Ren Donglai’s worry is not unreasonable, but seeing that he took out the swimming ring, as Miyamoto Li’s third daughter began to inflate, attracting the attention of many people by the river, most of the riverside, under the pressure of zombies, forced to come to the river, can swim, most of them jumped into the river, wandering by the river, most of them can’t swim, saw Ren Donglai The swimming ring around them, many people ran to this side, many people with greed in their eyes, greed for swimming circles, greed for life.

“Stop!” Ren Donglai looked at the people coming to this side, shouted, and pointed the pistol in his hand at those people.

“Is it good to hold a broken gun? Little forced cub, do you dare to shoot? A man with yellow hair and flowing anger stood up, looked at Ren Dong with disdain and said, walking towards Ren Donglai, he gambled that Ren Donglai did not dare to shoot, in front of so many people, did not dare to shoot.

“Boom!” Ren Donglai looked at the yellow hair walking towards him, without the slightest hesitation, directly pulled the trigger, and a bullet shot out of the pistol, but seeing that the yellow hair suddenly had an extra blood hole on his forehead, the yellow hair suddenly fell.

“Whoever dares to approach, this guy is the end!” Ren Donglai drank again.

With the death of that yellow hair, there was a wave in the crowd, everyone was in one step, did not dare to move forward easily, this guy really dared to kill!

“Let’s go together, he will have a pistol, let’s go up together, see who he can beat!” A person in the crowd shouted loudly, it was a person with an oil head and flour noodles, who looked relatively smooth, and while he was talking, this guy also hid behind a person, afraid that Ren Donglai would shoot him.

“Boom! Boom! Two gunshots rang out in succession, but seeing the oil-headed guy and the guy in front of him, they fell one after another.

“Be careful when you speak, if I don’t like to listen, no matter who is hiding behind it, it is a death, you people in front should also be careful, someone behind you says such things, don’t blame me when you die, if you want to blame, blame the people behind you for talking nonsense.” Ren Donglai said coldly.

In the face of Ren Donglai’s cruelty, everyone around is angry in their hearts, but in the face of the muzzle, dare to be angry and dare not speak, they all understand in their hearts, these people rush over, Ren Donglai only has one gun, will definitely be able to rush over, but Ren Donglai will definitely shoot, shoot will kill whom, none of them dare to say, dare not say that it is he who died, for a time the field fell into a stalemate, they were reluctant to give up the inflated swimming ring, and did not dare to risk their lives to take the swimming ring.

The sound of the inflatable cylinder continued to sound, and the five swimming rings in Miyamoto Rei’s hands continued to be enriched, and for a while the field was quiet except for the sound of the inflatable tube.

“Roar…” The roar suddenly sounded from all around, because of the swimming circle, the zombies that were ignored by everyone did not know when to surround them, these zombies did not stay, directly rushed to the crowd surrounding Ren Donglai them, the screams sounded, and many people were directly bitten by the zombies.

“Boom…” Among the many people who went out to escape, they were armed with weapons, facing the attacks of zombies, constantly fighting back, and killing zombies for a while.

“Boom…” Ren Donglai held the pistol in his hand, constantly shooting, and he didn’t care about the zombies who were fighting with those survivors, but as long as they rushed to Ren Donglai, and those who wanted to rush over, Ren Donglai would shoot without hesitation, whether it was zombies or island people, all of them would kill without hesitation!

“Uh…” A figure flashed, and a zombie quickly came from a distance and landed in the crowd, it was the special zombie.

The special zombie has not yet stood firm, but with a wave of his claws, his claws have scratched the bodies of the two survivors, and the two pieces of meat on the two survivors were grabbed by him, he did not stop the movement in his hand, put the caught meat in his mouth, chewed in his mouth, kicked his feet on the ground, his figure moved again, and the two survivors were once again caught by the special zombie two pieces of meat.

With the arrival of special zombies, the situation in the field deteriorated rapidly, and under the hands of this special zombie, the survivors of the island country here quickly decreased.

Under the coercion of zombies, and the coercion of Ren Donglai’s pistol behind, many island survivors do not care whether they can swim, they jump directly into the river, they can’t swim, and they may be able to survive by jumping into the river, but here, they can’t see the hope of life.

“Boom… Boom…” The sound of jumping into the river kept sounding, more and more people jumped into the river, the survivors on the shore were rapidly decreasing, not only jumping into the river, more were killed by zombies, Ren Donglai their situation is not good, Ren Donglai a gun can no longer be taken care of, the poison island boy also began to shoot, the katana in his hand will continue to swing, will the zombies who come forward, continue to kill, Ren Donglai and the poison island boy are close and far, building a line of defense, Juchuan Shizuka they inflate faster.

As there were fewer and fewer survivors in the field, the pressure on Ren Donglai here was increasing, and the survivors killed by zombies stood up one by one as time passed, and the zombies surrounded more and more.

“Roar…” The situation of Ren Dong coming here finally attracted the attention of the special zombie, and with a roar, the special zombie jumped towards Ren Dong to them, and the long nails on the paws flashed coldly, and grabbed the poison island boy in front.

“Boom!” A gunshot rang out, the gun in Ren Donglai’s hand rang out, Ren Donglai always paid attention to the situation around him, when the special zombie jumped, Ren Donglai had noticed this special zombie, and shot towards the special zombie.

Zi ejected the chamber, to be honest, Ren Donglai’s dynamic vision can barely capture the trajectory of the bullet, but he dodged the bullet that was already out of the chamber, or some lack of confidence, Ren Donglai hit this special zombie with a pistol, grasped the perfect opportunity, is the special zombie jumped up, towards the poison island boy, it was in the air, extremely difficult to dodge.

“Huh…” There was a strange sound, but seeing that the bullet passed through the bloodstained face of the zombie, transmitted in his face, and pierced out next to his ear, bringing out a stream of blood, Ren Donglai hit his brain, but it sensed the fatal danger, turned its head to the side, and avoided the fatal crisis, but the bullet still passed through its face.

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