“What are you talking about, what are you kidding! Akaji. At the gymnasium of Teiguang Middle School, Akaji called Ash Qi to his lounge.

“Quitting the basketball department of Diguang Middle School, this is an order, you are no longer qualified to continue to stay here.” Akaji said with an icy look in his eyes.

When Ash Qi heard this, his heart became even more angry, and he directly lifted Akaji’s collar and yelled: “It’s impossible, don’t think that you are a minister who can force me to retreat, and even if you want me to retreat, the coach, and Qingfeng, they will not agree, I am a member of the ‘Age of Miracles’, Diguang Middle School has been able to win until now, all by relying on the ‘Age of Miracles’, I will not retreat!” ”

“After you retire, the ‘Age of Miracles’ will not change, Huangse will inherit your position and become the main choice, and we can also win.” Akaji said confidently: “Moreover, let you withdraw from the ministry, it is better to say that it is for your own good, although your character is not worthy of compliment, but until now you have made countless victories for Diguang Middle School, but Huangse’s talent and talent are far above you, and it is only a matter of time before you surpass you.” ”

“What do you say, haha, don’t tease me, okay! Akaji, I admit that kid’s talent is good, but even if you want me to quit, you won’t make such an excuse! Ash Qi listened to a sneer, but looking at Akaji’s cold expression, originally Ash Qi didn’t care about basketball, but he thought that the name ‘Age of Miracles’ was his own idea, and finally got it because of continuous victories.

How can it be easily given to others! Don’t joke, said coldly: “I won’t retreat, don’t even think about it, if you think that I often don’t come to training and want to drive me away, I will definitely not agree, it’s a big deal I’ll make things bigger, and then see which of the two of us is more ugly.” ”

“I just need to honestly apologize to the coach, everything can be settled, and if you have to force me to retire, then I will also disgrace you first, Akaji.” Ash Qi said with a slightly threatening tone.

Akaji listened to this, his eyes became even colder, Ash Qi looked at Akaji’s appearance, sneered, he didn’t want to offend Akaji too much, and said; “Hehe, of course, this is a joke, I know, I will go to train well, if I don’t come in the future, I will at least give you a leave!” Forget about it this time! Captain Akaji. ”

“You’d better remember what you said today, Ash.” Chiji looked at Ash Qi’s eyes even colder, his tone completely changed, and said coldly: “Also, what you said just now is too arrogant, this time it is not my regression, but I don’t want too many internal contradictions, but next time…”

‘What’s going on, that feeling that Akaji just had…’ Ash Qi listened to Akaji’s words slightly startled, Akaji’s eyes were full of killing intent, there were several times before, Akaji often had this situation, feeling as if the tone had changed Yes, but this time, it felt even colder than before.

“Well, not next time.” Ash Qi turned to leave, and found that since his back was soaked, the last look in Chiji’s eyes just now, it seemed to be real killing intent, it was really terrifying!

Leaving the lounge, Ash turned his head to look at it, and secretly gritted his teeth: ‘Bastard, that guy…’

Gritting his teeth viciously, he said, “Huang Se Ryo Tai ·

· ”

Shihara came here to train as usual, and seeing that Akaji was not here, Huangse trotted over and said; “Little Ziyuan, you’re here!”

“Well, what’s wrong?” Ziyuan looked at Huang Se and said softly.

Huang Se said with some excitement: “By the way, today Xiao Ashqi also came to the training ground, and I finally have the opportunity to fight him again.” ”

“Oh yes?” Zi Yuan was slightly surprised when he heard this, but this guy Ash Qi often didn’t come to training, and said flatly: “He is originally a player, what is so strange about coming to training.” ”

“In that case, I’ll just…”

“Ryo Tai.” At this time, Ash Qi stood at the door, his voice was a little procrastinating, and he said coldly: “So you are here!” It just so happens that Aomine and Atsushi are also there! ”

“What a rarity! Gray boy, since you will come to train. Ziyuan looked at it and immediately went up to greet.

Ash Qi walked directly from Ziyuan’s side, did not answer Ziyuan’s words, came to Huangse, the corners of his mouth were slightly listed, his eyes were full of contempt, and said: “Come and fight me!” Ryota. ”

“Ugh!” Huang Se was slightly stunned, but immediately reacted, and immediately said: “Okay! It just so happens that I also want to fight with you Little Ash, but, Little Ash, if I win you, you have to give me the place you choose. ”

“What are you?”

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