In the original anime, in their small team, there are two men, Komuro Takashi and Kota Hirano two men, and they all have women they like, they are also willing to pay, one of them keeps for the middle of the night, one person keeps the second half of the night is fine, Ren Donglai is one, he is not the time to put on a big nose garlic, he can’t stay awake all night, keep vigil.

“I think it’s okay for us to keep three reincarnation vigils.” Hearing this, the poisonous island boy looked around at several people, and finally pointed to Ren Donglai, Miyamoto Rei and herself and said.

“Exactly.” Ren Donglai looked around and nodded and said.

Shizuka Juchuan is a horse Daha, the nerves are extreme, that is, after the outbreak of zombies, they can also equate their brand-name clothes and escape, they can’t rest assured that their lives are entrusted to such people, if this night watchman falls asleep and the zombies come in, she doesn’t know at all, not only this night watchman is dangerous, but they are also dangerous.

Shizuka Juchuan can’t be trusted, Saya Takashiro is better than her, but she passed through the PTSD state today, what is the PTSD state, that is, the state of mental collapse, mental collapse, although now come back to her senses, it is not the past is over, the mental lack is very strong, what is needed now is to sleep and cultivate, and then let her keep vigil today, they can’t rest assured, it is because of this, only Ren Donglai and the three of them keep vigil.

“We divide the night into three sections, the first half of the night from now to the early hours of the morning, the middle from the early hours of the morning to three o’clock, and finally from three o’clock to dawn.” The poison island boy said that the first half of the night was nothing for them, just went to bed later, and the time spent playing in the city was long, and there were many at twelve o’clock at night.

The second half from three o’clock in the morning to dawn, in the opinion of the poison island girl, just get up two hours early, she has practiced martial arts since she was a child, the biological clock is very accurate, every day is up at five o’clock, Ren Donglai is now also up at this point, get up at three o’clock in the morning, for the two of them, just get up early for a while, it’s nothing, if someone feels that they don’t have enough rest, they can sleep more tomorrow during the day.

“I’ll keep watch for the middle of the night.” Ren Donglai opened his mouth and said, he is a man, if it is okay at night, she will definitely choose the most difficult time period from early morning to three o’clock in the morning, he knows that in the early morning, a ball of light will fall from the sky, no matter who it is, it will be called up by him, guarding this point from the early morning to three in the morning, for tonight, there is no difference from not keeping, he chooses the second half of the night, it is already the most difficult.

But sleep less, for Ren Donglai, who can easily enter deep sleep, it is nothing at all, in the cultivation of spiritual exercises, sinking into deep sleep, as long as more than an hour, is enough for him to be very spirited tomorrow, dragon spirit tiger fierce, less sleep is nothing.

“Miyamoto Rei keep watch in the middle of the night, I will guard the time period from midnight to three o’clock in the morning.” Poison Island said.

“Okay.” Miyamoto Li said, yes, this is no problem, in these three stages, the most relaxed should be her.

“Okay, hurry up and rest.” Ren Donglai stood up and said, this day, several people are nervous, by this time, they are a little lacking mentally, it’s time to rest.

“Okay, sleep…” Shizuka Jukawa stood up and cheered, heading upstairs, really a stupid nervous person, just when they were discussing the vigil, she was a little napped.

Ren Donglai nodded to Miyamoto Rei, found a room on the first floor, and began to practice.

Back in the room, Ren Donglai sat cross-kneeled on the tatami mat in the room, sitting cross-kneeled, silently practicing the spiritual method of changing the heavens and the earth, and in the last days, although it was very lacking, the motivation for cultivation was more sufficient.

With the cultivation, Ren Donglai quickly calmed down, and all the troubles left him, immersed in the exercises.

The spiritual exercises operated, and after more than a while, Ren Donglai felt the feeling of mental swelling, knowing that today’s cultivation had reached its peak, and continuing to cultivate was harmful and beneficial, and the cultivation ended.

After finishing cultivation, in the spiritual space, various zombies were simulated, rehearsed, and when the mind was swollen and painful, the scene of the spiritual space was blurred, and the spiritual space collapsed, he fell directly on the tatami mat and entered a deep sleep.

At ten o’clock at night, Miyamoto Rei guarded alone on the balcony on the second floor, from time to time through the window on the balcony, looking at the wall of the courtyard outside the door and the direction of the gate, if it was usual, more than ten o’clock, she was a good student, she had already slept, but now although she felt very sleepy, but she did not dare to sleep at all, outside the wall and outside the gate, from time to time passed by some zombies, she felt that the zombies in the night were more active than the zombies during the day, she really did not dare to sleep.

“Dada…” Outside the villa, from a distant place, from time to time there was a sound of gunshots, which made her even more uneasy, she could hear that the direction of the gunshots was coming from a bridge on the river outside the villa area built by the river, her home was across the river, she would go to and from school every day, she would cross the bridge, she would not hear wrong.

Listening to the gunshot, and thinking about the chaotic scene that came from the TV just turned on the TV, her heart was even heavier, I am afraid that the scope of this zombie is not only the bed owner city, maybe the whole island country, or even the world, he is even more confused about the future.

“Boom…” A sound of footsteps suddenly sounded, Miyamoto Rei was suddenly stunned, except for her, everyone else had already slept, what was the sound of footsteps, following the sound, it was Ren Donglai who came out of the stairs.

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