"Half a year." Fat Brother gritted his teeth, but he didn't dare to speak loudly. "If you don't have this half year, you and Ning'er will have millions of income. If you don't make it through this half year, you will return to zero."

"What are you afraid of? I started from scratch and I'm still afraid of walking the road again?" Jiangsu said calmly, "Besides, Haoyuan Technology hasn't approached us yet, fat brother, why are you afraid first?"

"Do you know, brother Cheng told you in the car."

When sending Brother Cheng to the side of the road, the fat brother asked, "Brother Cheng, do you know if anyone has successfully escaped from Haoyuan Technology?"

"Yes. Now it's bankrupt. The founder was reported and sentenced because he maliciously stole the client's company documents. The company has no leader, and the orphans and widows can't stand up, so they lost."

Fat brother is afraid that this little brother will go this way, and wants Jiangsu to take advantage of the company's value. If someone from Haoyuan Technology comes to the door, he will sell it at a high price of tens of millions.

"With this money, what can you do wrong, Xiao Su, can't you make a comeback?"

Jiangsu looked at the simple fat brother, "Fat brother, you only understand technology, not business. Do you think you only sell this company? It is all the systems we have handled. Including the No. 1 system we are building."

Jiangsu's words were like a basin of cold water, which instantly calmed Fat Brother. "The system can't be taken away?"

At this point, Fat Brother no longer persuades Jiangsu.

For technical nerds like them, the system is their 'child', and if someone wants to rob them of their 'child', for Brother Fat, he is not willing to pay a sky-high price.

"Xiao Su, what if Haoyuan Technology really messes with you?"

"What are you afraid of? One day, I will go back to my father, my uncle, and my grandfather. At worst, I will kneel in front of them. These people love me very much. My mother, my aunt, and my aunt will never let me To that point. There's no way they're going to let me die."

Fat Brother sat there and sighed, "Fortunately, you have family behind you."

Jiangsu also felt sad, "Yeah, fortunately, I have family behind me. You said those barefoot, what can they do when they encounter such a thing."

"Can't Ning'er know about this?"

Jiangsu: "...Don't tell her, silly, I see her happy every day, and I am also happy. I am not happy about these things in the company. If she is unhappy, I have to find a way to coax her."

Fat Brother couldn't stand it anymore, the room was filled with the sour smell of love, so he went out directly.

Jiangsu smiled, closed the door, and put away his smile. Looking at the photo of Ning'er smiling on the desktop, he picked it up and looked at it, "Forget it, let's go and see the real person." The photos are not satisfying.

So Jiangsu got up and went to the city to pick up his girlfriend from get off work.

Jiang Chenyu also arrived at the house. As soon as he entered, his wife and children rushed forward, pressed him on the sofa and kissed him one by one. He didn't know what to do with the kiss, "Tell me one by one, what happened?"

The little tiger said cutely: "Dad, Bao is a good baby, so he won't do anything wrong~"

"That's right, my son is a good boy, mom kisses me."

The little tiger was happily kissed by his parents, Jiang Chenyu hugged his naughty son, smelling his body, "What did you eat just now?"

The little guy immediately hugged his father's neck tightly, "Hee hee, Bao won't tell Dad~ Dad knows he will beat Bao's ass."

After finishing speaking, Jiang Chenyu slapped his son's little **** first, "Okay, let's talk, Dad beat him first, tell Dad what to eat?"

The little tiger kept a stern face, "You abused Bao~ Bao asked a lawyer to sue Dad."

"Look for me, look for me," Gu Nuannuan pitted his son, "Mom can vent your anger for you, but the lawyer's fee is a bit high, do you want a mother?"

The little tiger was hugged by his father and played with his mother again.

In the evening, the family of three didn't eat, and Mr. Jiang found out what his wife and son were eating in the afternoon by looking through the takeaways on his mobile phone, counting from top to bottom, "You two ordered eight takeaways?"

Little Nuanmao asked: "What's the matter, are you poor?"

Jiang Chenyu laughed, and Gu Nuannuan began to inquire about her husband, "What are you doing in the afternoon? You drank before dark, didn't you say that you were socializing, so you asked your wife and son to pick you up? You see You didn't even give us a chance."

"That's right, Dad doesn't give me a chance." The little tiger who had taken a bath sat on his parents' big bed, listening to his ears and learning to speak.

Jiang Chenyu smiled and had no choice but to answer: "There will be a party tomorrow, you and the tiger are ready to pick me up."

"Cut~ Five hundred at a time."

President Jiang: "..."

The little tiger also hastily stretched out his two little paws, as if pistol-wielding, and said, "Father, the treasure also costs five hundred."

Jiang Chenyu opened his son's paws and let his five fingers stick out, "This is five."

The little tiger rebelled, "Bao knows, but Baoshen's is also five. The abacus taught by my uncle said that it is also five." He pointed at his little finger and chopped it. There are three knots on the index finger and two knots on the thumb.

After Gu Nuannuan finished washing, she went to her skin care station to get busy, "Husband, don't let the tiger go rock climbing this weekend, let's take the tiger to the aquarium?"


The little tiger said loudly: "Mom and Dad want to call the dragon~"

"Don't worry, your aunt is my mother's old sister, so she will definitely shout."

I made an appointment with Jiang Momo, "I have to ask if Brother Su is free."

Su Linyan was beside her at the time, "I'm free on Saturday."

After an agreed time, each family put the dolls to sleep, and then threw the children into the nursery.

Lu Ying took the exam and went ashore, and was in the stage of preparing for the re-examination. I heard that before her exam, Mrs. Bai begged the Jade Emperor to ask the Queen Mother, because she was afraid that her daughter-in-law would be hit if she failed the exam.

Lu Ying solved the lifelong event, and her relationship with Bai Chen gave her peace of mind. In addition, every morning, when Bai Chen returned to the team, Qian Qian would wake her up early and let her get up in the morning to study until Bai Chen at night. After returning home, the two went to Mother Lu's small shop hand in hand.

Lu's mother's small shop is almost out of business, and Lu's mother, who is worried every day, can't sleep and can't eat well. "My daughter still took a lot of money for opening the shop."

At that time, I went to many leaders to gain popularity for myself. If I can't do this, I will lose face and lose money.

The chief of the army comforted her: "Business is nothing more than two kinds of results. If you make money, you lose. We just choose the result of losing money. There is no shame in it. Money and money are all outside the body. Follow me, I will let you lose money. Have you ever been hungry and hungry?"

Because Lu's mother lost money in business, the whole family took care of Lu's mother's mood. They didn't tell the outside world, and they didn't know about the Lu family's affairs.

On the rest day, Bai Chen also took Lu Ying to relax, go for a walk, and even took her to camp.

Bai Chen took his wife's hand and said, "Bring Lu Ying to camp, and we'll have a crystallization after camping overnight."

Lu Ying smiled and kicked her husband, "It's in the wild, don't try to mess around tonight."

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