A week later, the basketball team led by Ziyuan will start to accept the challenge of coming to other regional schools today, looking at Huang Se next to him and complaining a little: “I really don’t understand what Chizai thinks, I thought that the team with me would be Lanzai, but I didn’t expect that since it was you!” ”

“What does it matter! And my current strength is no worse than Xiao Lanqi, Xiao Ziyuan, you make people so sad when you say this! Huang Se immediately made a look like a discarded kitten, but knowing his purple plain, knowing the attributes of this kid’s heart, it was difficult to deal with him.

“Since you ignore me, it’s too much! Little Ziyuan. ”

“Ma Ma~~! Well, it’s the same with everyone anyway, even if I can win the game alone, just don’t drag me back. Ziyuan looked at Huang Se and said a little softly, and at the same time looked at the members of the second and third armies behind with some contempt, and said: “You too, don’t drag me back~~.” ”

“Okay! Don’t say such things all the time. At this time, a girl next to Ziyuan immediately taught a lesson.

Ziyuan looked at her and grinned slightly, “But let me be a little surprised!” I didn’t expect that this time Sakura, since you are my agent again. ”

“Add the word senior sister to me in the back, smelly boy.” This girl is Akai Sakura, the number of people in the basketball department of Diguang Middle School is very large, because as a wealthy school, the first army, the second army, and the three armies have a head coach and an assistant coach, and the agents also have three, as for the agent who wants to do Ziyuan’s half-month practice match, of course, he also took the initiative to apply.

As the fame of the ‘Age of Miracles’ grew, Teiko Middle School, and even the basketball of Japanese middle schools throughout Japan, began to revolve around them.

Akai Sakura smiled slightly and said: “Although they are all members of the second and third armies, but you are the trump card of this team, generally you will not be allowed to appear until an emergency, do you know that the name ‘Age of Miracles’ is attracting attention in Japan?” ”

“Ah~~! Is it? Ziyuan was stunned when he heard this.

“In the future, the ‘era of miracles’ will be for players at the level of the Greek family, or even the world, after all, basketball in Japan has always been tepid, and the sudden emergence of this kind of day is something worth paying attention to.”

When Huangse heard this, he thought back and said, “Listening to you say this, it seems that it is indeed like this!” Xiao Ziyuan, you don’t know, I am now working more and more as a model, they all know that I am a player of the first army, and I am also a substitute in Diguang Middle School, although it is only a substitute, but since the qi has increased a lot! ”

“Besides, Xiao Ziyuan, aren’t you the same? After every competition, there are a lot of reporters interviewing you, and now we are all big celebrities! Huang Se said with some excitement.

When Ziyuan heard this, he felt that it seemed to be the same thing, because Ziyuan had a very strong sense of existence in the era of miracles, and the tall figure would sometimes be recognized even if he walked on the street.

Huang Se immediately asked, “By the way, Xiao Ziyuan, when those reporters interviewed you, what did they ask you!” How did you answer! ”

“Ah~~! Didn’t they interview you? You’re a famous model too! Shihara turned to look at Huangse and asked, although he was not a regular choice, he was a little famous before he joined the basketball club, and after joining the game, his fame became even greater than before.

Huang Se scratched his head a little and said, “Of course, there is, but they all asked me if I had such an idea to win the main election.” ”

“Didn’t I try it after that? The result was a complete defeat. Huang Se spread his hands a little helplessly and said, “How did they interview you!” ”

“Me! What to say! Ye who asked me a lot of questions ~~~” Ziyuan was a little annoyed, and he didn’t know where to start at all.

Akai Sakura is also interested, of course she also wants to know this kind of thing, although they are also the basketball department of Diguang Middle School, but not to mention their second army, even the members of the first army, all of them have been pressed by the name of the “era of miracles”, there is nothing to do with them at all, reporters or something, all of them are concerned about the king’s ‘era of miracles’.

“Atsushi, just talk about it! Let’s also see how you, Ziyuan Dun, who is known as the strongest shield of the double ace in Diguang Middle School, interviewed you. “_

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