“Che, I will say such beautiful words, I hope you can support you for a while.” Ziyuan sounded a little unhappy, this type of he hates the most, and is so hot-blooded, since it is so hot-blooded, then let’s see how many weights you have.

The basketball was run high, and Zi was a little uncomfortable because of Muji’s words, so he was a little serious at the beginning, and the dominant height, plus the arm length, easily took the ball.

Akaji took the ball and looked at Hanamiya Jin, who was defending himself, and the rest of the members also defended one-on-one, Akaji looked at it and sneered, “Let’s take the ball first.” ”

Saying that, Akaji directly used the AnkleBreaker (naked foot terminator) and easily knocked Hanamiya down.

“What’s going on, this guy…” Hanamiya really looked shocked, just a face, since he was cleaned up, what was going on.

After the easy pass, Akaji immediately passed the ball to Aomine, who took the basketball and was directly angry, and the amorphous dribbling directly broke through Kotaro Hayama’s defense, but under the rebound, Teppei Kiyoshi and Nemuko Nagayoshi had already defended.

‘Oh, that’s awesome! It is worthy of being the five generals without a crown, and it is really different from the rest of the goods! Seeing this, Qingfeng tried to break through the past, but these two people’s defense is very strong, although not as good as Ziyuan, but to break through these two people who are good at defense, there is still some trouble!

The next moment, leaning back, Muji and Netake immediately cast double caps.

“It’s a high jump! It was originally used to deal with Dun, so let’s take it so far. “The next moment, Qingfeng’s body was almost parallel to the ground, shooting, completely avoiding the range of their block.

Two points, the ball scored.

“Cut, what the hell is going on with that ball!” Nemuko Yongji looked at the goal and said very dissatisfied.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just give them a ball.” Muji Teppei said immediately.

Shi Wei Lingyang said a little femininely: “It seems that it is a little difficult!” It should really be said that it is worthy of the “Age of Miracles”, and the strength is far beyond our imagination! ”

Qingfeng looked at the corner of his mouth slightly and grinned, “Oh, is it?” I hope it can give us some motivation! You guys. ”

Akaji looked at the five champions on the opposite side and sneered: “What many people have been talking about, winning all the way, never trying to lose, the ‘era of miracles’ and the five champions who are considered to be the strongest in basketball, which of these two teams is more powerful, let them have a good look now, the gap between us!” ”

“I hope to have a little strength, don’t be like those guys before, two or three strokes and get on the stomach.” Ziyuan listened to a little slowly and said, this is not conceit, but after the second grade, especially in the past half a year, every competition is a completely overwhelming victory, at the beginning I felt quite good, and gradually began to feel a little numb.

Qingfeng looked at it and sneered: “Hey, you guys have to work hard, the scoring game is often played softly, let’s have a good fight!” ”

Kotaro Hayama immediately became angry when he heard this, and yelled, “Damn it! Those bastards, since they dare to underestimate us. ”

“They should have been given back a few balls.” Saying that, Reiyo Shibumi passed the ball directly to Kotaro Hayama and said, “Come on!” Kotaro. ”

Huang Se immediately defended the past and said loudly, “Don’t think about it. ”

“Oh, Ryota Huangse! Obviously a substitute member, since he can start, what a surprise! Hayama Kotaro listened and said with a slight smile: “If it is Aomemi Daiki, you may be able to prevent me, but your words are still too tender.” ”

“I can guard against you too.” Huang Se yelled as he listened.

“No, you can’t prevent me, four roots, watch me solve you.”

‘Thunder Dribbling, Level 4’

In an instant, the basketball disappeared like lightning, and Kotaro Hayama quickly passed Huangse, but just after Huangse, Aomine didn’t know when it came out and blocked his way.

At the moment when Hayama Kotaro was surprised, Qingfeng quickly stole the ball and sneered: “The movement is too slow.” ”

Saying that, dribbling up, a long pass was thrown to Midorima in front.

The midcourt line received the green room of the ball, completely in a state of inability to let go, and directly went up with a three-pointer.

Shi Wei Lingyang looked at it and exclaimed in his heart: ‘What are you doing! Are you really where far from the basket? Since you shoot in that kind of place, how can you get in! As a pitcher, he naturally understands how much strength and accuracy it takes to shoot from the midfield line, at least not himself.

But it’s a pity that the shot was Midorima, a three-point shot in the midfield, and the ball scored. _

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