“Go!” Ren Donglai drank lightly to the poison island boy, picked up the katana in his hand, killed the poison island girl, and picked up the special zombie head that fell on the ground, and with a wave of his hand, the zombie head was collected into the space, and he drank lightly.

“Hmm.” Poison Island Boy said, she didn’t know why Ren Donglai didn’t put away the zombie head, but she didn’t ask, jumped out of the zombies that surrounded her, pulled out, grabbed a swimming ring by the river, and jumped into the river.

When the poison island boy withdrew, almost at the same time, Ren Donglai also withdrew from the circle surrounded by zombies, jumped into the river, and quickly left.

“Boom… The sound of paddling kept sounding, and Ren Donglai and the poison island boy rowed, quickly swimming towards Shizuka Jukawa, who was waiting for them in the water in the distance

“Poof… Poof…” Ren Donglai listened to the sound of falling water behind him, and couldn’t help but look back, but saw him and the poison island boy jumping into the water, those zombies did not give up, they chased into the water, but obviously they can’t swim, those zombies entered the water, did not emerge at all, directly sank into the water, did not even bubble.

Zombies do not know water, and there is no breathing, after the human breathing movement stops, because the density of the human body is about the same as water, so the corpse first sinks to the bottom. With the gradual production of corpse decay, more and more putrefactive gas is produced in the body, and after the corpse is filled with putrefactive gas, the corpse will gradually surface, and the zombie, like the newly dead person, will not float at all, directly into the water and disappear.

This kind of scene, like dumplings, fluttered into the water, leaving only a little splash on the surface of the water, and there was no trace at all.

For the zombies that kept diving behind, Ren Donglai didn’t care, kept paddling, and quickly left with the poison island boy.

Ren Donglai they go down the river, it is not laborious in the water, especially with swimming circles, it is even more labor-saving.

Riverside community, built by the water, here are villas, can be said to be the rich area of the bed owner city, the house price here, in the bed owner city is the most expensive, there is no too high house, most of them are two-story small buildings, in the island country, a country with a dense and narrow land, is very luxurious.

With a few sounds of water by the river, several people emerged from the water and gradually walked to the shore, it was Ren Donglai’s group.

At this time, it was already evening, and the sun in the west had already set, and it could be said that the sky was about to completely darken.

“Whew, I’m so tired.” Shizuka Jukawa walked from the shore, couldn’t help sighing, swam from the river for nearly an hour, although there is a swimming circle, but as a school doctor, she didn’t exercise much, soaked in the water for more than an hour, the bubble was also lacking, fortunately at this time it was summer, not too cold, although the body was a little cool, but not cold, otherwise it would have been unbearable in the water for a long time.

Ren Donglai’s feeling at this moment is one, that is, dynamic vision is sometimes not enough, he feels that his eyes can’t be used, four women, just came out of the water, clothes are attached to their bodies, beautiful bodies are undoubtedly revealed, the best figure among the four women, is undoubtedly Shizuka Jukawa, the other three women, the figure is not bad, Ren Donglai feels that he doesn’t know which one is good.

“Jukawa-sensei, how far is that friend’s home of yours?” Saya Takashiro opened his mouth and asked Shizuka Kumagawa, this eldest lady of hers is also delicate and weak, and now she is also very tired.

“Soon, there’s ahead.” Shizuka Jukawa pointed to a house not far in front of her and spoke.

Under the opening of Ren Donglai and Poison Island Boy, Ren Donglai and their group soon came to the two-story small building that Shizuka Juchuan pointed to, which was a house with a large area and a small courtyard.

The gate of this villa, is made of iron fence, not too high, the surrounding wall is two meters high, Ren Donglai looked around, nodded secretly, such an environment, in the current situation, defense against zombies is still possible, more than two meters high wall, zombies are not passable, but this iron gate, need to be strengthened, this iron gate, Ren Donglai felt dozens of zombies, should be able to push the iron gate of this iron fence open.

But what worries Ren Donglai is that the wall more than two meters high can defend against zombies, but the defender is almost meaningful, and people who are more than two meters tall can easily jump over.

Ren Donglai observed, the iron gate like an iron fence, or the iron general to hold the door, it seems that there should be no one, but how exactly, Ren Donglai is not sure.

In the apocalypse, there is no room for mistakes, once a mistake occurs, it will be the price of life, although in the anime, this villa, no one comes, but it is not sure that now this is not the same plane, no one comes, there are too many ways to enter without opening the iron gate, and the two-meter-high wall is also easy to jump.

In this villa of Nanlixiang, there are a lot of firearms, once those firearms are mastered, Ren Donglai they rushed in, strafing with submachine guns, Ren Donglai did not dare to say that he could be under the gunpoint of a submachine gun, and none of them died.

“The key…” Shizuka Kumagawa muttered, standing in front of the iron fence-like iron gate, taking the bag that was already wet in the water, and constantly rummaging inside, she had the key to Nanrika’s house.

“Wait a minute, I’ll go first.” Ren Donglai stopped Shizuka Juchuan’s rash action to open the door and spoke.

“Hmm.” Shizuka Jukawa nodded and agreed to Ren Donglai’s request.

After Shizuka Juchuan hid in the corner of the wall, Ren Donglai jumped lightly, jumped directly onto the wall, and soon did not enter the hospital, without making a sound.

Ren Donglai looked around, the scene in the courtyard was taken in by him, the courtyard was calm, there was no figure.

After seeing the scene in the yard, Ren Donglai relaxed a little, there is no messy scene in the yard, it should be no one, if someone comes in, it should not care whether it will mess up the yard, he raised the ability of the cat’s gene enhancer to the extreme, walked without a sound, and quickly approached the small building.

Pasted on the door and listened, there was no movement, Ren Donglai nodded, but still could not be completely relieved, he did not directly enter the first floor, if there is someone, the first floor will definitely be the key defense place of the people inside, he did not enter from the first floor, but estimated the height of the second floor, jumped lightly, jumped directly to the second floor, and did not enter it in a window.

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