Parker’s home.

Everyone sat down, and Aunt Mei brought coffee for everyone.

Parker said straight to the point: “Professor Connors is here to reminisce.” ”

Qin Fei mocked: “Driving a limited edition Lincoln that you can’t afford to buy, and with a professional driver, is it to show off or to reminisce, you can see it at a glance, right?” ”

Parker further explained: “He said a lot and finally wanted to take the experimental data left by my father. ”

Aunt May added: “He also wanted to invite Parker to be his assistant. It’s not a part-time job, it’s not an internship, it’s a formal job, and the monthly salary is still very high. ”

Uncle Ben said suspiciously: “I haven’t seen it for more than ten years, and suddenly appeared, pretending to be kind and giving a job equal to my annual income with a month’s salary, which must be a bad plot.” ”

“Ben, you think of them too evil.”

Aunt Mei reminded in a low voice.

“Please both stop.”

Qin Fei stopped Uncle Ben and Aunt Mei from quarrelling, looked at Parker, and asked, “Did you give him the experimental data?” ”

Parker shook his head.


Qin Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

Parker’s briefcase left behind by his father has two things that are most important: the decay rate algorithm, and the Luo Yuan This. The opening copper coin of Fuku Station.

It’s just that the decay rate algorithm in the briefcase is only suitable for the bloodline of the Parker family, and not for others at all.

Once this thing leaks out, I am afraid that the tragedy will repeat itself.

“I’m not a fool.”

Parker said seriously: “Their attitude surprised me and I had to be careful. Especially that Dr. Rata looked at people very uncomfortable. ”

Uncle Ben echoed: “His last warning is also enough to show that he is not a good person. ”

Aunt May tried to retort, but Dr. Rata’s warning before leaving left her with no reason to say nice things.

“He wasn’t a good guy in the first place.”

Qin Fei said indifferently: “But you can rest assured, you don’t have to worry about this person after tomorrow.” ”

“What do you mean?”

“Qin Fei, what are you talking nonsense?”

Everyone thought Qin Fei’s attitude was a bit strange.

“No, everyone be careful.”

Qin Fei was too lazy to say too much, invited Gwen, and said, “Baby, I’ll send you home.” ”


After seeing Qin Fei’s extraordinary side, Gwen looked extremely well-behaved.

Uncle Ben sent Qin Fei and Gwen to the door. Muttered, “Are they all right?” Especially Qin Fei, I always feel that he will do stupid things, do we have to watch him? ”

Uncle Ben is such a rotten good person.

“No thanks.”

Parker recalled: “Qin Fei has always been very strange, and when he was with him, he would always hear some strange words. ”

“Well, okay.”

“Rest early.”

Is that the end of the matter?

Naturally impossible.

Qin Fei knew Dr. Rata’s bad personality incomparably.

Now that Dr. Rata has made a move, how can Qin Fei naturally not continue to be passive.

His choice now is just as he said before

Cut the grass and remove the roots.


Osborne Building.

Dr. Rata is barking at the bearded man in black in the conference room.

“Damn it.”

Dr. Rata scolded, “You trash. Do you know how much you get paid by the company a month, and the result is that you can’t do any small things! ”

Fortunately, it was late at night, and Osborne Building had nothing but security personnel.

Moreover, the conference room is extremely soundproof for secrecy, so Dr. Rata is not afraid that others will hear his irrationality.

The bearded man in black replied with trepidation: “BOSS, it’s really not that we are incompetent, but that Qin Fei’s strength is too weird. His kick directly broke 12 bones of his partner, and the strength was even more terrifying than a rhinoceros. ”

“Are you sure.”

Dr. Rata calmed down.

The bearded man in black replied, “One hundred percent sure, because I saw it with my own eyes.” ”

“Be sure to catch this person next time!”

“He’s very research-worthy!”

Dr. Rata said through gritted teeth.

“No need to wait a minute.”

Qin Fei appeared at the window of the conference room without warning.

The strangest thing is that he is actually suspended upside down in midair.

The bearded man in black immediately drew his gun and aimed it at Qin Fei.

“Not bad, pretty alert.”

Qin Fei was actually indifferent, and slowly and methodically “flew” to the bearded man in black, facing the muzzle.


“I’m responsible for something!”

Dr. Rata was shocked into a cold sweat when he saw the bearded man in black staying in place like a log, holding his gun and posing, but he didn’t move, and he couldn’t help but be angry and shouted.

The bearded man in black tried to pull the trigger, but he couldn’t control his body.

“Why are you in such a hurry to kill me?”

Qin Fei looked at Dr. Rata puzzled and asked, “I still wanted to kidnap me before, one after another, I don’t seem to have offended you, right?” ”

Dr. Rata growled, “What are you still standing stupidly for? ”

“BOSS, I can’t control my body.”


The bearded man in black tried his best to control it, but his body just couldn’t move.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Shoot quickly! ”

“Stop shouting.”

Qin Fei was a little tired of Dr. Lata’s roar, and warned: “Just shout if you don’t have anything to do, I’m not deaf.” This trick is called [Hanging Wire Puppet], which is specially used to control the human body. ”

Dr. Rata looked at Qin Fei in horror, wanting to speak but unable to speak.

Although he didn’t know what a hanging wire puppet was, let alone understand the ability of the Devil Fruit, the fear of the unknown and death made him fight two strands, and countless terrifying thoughts welled up from his mind.

Qin Fei asked slowly, “Hey, you haven’t answered my question yet.” ”

Dr. Rata swallowed and replied, “I’m inviting you, not kidnapping you.” ”

Qin Fei’s eyes were cold.


“No, I can’t do this!”

The body of the bearded man in black slowly turned to Dr. Rata.

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