river.

Came to the river, there are already many people here, many people have been forced to the river by zombies, many people have been forced to jump into the river, swimming to the opposite side in the river, this side is very lively, but with the opposite side, it still looks very calm, but although this river is not large, but the distance is also tens of meters, it is good to say, but for those who cannot swim is also a death, it didn’t take long for a lot of corpses to float on the river.

In a place where there were few people, Ren Donglai waved his hand, and several swimming rings appeared from his hand, and at the same time, there was also an inflatable bag.

“Rei Miyamoto, Sensei Kikukawa, and Saya Takashiro, you inflated, Gongzi, and I protect the surroundings, whether it is a person or a zombie, you can’t let them come!” Ren Dong said, with a wave of his hand, the katana in his hand was replaced by a pistol, which is still a greater deterrent than a katana.

These swimming circles have long been prepared by Ren Donglai, when the end of the world did not come, he thought of this step, the end of the world just began, the water is still very safe, take the water and go, it is a good way, the hovercraft occupies a little large, his space is only one cubic meter, that is not possible, there is no gas in the swimming circle, rolled together, does not occupy much space, his space, or prepared a few, this time lined up for use, although Ren Donglai can swim, but I don’t know if a few of them can swim, Compared to jumping directly into the river and putting on a swimming ring, it will be much safer.

“Okay.” Miyamoto nodded, picked up the inflatable tube and began to inflate the swimming ring.

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