In the next few days, Shibara has also been arranged by Akaji to play practice matches, and the other party is basically a competition in the prefectural school.

It took several days to complete the challenges of the practice matches sent by various schools, and none of the games were defeats, all of them were victories, and they won a hundred battles, this is the purpose of Diguang, Ziyuan and their group of first-grade here, completely played to the fullest.

“Ziyuan, it’s almost time to go home, now the First Army is out of school.” Akaji looked at where Shibara was holding a basketball, very bored standing under the basket, very casually layup, scored, in the layup, in the goal, did not even want to jump at all.

When Ziyuan heard Akaji’s words, his godless eyes became slightly excited, and said, “Oh~~, then I’m going home, Midori Boy, do you want to go back together?” ”

“Well, by the way, where did Qingfeng run, now this guy disappears every day as soon as school is over, and he doesn’t wait for us.” Midorima held up his glasses with some dissatisfaction, although it didn’t mean that they had to go home together, but the homes of the three of them were also in the same direction, and they should also shout if they wanted to go back!

Ziyuan listened and said: “Oh~~, you said Qingzai!” He didn’t go back, and he’s still training in the new gymnasium, where he recently trains every day after school. ”

“You said he went over there to train, why did he have to go there?” Akaji frowned slightly as he listened.

“He has been training with Hei Zai every night recently, because Hei Zai is very hard and trains very much every day, so Qing Zai also trains with him.” Ziyuan said a little slowly.

Akaji listened to Shibara’s words and asked gently; “Ziyuan, who is that black boy you are talking about!”

“His name is Tetsuya Kuroko, and he is a player in the three armies.” Ziyuan pouted a little and said: “But I don’t like that guy very much, obviously he doesn’t have the talent to play basketball, but he still works so hard, and he hates it when he looks at it.” ”

Akaji listened with a slight interest, and said, “Okay! Let’s go over and take a look! ”

On the side of the new gymnasium, Qingfeng watched Kuroko come over, and he didn’t notice Kuroko’s dejected look at all, and said excitedly: “A-Zhe, you are here!” Let’s fight together! ”

“Aomine-san.” Kuroko looked at the bloody Qingfeng, lowered his head and said in frustration: “Sorry, Aomine-san, I’m afraid I won’t be able to train with you in the future.” ”

When Qingfeng heard this, his originally bloody appearance became shocked, and asked, “What’s going on!” A-Zhe, why did you say that all of a sudden? ”

Kuroko gritted his teeth with an unwilling look: “Just like Shihara-san said, people like me, no matter how hard they try, I’m afraid they won’t be able to stand on the competition field with Qingmine-san, no matter how I train, but there is still no change at all, perhaps, I really don’t have the qualifications to play basketball.” Saying this, Kuroko’s unwilling tears couldn’t stop falling.

“A-Zhe.” Qingfeng looked at Kuroko like this, a little distressed, he understood that Kuroko was unwilling in his heart now, obviously he liked basketball so much, but he didn’t have the slightest talent, that feeling of powerlessness.

“You don’t need to be qualified to play basketball.” Qingfeng changed his serious expression and said: “I absolutely don’t believe that people who train later than any player in our army every day will have no gain at all, you who work so hard, you who love basketball so much, with so much effort, you will definitely not gain nothing.” ”

When Kuroko heard this, he looked at Qingfeng with some warmth in his heart, and Qingfeng continued: “Don’t give up, A-Zhe, Ziyuan is indeed right, hard work will not necessarily pay off, but if you give up now, there will be nothing.” ”

“Really, it’s really disgusting to hear such bloody words as soon as I came here! Qingzai. Ziyuan and Akaji walked in together, and Ziyuan said with a look of disgust.

Qingfeng looked at Akaji and the three of them, a little surprised, “Why are you guys here?” ”

“We heard Ziyuan say you’re here, so let’s come and take a look.” Akaji said with a gentle smile.

Ziyuan looked at Kuroko behind Qingfeng, he was almost unnoticed, if he hadn’t met Kuroko a few times, I was afraid that he would have ignored him, and said with some dissatisfaction: “Qingzai, you are really excessive!” Since he is seducing Xiao Hei again. ”

“Indeed, if you give up now, there will be nothing, but if you continue to persevere, I am afraid that you will lose more, in short, Xiaohei, you still give up basketball.”

Kuroko looked at Ziyuan’s tall figure, the last time he played basketball with Ziyuan, he was completely crushed by Ziyuan, and there were some shadows in his heart, looking at Ziyuan’s eyes were slightly afraid, Qingfeng listened to it and immediately dissatisfied, the last time was because of Ziyuan, it didn’t take long for Kuroko to have the idea of giving up basketball, yelling: “Tun, you guy, A-Zhe likes basketball so much, he trains twice as much as you every day, although A-Zhe’s talent is not shown now, but, I have a hunch that this guy will one day be the player who can save the team. ”

Ziyuan looked at Qingfeng and suddenly got angry, and said leisurely: “I’m just talking about a fact, and you said ‘someday’, this is just a hypothesis, but unfortunately, the reality is very cruel, basketball itself is a flawed sport, tall players always have to have the advantage, this is the fact.” ”

“Of course, I’m just persuading Xiao Hei to give up, Qingzi, where are you excited!” Ziyuan finally looked at Qingfeng with some dissatisfaction and said.

At this time, Akaji and Midorima noticed the existence of Kuroko, the kind of guy who was watered down and like a shadow, and Akaji was a little surprised: “Don’t say that, Shibara, maybe it will really be like what Aomomine said.” ”

“Ah~~~! What do you say! Chizai ~~~” Ziyuan said with some doubt.

Akaji paid full attention to Kuroko’s body and said, “This is the first time I have seen this type, maybe it can become the exact opposite of us.” ”

Akaji looked at Kuroko politely and said, “This student, I have a few words I want to say to you, can I delay your time a little?” ”

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