Ziyuan turned his head to look at Oda Kumazawa and said contemptuously: “Anyway, no matter what, you will all lose, Diguang Middle School will not lose, or give up!” ”

“What a joke!” Oda Kumazawa immediately became angry when he heard this.

Ziyuan smiled contemptuously, except for Kenichi Gangmura who had a little strength, the rest of the people had nothing to see at all, and Kenichi Gangmura said immediately after getting the ball here; “Don’t worry, just give them a ball right away.”

Ziyuan listened to the sneer in his heart, and directly went over to prevent Kenichi Gangmura from the three-point line, and said: “Let the horse come!” ”

Gangcun slapped the basketball, he also wanted to see how Ziyuan Tun’s strength was, a fake movement to the left shook over, and immediately quickly broke to the right, Ziyuan was slightly surprised, turned his head to look at Gangcun, and secretly said in his heart: The action is really fast!

Ziyuan immediately went back to defend and once again blocked in front of Gangcun, who immediately jumped up and prepared for a layup.

Ziyuan immediately jumped up when he saw it, but Gangmura immediately changed his movements in the air the next moment, relying on the strength of his wrist to throw the basketball out.

Pull the rod, Ziyuan looked at it and sneered, this is also too underestimating himself! If it were someone else, you might be able to dodge the block if you pulled the lever, but defending is a move you are good at.

The basketball was thrown out, and was slightly touched by Ziyuan’s middle finger, and the basketball hit the basket and fell short.

Oda Kumazawa looked at Gangmura’s layup since it was blocked, and secretly said: This guy jumped too high! That kind of ball can also be touched.

Under the rebound, without Kenichi Okamura, Lan Qi easily grabbed the ball and immediately launched a fast attack.

“Damn it! Hurry up and get back to defense. Kenichi Gangmura didn’t expect that the ball would also be blocked, although when he first grabbed the basketball, he knew that Ziyuan jumped very high, but he didn’t expect that it could already be so high.

The two people of Lan Qi Shenghong Middle School clamped the bag, without the slightest hesitation, directly passed the ball to Ziyuan, after Ziyuan got the ball, he looked at the opposite side defending his Gangcun and said with some playfulness in his heart: You won’t want to stop me! If you can, give it a try!

Ziyuan dribbled to the left with a feint and immediately broke through to the right, and Kenichi Gangmura looked at it and exclaimed: This is, the action I just made.

At the same time, the rest of the players of Shenghong Middle School looked at it and were also surprised in their hearts: It’s really fake! That was the action that the captain had just used, had he learned it after watching it once?

However, although Gangcun was surprised in his heart, he immediately returned to the past, it was because this action was his, so Gangcun was well aware of this skill.

Ziyuan looked at the defense so quickly, standing in a position just to prevent himself from getting a layup, and sneered in his heart: It’s too small to look at me! Also, who said I was going to imitate your skills!

Ziyuan, who was breaking forward, suddenly stopped and turned around, and Gangcun looked shocked, but at this time Ziyuan jumped up by himself.

Slam dunk with one hand.

Diguang Middle School scored two points, 4:0.

This is, slam dunk. Gangmura Kenichi looked at Ziyuan’s movements a little shocked, although he had long heard that the junior high school students over there in Diguang Middle School were even able to dunk, but Gangcun had always just smiled contemptuously.

Because in the junior high school students, he is relatively tall, and he can’t dunk, and Ziyuan is so big! Since it’s time to slam dunk.

Ziyuan looked at the players of Shenghong Middle School and his expression changed all of a sudden, and said to Kenichi Okamura: “You just didn’t think I was trying to imitate that move of yours!” Although your move is also quite powerful, since that move is your move, even if I imitate it, I may be blocked by you. ”

Looking at Gangcun’s expression a little ugly, Ziyuan continued: “However, if it is a dunk, you can’t stop me. ”

“I hate losing, so I have to win, and it has to be overwhelming.”

“Damn it! You brat. Gangcun immediately became angry when he heard this.

In the subsequent game, Gangcun also knew that he alone could not stop Ziyuan at all, and began to use two-person joint defense, or even three-person joint defense, but even so, he could barely stop Ziyuan, but the rest of the people he could not stop, in terms of strength, Gangcun Kenichi’s strength was at most slightly stronger than Lan Qi, but much worse than Ziyuan.

The rest of the members were similar in strength to those second armies, and the overall strength was not much different, but none of them could stop Ziyuan, and the first half ended, the score was 38:23.

In the second half of the game, Diguang Middle School was a completely overwhelming victory on one side, and the last ball entered the basket, and the score was 88:54, and Diguang Middle School won.

“Thanks for the advice.” X10

After the game, everyone left Shenghong Middle School, and several members of the second army behind talked excitedly about today’s basketball game: “Ziyuan’s dunk is so handsome, if I didn’t know that he was from our school, I would have thought Ziyuan-san was a high school student!” ”

“Not only that, Ziyuan-san is also very strong in grabbing rebounds, no wonder those seniors in the school let Ziyuan-san play in the junior high school league.”

Akai Sakura walked in front of the second army, looked at Ziyuan’s tall back, and secretly said: Atsushi Ziyuan, when I first saw it, although it was very deterrent, it was very unreliable, and I didn’t expect to completely judge the two on the court.

Lan Qi listened to the words of the second army behind, two months ago, when the Diguang Middle School Junior High School League was won, he was also talking about Ziyuan and others like this, and he had been trying to play basketball with these people, looking at Ziyuan who started to snack again after leaving the school, and now he and the previous game on the field, it is completely like the feeling of two people.

“Speaking of which, this seems to be the first time I’ve played basketball with Atsuya!” Lan Qi said with a slight smile.

Ziyuan turned his head to look at him and said, “That’s true, but ~~~!” Anyway, now you and I are in the army, and there will be a lot of time to play basketball together in the future~~! ”

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