It’s been more than two months since I graduated from junior high school, and there are still a few days before the start of high school, and sometimes I feel more bored after the holidays than when I was studying.

Although the basketball department of Diguang Middle School still warmly invites you to go to train, play games or something, but now that you have graduated from, how can you still be embarrassed to go!

So I can only play street games bored every day, and as a result, street games are also boring, and I can’t find an opponent who can fight with myself.

And everyone in the ‘Age of Miracles’, because they graduated, are now all going their separate ways, and Akaji seems to have run to the grassland with his father to ride horses, after all, they are rich people! And although Ash Qi can find others, but he is in the game hall every day, Ziyuan rarely goes to find him! Qingfeng’s words are even more idle than Ziyuan in the evening, and he either runs to sleep or reads photos every day.

Because Huangse is on vacation, he has more work as a model, and Midorima says that he needs to do his best every day, and runs to practice shooting alone when he has nothing to do.

If it weren’t for the fact that Yangquan High School was a little far from his home, Ziyuan would have been able to go to Yangquan High School to play.

And at this time, the mobile phone on Ziyuan’s body suddenly rang, Ziyuan listened slightly stunned, looked at the phone, it said Little Blue Boy, and connected the phone: “Blue Boy!” Something? ”

“Atsushi, there’s news for you, maybe you’ll be interested.” Lan Qi listened to Ziyuan’s voice and immediately said: “Where is the street competition next to Diguang Middle School, it seems that a powerful guy has come, are you interested?” ”

“Ah~~~! Really, it’s all the same anyway, it’s all over in two or three strokes. Ziyuan was a little speechless, as for the street basketball, most of them were members of Diguang Middle School who used to play games together, and now they have graduated, and they just play over there if they have nothing to do, although they are players from Diguang Middle School.

However, in Diguang Middle School, except for the ‘Age of Miracles’, the rest of the players are very ordinary, and their strength is not particularly strong.

“No, the other party seems to have come under the name of ‘Age of Miracles’, I don’t know who it is, I’m about to go over and take a look, are you going?”

Ziyuan was slightly stunned when he heard this, coming for the ‘Age of Miracles’, it seems that he should have some strength, right! He said, “So…”

‘Didi Di’ At this time, the purple machine rings and rings, looking at the caller ID above, Xiaohuangzai, Ziyuan is slightly stunned, what’s going on today, usually can’t find it? Ziyuan immediately said, “You go first!” Lan Zai, I’ll take a call first, Little Yellow Boy seems to have something to find me”

“Okay then! Hung up first. ”

Ziyuan looked at the phone connection, and Huang Se on the other side said with some excitement: “Little Ziyuan, why did it take so long to answer the phone!” People thought you ignored me.”

“Ah~~! Little yellow boy, why did you call me all of a sudden! Ziyuan asked with some doubt.

“I can’t tell you in person, where are you now!” I came to you. ”

“I’m just going to go out now, if you want to come, just come to my house to find me.” Ziyuan said immediately.

“Okay, wait 20 minutes, I’ll be right here.”

After 20 minutes, Huang Se hurriedly ran over, panting a little: “Sorry to keep you waiting, little Ziyuan.” ”

“Seeing that you are so anxious, there must be something going on! And eighty percent of them have something to ask me to help, right? Ziyuan looked at Huang Se and asked directly.

Huang Se listened to this and said with a sad look: “It’s too much! Little Ziyuan, can’t I find you without something!” It really saddens me. ”

When Ziyuan heard this, he asked, “Okay! Why did you suddenly think of looking for me! Do you want to play with me! ”

“Hehe, this, there is indeed a little thing looking for you.” Huang Se scratched his head and said with a look of underwit: “You also know that thanks to the title of ‘Age of Miracles’, my work has increased a lot, and a reporter came to interview me the day before yesterday and asked me many things. ”

“After that, I said that I wanted to know the rest of the people in the ‘Age of Miracles’ and wanted to know everyone’s goals when they went to high school, but I told him that I couldn’t find everyone.”

“But under the emphasis of my boss, he said that he wanted me to find one or two people to come over for this interview, so…”

“Oh.” Zi Yuan nodded as if he understood and asked, “However, why didn’t he go directly to their house and ask!” That journalist. ”

“I don’t know about this, Xiao Ziyuan, in the team, the relationship between the two of us is the best, so I immediately thought of you.” Huang Se looked pitiful and said: “The rest of the people simply ignore me, it’s too much, you say.” ”

“I don’t want to go either, even if I was interviewed after the game, now it’s all on holiday, so I won’t go!” Ziyuan said with obvious disgust.

“After the interview, how about I treat you to steak.” Seeing that Ziyuan was about to leave, Huangse immediately took out the killer weapon.

“Alright! Let’s go! “_

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