If Ren Donglai is here, see the iron cards on the foreheads of these people, he will definitely scold his mother, the graphics on these iron plates are very familiar to him, it is the symbol of the Konoha Village ninja in the anime, representing the forehead protection of the Konoha Village ninja, he encountered this situation the first time he came to rob, I have to say that his luck is very good, so soon to meet.

“Lord, the thief of the cottage, send us a message, we must prepare 10,000 grain, three cows, chicken, duck, fish and meat before today, and 300,000 yuan, ten beautiful women, where did we take out so many things in this small village, especially the cultivated cattle There are only two in our village, the whole village’s land still depends on the cultivation of cattle, we are also forced to have no way, so we went to Konoha to issue a mission, ninja-sama, are you really sure to deal with those thieves, they are coming today.” The head of Kamibayashi Village said to the ninja of Konoha Village with a bitter face.

They have to be careful, ninjas, they can’t afford to offend, haven’t you seen the villagers called ninja-sama?

Although ninjas generally do not kill civilians, but the majesty of ninjas cannot be turned over, once they are not respectful to ninjas, ninjas kill civilians, civilians have no place to cry.

Going to the ninja village to release a mission is not cheap, the task of eliminating the thief is a C-level task, this is still in the case of no ninja and samurai in the thief village, even so, issuing a C-level mission, but also exhausting the money in the village, if not the thief pressed too tightly, and asked for money and cattle, but also the beautiful women in the village, they are absolutely reluctant to ask for ninja money.

“Village chief, don’t worry, our Konoha village is the best in the entire ninja world, since we have taken over the task of your village, we will definitely deal with it for you, but you guarantee that there are no ninjas among the mountain thieves, are you sure of this?” Once there is a ninja, the minimum is also a B-level mission. The ninja in his twenties said to the village chief.

This is a special Shinobi, those three ninjas, three of his students, have only graduated from the ninja school not long ago, and this is the first time he has taken them out of the village on a C-level mission.

In Konoha Village, there is a squad of big clan disciples, and the leading teachers are all upper Shinobi, while the ninja squad without family children, generally the leading teachers are particularly upper Shinobi, and special upper patience is also upper patience, but for pure upper Shinobi, it will undoubtedly be inferior.

“This… Ninja Lord rest assured, I have not heard of ninjas in the cottage, besides, noble ninja adults, how can they be mountain thieves, isn’t this insulting the identity of ninja adults? The village chief said carefully.

“Well, no, if there are really ninjas, you need to increase the level of the mission, increase the mission fee, if we lose personnel because of this, you need to be responsible.” The ninja said.

“Yes, yes, yes…” the village chief said with a bitter face, don’t mention it in his heart, a C-level task task fund, has basically exhausted the money of all households in the village, more advanced B-level task money, they can’t take it at all, but now, they can only say what these ninjas say, they have given all the money to Konoha, the things that the mountain thief asked for they can’t take out of the house at all, they can only pray in their hearts that there are no ninjas among the mountain thieves, otherwise the trouble will be great, and they can’t afford to go to Lin Village.

“Stop!” Not far from Shanglin Village, the second leader shouted loudly, the many bandits who ran quickly stopped, most of the mountain thieves were tired and panting, running from the cottage, such a long way, running forward, it is really a physical work, with the order of the second leader, many people sit directly on the ground and do not want to get up.

“Rest in place, rest before moving forward!” The second leader said loudly, he also does not have Chakra, running down from the mountain, he is also very tired, but they are thieves, bandits, can not appear in front of the villagers with a tired look, then those villagers will rebel and let the bandits rest well, and face the villagers in the strongest state, so that they can lose the idea of resistance.

After giving the order, the second head also sat on the ground and rested, although his body was strong, but he could not compare with those ninjas with Chakra, he was also tired, and immediately rested.

Ren Donglai was mixed among the many thieves, and also made a tired look, but he did not sit on the ground to rest, but took advantage of the lack of attention, quietly sat at the edge of the team, because as soon as he came to this place, his keen feeling, after arriving here, told him that the atmosphere here was somewhat unusual, and he was around, vaguely sensing an energy aura similar to the thief boss, this energy is nothing else, it is the breath of Chakra unique to this ninja plane.

Chakra has a unique aura in the feeling of Ren Donglai, ordinary people may not perceive, but Ren Donglai, who has the perception of a cat and strong spiritual power, can vaguely perceive that in their team, no one has Chakra, it must be an outsider, Ren Donglai does not know who it is, but he is careful, there must be no mistake.

“Swish…” Suddenly there was a sound of breaking the sky in all directions, and Ren Donglai’s heart tightened, but seeing the three bandits in the team of mountain thieves, covering their throats and falling to the ground, above their throats, a kunai appeared!

“Fire Escape Hao Fireball Technique!” A light shout sounded, but I saw that from among the trees next to it, a fireball with a diameter of more than one meter rolled out and crashed directly into the team of thieves.

“Boom!” A roar sounded, the big fireball rolled by, all the bandits encountered along the way, all turned into a canopy of ashes, and finally the big fireball exploded from the middle of the bandit team, flames were everywhere, burning to death I don’t know how many thieves.

When the Ku Wu and the big fireball appeared, the entire team of bandits was suddenly chaotic, and those already tired and exhausted bandits ran around in a panic, even the second leader, also in a panic, I don’t know how to be good.

At this moment, three figures who looked like they were twelve or three years old, appeared in the team of thieves, hunting bandits everywhere, the bitterness in their hands passed between the necks of the panicked thieves, and the bandits were killed one by one, the three twelve or three-year-old people did not seem to have any discomfort for killing, like a killing machine, one by one the bandits fell to the ground, without a trace of unbearability on their faces.

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