After sorting out the contents on the attribute panel, Ren Donglai got down from the bed, entered the bathroom, and cleaned it, but because of the excessive consumption of mental power, he was still a little groggy, walked out of Gaocheng Shaye’s room, returned to his room, and entered a deep sleep.

In the state of deep sleep, the perception of the outside world has been reduced to the minimum, and Gao Cheng Shaye’s hatred for him, he is not sure whether he will wake up halfway, wipe his neck, or go back to his room safely.

After a few hours of deep sleep, Ren Donglai woke up refreshed and energetic, and his mental power was already in deep sleep, restored to full value, and all aspects of his body had been adjusted to the best state.

“Early.” Ren Donglai washed his face and brushed his teeth, pushed the door out of the room, and just met Miyamoto Rei who had just walked out of the door, nodded and said to her.

“Early.” Miyamoto Li said with a smile on the corner of her mouth, obviously in a very good mood, and walked downstairs with Ren Donglai.

Coming downstairs, Ren Donglai found that Shizuka Jukawa, who always liked to sleep in, actually got up early and sat in the living room, and the table in the living room was full of prepared meals.

“You two lazy insects, just get up now, you see, I’ve made a table of dishes, it’s almost cold.” Shizuka Jukawa looked at Ren Donglai and Miyamoto Rei who came down from the upstairs and shouted.

“What do you cook? Can this be eaten? Ren Donglai sat down at the table, looked at the food on the table, and said with some disbelief.

“What kind of eyes are you? I can’t eat the food I cook. Juchuan Shizuka pouted and said dissatisfied, obviously very dissatisfied with Ren Donglai’s questioning.

“Well, the taste is still good, but did the sun hit the west today?” You didn’t sleep in, but got up to cook, is this really you? I can’t believe it. Ren Donglai picked up the chopsticks, took a bite of the meal and said, while speaking, he pinched Shizuka Jukawa’s face, as if he was really verifying whether it was herself.

“You’re going to die!” Shizuka Jukawa raised her hand to open Ren Donglai’s hand that pinched her face, and said with a red face. Even if she was a dull person, she felt the feeling of being teased.

“Explain to us, why did you get up so early today, this is different from your usual tax laziness.” Poison Island Guy came over, smiled, sat down at the table and ate, so that people except Gaocheng Shaye, people have already gathered, Gaocheng Shaye, in that transaction with Ren Donglai, consciously excluded from the squad by several people, she will eat when she gets up, if she doesn’t get up, she won’t eat, absolutely no one will call him, Gaocheng Saye was tossed too hard by Ren Donglai in the second half of the night last night, and he couldn’t get up at all.

“After I absorbed those two spirit zombie crystal nuclei last night, I have been full of energy and practiced magic power, and now you will call me Lord Magician!” Shizuka Jukawa held her head high and said arrogantly.

“Then you put a water magic and let us open our eyes.” Ren Donglai looked at Juchuan Shizuka playfully, Juchuan Shizuka can absorb two spirit crystals, which is undoubtedly a very good talent, but Jukawa Shizuka can release magic, he doesn’t believe it at all.

Can release magic, must condense the vortex of magic power, become a first-level magician, he Ren Donglai cultivated the spiritual method of changing the heaven and earth for more than a month, the spiritual power can reach the threshold of a first-level magician, she Juchuan Shizuka, even if the nerves are big, absorb two spirit crystal nuclei, it is too different.

“This… Why do you love to tear down my platform, condensed the magic power, is a trainee magician, only a first-level magician can put magic. Shizuka Jukawa looked at Ren Dong with dissatisfaction and said.

“Haha… You’re still a little worse, I’ve just become a magician, you call me Lord Magician.” Ren Donglai looked up at Juchuan Shizuka and said, this kind of blowing feeling is too good, Juchuan Shizuka, a little more powerful, just cocked tail nature, must be okay to hit it, as for the unacceptable blow to her, what negative state appears, with the degree of Juchuan Shizuka’s nerves, there is no need to worry at all.

“Cut… I don’t believe it, last night you only used one spirit crystal nucleus, and I used two, you became a first-level magician, how to make people believe, and I used two, I felt that the Dao spirit was swollen, which shows that it can no longer be absorbed, you talk big. Juchuan Shizuka pouted and said, and continued to popularize the difficulty of cultivation of magic to a few people on the poison island, which undermined Ren Donglai’s self-confidence.

“Okay.” Ren Donglai said with a smile, muttered a few words in his mouth, recited a few magic spells, and waved his hand, but saw five sharp bone spurs the thickness of chopsticks, suddenly appeared from the air, pierced the cement wall next to it, pierced a little point, pierced on the cement wall, and made a buzzing noise, like a crossbow arrow.

“It’s really magic…” Several people saw this scene, their eyes widened, Ren Donglai said that when he practiced magic, no one really believed it, this was too fast, but this scene had to make people believe.

“Undead first-level magic bone spur technique, which can be upgraded to bone spear art in the future.” Ren Donglai looked at the stunned Juchuan Shizuka, and said with a smile, in fact, he was distressed in his heart, the first-level magician is indeed the lowest level magician, and small magic such as bone spur art actually consumed one-tenth of his magic power at once, fortunately, the loss of spiritual power is not large, there is an undead absorption technique, which can quickly replenish mana.

What bone spur technique consumes mental power is that the moment the spell is launched, and the bone spur is special in the air, if the bone spur is turned slightly in the air, the consumption of spiritual power is definitely greater than the magic power.

Bone spurs are a kind of bone spells in the dark department of necromancers, which are divided into curses, viruses, alchemy, dark magic and the most powerful summoning undead that makes the outside world fear necromancers.

White bone spells do not consume much spiritual power, the real consumption of spiritual power is the summoning system, summoning undead creatures, most of them need to sign an undead contract with undead creatures, most of the undead contracts are unequal contracts, is a contract of unilateral income from necromancers, only a very small number of equal contracts, undead creatures who sign undead contracts, is ordered by the necromancer to die, must also go, this is the domineering of the undead contract, signing an undead contract, the most consuming mental power, this is a contract that acts on the soul fire of undead creatures.

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