‘This? How tall he looks! And since the data of the body is so high…

“Hmm~~! You’re the coach! Ziyuan looked at the woman and said with some doubt.

“That’s right, the coach of Yangquan High School, Masako Araki, please advise more in the future, Shihara.” Masako Araki listened to Shibara’s question, and felt a little dissatisfied, when she was just engaged in this job, many players raised this doubt, and she quickly taught her a lesson.

Unexpectedly, it was also like this now, Shibara looked at Masako Araki, pointed at Masako Araki, and asked Akai Sakura: “Is she really a coach~~?” Cherry. ”

“Why, are you upset that women can be coaches?” Masako Araki looked at Shibara and said with a somewhat murderous voice.

“No, it’s nothing, please don’t care, coach, he doesn’t mean anything else.” Lan Qi next to Ziyuan immediately helped Ziyuan speak, the next two of them will have to play in the basketball department for three years, and the players and coaches must get along well.

The ice chamber also immediately said: “Sorry, please don’t care, Atsushi didn’t mean to offend you.” “The ice room got along with Ziyuan a few times, naturally I also knew what Ziyuan’s personality was, and there were not too many thoughts in my heart.

Masako Araki also doesn’t want Shibara to be entangled in this issue all the time, but Shibara is the ‘Age of Miracles’ In her team, captain Kenichi Okamura and vice captain Kensuke Fukui both played against Shibara in junior high school.

At that time, they were the third year of junior high school, and Ziyuan was still only the first year of junior high school, and it was not yet the ‘era of miracles’, but the strength still won the two of them, indicating that Ziyuan was very strong.

Although this has not been confirmed yet, just by looking at Ziyuan’s height, I know that the strength is definitely not weak.

“Forget it, you two fill out this application form here first! Anyway, the formal process still has to go through. Saying that, Masako Araki handed Ziyuan and Lan Qi two forms, and said: “Fill in your name, age, and what position you are good at, in short, fill it out according to the above requirements, fill it out and give it to me.” ”

“Oh~~! But…” Ziyuan said here, stopped immediately, originally planned to take the opportunity to ask for a little privilege, in the Diguang Middle School free and debauched, if the Yangquan who came has always been. Taught by a group of seniors who are much weaker than themselves, Ziyuan doesn’t want to!

“What?” Masako Araki looked at Ziyuan and frowned slightly, although he didn’t know what Ziyuan wanted to say, but the powerful players were all more than one, and they all looked like they were the only ones in the world.

“Ma Ma~~~! It’s nothing. Zi Yuan immediately shook his head, and began to fight Xiao Jiujiu in his heart, and secretly said: ‘Forget it, I just joined, there is no need to be so anxious, wait until everyone knows my strength, I will go and ask for a little freedom.’

After filling out the application form, it was handed over to Masako Araki, who did not take it, and said directly: “Although you are the ‘Age of Miracles’, I want to state here that when you were in junior high school, I knew that your ‘Age of Miracles’ had a lot of privileges. ”

“However, this is Yangquan, you better not play those careful thoughts on me, now you are a player of Yangquan High School.” Masako Araki didn’t know what Shibara just wanted to say, but Shibara could also roughly guess something, and it was rumored that the ‘Age of Miracles’ was more personal than one.

Because the strength is too strong, the school and the coach are completely unable to control them, resulting in frequent skipping classes, not training and so on, although there are some shortcomings.

But because their basketball is almost invincible, who cares about such small details!

Now that Ziyuan has just arrived in Yangquan, he must allocate this behavior of him, otherwise even if he is strong, it will bring a burden to the team.

However, Masako Araki just knows that Shibara is very strong, and believes that in a strong player, it is also necessary to rely on teamwork, but for them in the ‘Age of Miracles’, teamwork is completely dispensable, even one person can defeat a team.

Ziyuan listened to Masako Araki’s words, and was slightly startled in his heart, and secretly said: ‘Oops, is it rare that she can read minds? ’

After leaving Masako Araki’s office, Sakura Akai took the three of them to prepare for a simple test, and looked at Shibara and said with some ridicule: “It seems that the coach is targeting you!” Don, you have to be careful, don’t look at her as a woman, her methods are terrible. ”

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