Journey To Longevity

Chapter 1039: Greed, hatred and ignorance 3 corpses (filling the pit

Seeing Sakyamuni sent Zhang Shiping away, Shang Fu who was beside him sighed: "Old bald man, what's the use of leaving behind the obsession of seniors?"

"Everything has a spirit, and plants and trees have a heart. Although this junior is derived from the obsession of the predecessors, he is already a living person after reincarnation. The poor monk can't do anything, why don't you come?" Sakyamuni laughed.

"Never mind, whatever."

As the words fell, I saw that Shang Fu's real body in the sky was transformed into chains by tens of thousands of evil spirits and fierce ghosts, dragged into the gray clouds and disappeared without a trace.

Sakyamuni sat quietly and remained motionless. After a long time, a golden spiritual tree grew out behind him, crowned like a canopy, and a little bit of spiritual light overflowed from it.

It's just that when the aura just touched the monk's robe on Sakyamuni, he let out a long sigh and said softly: "Youtan, there is no need to find a reincarnation for me."

"World Honored One, with your cultivation base, if you fight hard, there is still a chance of breaking free from the shackles of the spirit world, so why sit and wait for death? Hundreds of thousands of years of practice are like running water, and once it is empty, don't you feel unwilling? Is it?" The leaves of the Utanbo tree rustled, and an urgent voice came from it.

"In spring, the flowers are green, and in autumn, the leaves are falling. Prajna is at ease, and the movement and stillness are natural. After all, the world of spirits is coming to an end. If there is no Mahayana monk willing to sacrifice his life for the burial before leaving, don't you feel too lonely? The poor monk was born here and will be buried here, this is a calamity and a definite number, you don't need to say more!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he got up, turned around and walked towards the sky-reaching river behind him, his figure faded away, as if entering a painting, without hearing the weeping trees.

'Yesun' flew birds, strange snakes dived in the river, and the lone boat ferryman in the river also came alive. He took off his bamboo hat, sat on the side of the boat, bent over, and touched the muddy water with his hands. river water.

The water was rippling, and after it was cleared, a face was reflected on the surface of the river, half withered like a ghost, half full of mercy, and under the bottom of the river, there were countless corpses piled up.

Sakyamuni scooped up a handful of water with his hands, and some ashes in it were gently blown towards it, turning into water mist and condensing into a faceless man.

He touched the ashes left in his palm with his fingers, and painted them into ink, and traced the facial features on this faceless man, at first glance he was somewhat similar to Zhang Shiping.

It's just that when he was about to point out his eyes, there was a loud explosion in the sky, and suddenly there was an endless mountain range hanging upside down under the mist. On the top of the highest mountain, Black Mountain, wrapped in a black robe, sat alone on the top of the mountain.

The two Mahayana venerables, one is in the high sky and the other is sitting in the boat. Although they are both in the Shangfu Taoist Temple, they are separated by an invisible mirror.

"Are you willing to come out?" Sakyamuni chuckled, and pointed his fingertips at the left eye of the water mist avatar.

"Shakya, thank you very much. But now is not a good time to wake up my master. One hundred and forty thousand years ago, the master had the will to live and die. Now the three corpses have not been completely cut off. If he is forced to wake up, it will not change his mind. Just repeat the past." Heishan said hoarsely.

"When will you get back your body and true spirit? There is not much time left for me and Shang to pay." Sakyamuni asked.

"With the candle, it's not that easy." Heishan chuckled.

"Hurry up, it's not so much that He suppressed you, it's better to say that you are restraining each other. But why can't you fulfill the seniors? Depends on what comes and goes, you can't force it!" Sakyamuni said slowly.

"Why not? If my lord were thrown into the ruins like other gods and demons in all realms, even if the spirit world perished, the five declines of the people would not be able to do anything to him that day. But he stayed in the end and forcibly replaced the spirit world with his own strength." He has continued the longevity of the Twelve Yuanhui, and counting the boundless years after the age of gods and demons, he has endured for too long. Now when it is time to do nothing, he would rather give up his own immortality, just to Delaying the entry and extinction period of Linglong and Lingxuan and the lower realm of 1,800 squares. What good is doing this kind of thing for my lord? Don't you think this is a matter for a half-step true immortal? , Is it too unfair?" Montenegro said coldly.

"This is the wish of the predecessors, but I just don't want to see this kind of thing happen." Sakyamuni asked.

"Then you have to ask Zhu, by the way, what Mingyu and Kunpeng mean." Hei Shan laughed.

"Senior used the half-step True Immortal Dao Fruit to fill up the Guixu Sea Eye with the Spiritual Realm, and we naturally don't want to die with him. Sakyamuni, since you have promised Zhu, then give us some more time. "

At this time, a burly bearded man appeared and stood by the Tongtian River.

Hearing this, Sakyamuni waved his hand lightly, turning the body of water into mist, just about to float away into the sky.

But the next moment, the big man raised his hand, clasped it with five fingers, pinched it in his hand, turned it into a cloud of muddy water again, and then threw it into the river.

"You Tu, don't you feel sorry for Senior?" Sakyamuni sighed, his figure even more lonely.

"I know, but what do I do for it? Do you think I don't feel physically and mentally exhausted? It doesn't matter if I wait until I die, but what about the spirit world? You can't really watch it die, can you?" You Tu also He sat down in vain.

"Everything is dispensable, it can go or stay, it can be gained or it can be lost, and the beginning and the end. Shouldn't this world have been destroyed long ago? If it weren't for the seniors who supported it with all their strength and endured the Twelve Yuanhui, And how can there be people like me who later enlightened? Look at that day, you held on to the hatred of your seniors, and you didn’t want it to erode the spiritual world. In the last Yuanhui, you forced your greedy thoughts on your seniors and cultivated them into enlightened minds. Now The senior's obsession is also condensed, could it be that he really wants to refine the three corpses of the senior into a sky pillar, so as to force the earth's feng shui fire?" Sakyamuni said slowly.

"It can only be like this, otherwise what can we do?" Youtu sighed.

"Didn't you ever think that if it drags on for too long, and the Sea Eye of Guixu swallows up too much power in the world of spirits, it will only waste the effort of the predecessors." Sakyamuni said.

"That's why we let Xuanji touch the aura of a true immortal. If we really can't do it, then Linglong will accompany us into the spirit world." Youtu said.

"When necessary, the Lingxuan Realm and all the lower realms will not be able to escape. Instead of being swallowed by the Guixu Sea Eye one by one, it is better to fight hard while my master is still there. Maybe there is still a glimmer of life." Black Mountain said in a deep voice.

"Is this your plan? Haven't you thought why senior would rather sacrifice his life than consider this aspect?" Sakyamuni sighed.

"I know that things can't be done, but I have to try, otherwise how can I be reconciled?" Youtu and Heishan looked at each other and said in unison.

"Then it's up to you, what Shang Fu and I can only do is to slow down the decline of the spirit world by three points." Sakyamuni looked up at the invisible cloud formed by anger behind the gray fog in the sky. Hei Qi, Ming Xin who was refining the fire of Nirvana outside Taixu, and Zhang Shiping who fell in the Mysterious Spirit Realm.

After a long time, he closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, said a Buddha's name, and threw himself into the Tongtian River.

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