Yangquan Middle School, basketball department office here, Ziyuan and the three of them came out as soon as the test came out.

Sakura Akai immediately sent the data sheet of the three to Masako Araki, who watched this completely burst the data, the data of the three of them was completely different from the rest of the players, and the data was too much higher.

‘Just looking at the data of the body is already high to this extent, if the real ball skills, it is not… Masako Araki knows that this data is only an approximate strength, and the real strength is still known after watching the game.

Looking at Ziyuan’s data table, 208CM’s height, weight 99KG, body strength, toughness, as well as speed, reflexes, explosiveness are all explosive data, and this kind of data, having been a coach for so many years, since it is the first time to see it, it is simply not inferior to the physical data of official NBA players.

‘Hmph, with this kind of monster joining Yangquan High School, it is simply a breeze to win the national championship. ’

The next morning, all the new players from Yangquan Middle School arrived here, and the seniors of the second and third years stood in front of them.

Masako Araki came over and looked at Shibara who was in the team, because Ziyuan was very tall, standing there very eye-catching, and secretly said in his heart: ‘It seems to be quite honest, at least the first day came. Because when Ziyuan was in the third year of junior high school, he often went to training in the afternoon, and he was usually too lazy to get up in the morning.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the basketball team of Yangquan High School, I am the coach of your first army, Masako Araki, please advise more in the future.” Masako Araki looked at everyone and made a brief introduction.

The following first-year players listened to her as a coach, and they all began to whisper: “She is a coach!” I thought it was a broker! “It’s really fake!” “A beautiful coach actually seems to be quite good!”

“Okay, all quiet.” At this time, Kenichi Okamura came out and said: “I am the captain of the basketball department of the First Army, Kenichi Okamura, I will be your captain in the future, you start, make a simple self-introduction.” ”

“Oh, my name is Daitomo Ishida, I’m 16 years old, and I’m …”

“My name is Nakahisa Muramasa, 16 years old. I love basketball…”


After Ziyuan’s turn here, Ziyuan said a little softly: “Hmm~~!” My name is Atsushi Zihara ~~! 16 years old, position is center. ”

“No more? Purple Plains. “Kenichi Gangmura looked at Shihara’s appearance, he was a person in the ‘Age of Miracles’, since the words were so short.

“Forget it, that’s it.” Masako Araki looked at Shibara, although he didn’t know what was going on in his mind now, but this was fine, but now he seemed quite obedient, and he originally thought that the ‘Age of Miracles’ would be very personal! However, it would be nice if he could really be obedient all the time.

Although Masako Araki has been repeating it in his heart, he must not be regarded differently from the rest of the players because Shibara is the ‘Age of Miracles’.

But even if he thinks so in his heart, in a basketball team, if he is an ace player, whether it is a coach or a basketball department, he will pay attention to him, although Ziyuan still shows his strength now, but in terms of physical data alone, pay attention to her attention.

“Okay, here’s the training for the rest of the day.” Saying that, Masako Araki immediately took out a form and said, “Don’t worry! These exercises are based on your body and are just enough to push your physical strength to the limit. ”

“No, this kind of training will die.” “Since there are so many.” “What the limit! You can’t do it at all! Looking at the training prescribed by Masako Araki, the faces of the new players who joined Yangquan were rotten.

“Don’t worry! At a young age, this training can’t die, and the vitality of human beings is much more tenacious than you think, and when you gradually adapt to this training, it will be doubled. Masako Araki said with a slightly demonic smile on the corner of his mouth.

“What?” _

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