After the junior high school league is over, for the current ‘era of miracles’, winning the championship is simply an easy task, and there is no pressure at all, because there is no one who can stop Qingfeng and Shihara.

One is a shield with absolute defensive power, the other is a spear with absolute scoring ability, and every game is almost three to single digits, and victory comes too easily. There is nothing left to desire for victory.

“In other words, is the current training really necessary?” Ziyuan and Qingfeng were wandering around the snack shop together, and Qingfeng came to accompany Ziyuan to the snack shop because he was panicked.

Because of the training, I feel that there is really no need, he just wants to fight with Ziyuan, but Ziyuan always does not fight him, but here, only Ziyuan can fight him, although Huangse pesters every day and says that he wants to play with him, but the strength is still too weak, completely not enough to see.

Qingfeng was slightly startled when he heard Ziyuan’s words, and asked, “Why, since you would ask such a thing.” ”

“I just think that the current opponent is too weak, and besides, every time you have to come out to buy a snack or something, you have to ask for leave or something, it’s so troublesome.” Ziyuan complained with some dissatisfaction.

Qingfeng thought for a moment and said, “Speaking of which, that kid Ash Qi, now I can see him come to training once or twice a week!” Really, that guy is getting lazier too. ”

“Qingzi is the same as him!” Ziyuan said with some complaints, although Qingfeng would not come often like Ash Qi, but after the second year of junior high school, Qingfeng made excuses not to come more and more.

Qingfeng listened a little melancholy: “I just think that basketball is not interesting, although the coach told me last time that if I give up now, there will be nothing, but finally I feel that the harder I try, I don’t feel that I can’t get the feeling I want, and that feeling is very unpleasant.” ”

“It’s so hard to understand! But basketball itself doesn’t have any special significance. Ziyuan tilted his head and said a little softly, but in fact, Ziyuan also understood Qingfeng’s thoughts in his heart.

“I can only say that our opponent is too weak, so I will say it! In basketball, you can achieve something by working hard, and how hard you work hard for a guy without talent is for nothing. ”

“I don’t agree with the rare point.” At this time, Kuroko suddenly appeared from behind Shihara.

Kuroko’s appearance immediately startled Qingfeng and Shihara, and Qingfeng exclaimed: “Kuroko, why did you come here!” ”

At this time, Huangse came from behind and replied, “It was Koji who asked us to come and call you.” ”

“Huangse, you’re there too!” Qingfeng looked slightly startled.

“I said you two, just buy a snack, it’s been an hour of shopping and haven’t done it!” Kochiji’s side was angry. Huang Se reminded with a kind look.

Qingfeng said completely unappreciatively: “Che, how angry he loves is his business, you just tell him directly that I don’t want to go today, anyway, no one on the court can win me.” ”

Zi Yuan listened a little weakly: “This is not good!” Qingzai, said it so bluntly. ”

“This won’t work.” Kuroko immediately said with a serious face: “Although everyone is very powerful, it is not easy for me to follow your footsteps now, and I believe that someone more powerful than Qingmine-san will appear soon.” ”

Ziyuan listened with some doubts and asked, “More powerful than Qingfeng, who?” “I secretly said, ‘Is that me?’ But Qingzi and I are a team! ’

When Qingfeng heard this, the corners of his mouth smiled slightly, and said, “That’s what I said!” This world is very big, I really hope it can appear soon! ”

“Let’s go! Tun, it’s almost time to go back. ”

“Oh.” Coming to the counter, Ziyuan touched his body, and suddenly exclaimed: “Oops, I forgot to bring my wallet ~~!” ”

Qingfeng was stunned when he heard this, and shouted: “No! You? Don’t look at me, you see I haven’t even changed my clothes, and my wallet is all locked in the cabinet. ”

“Ah~~! It’s troublesome now, Xiao Hei, did you bring money? Ziyuan looked a little helpless, and immediately cast a helpless look at Kuroko.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any money either.”

“It’s okay, it’s good I brought it.” Saying that, Huangse came to the counter and helped Shibara pay the bill.

Zi Yuan looked at it and immediately thanked him: “Thank you, little yellow boy, I’ll go back and return it to you later.” ”

“This one! No thanks, aren’t we friends? That’s when I ask you, little purple plain. Huang Se said without care.

“Oh, what a good person you are! Little yellow boy. Ziyuan unceremoniously sent Huang Se a ‘good guy card’, and Huang Se just smirked when he listened: “Then how about a good fight with me after you go back!” Little Ziyuan, as long as you play with me, I will treat you to eat, how. Huangse immediately found a breakthrough and always wanted to fight Shibara, but Shibara never fought him.

“Is it? That’s good! Ziyuan listened and immediately agreed.

As everyone knows, because of this, Huangse has been pitted by Ziyuan for two years.

Qingfeng immediately said very unpleasantly: “You guy…”

Huang Se looked at Qingfeng looking like he was about to get angry, and immediately said: “Okay, don’t be angry, I’ll invite you to dinner after school, so it’s okay!” ”

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