Vomiting didn’t expect that he would be Qin Fei’s target at all, and ate a solid meal.

A wire whip is a terrible attack that can cut a car off.

Rao is vomiting After training, Rao is vomiting to make a blocking posture, but he was still whipped by the thread and whip so that the bones were broken and sprayed. Blood flies.

He was lucky enough, too.

After all, Qin Fei was a surprise attack, and it happened suddenly, and there was no time to instill armed color domineering.

Otherwise, vomiting is not bone fracture. Blood, but split in two.

Rao was so, vomiting temporarily lost its combat effectiveness.

The only thing that can still fight in the scene is the Toad Man.


This is the only option for the Toad Man.

“Want to run?”

Qin Fei waved his hand, and the rope composed of more than a dozen lines broke through the air, stopping the right foot of the toad man who jumped out.

A simple pull.

The Toad Man, who was still in a volley state, was violently pulled down and fell solidly.


Qin Fei’s pull was too strong, and the height of the toad man jumped just now was at least 10 meters, falling down was not an ordinary pain, the internal organs were shocked, and a mouthful of blood came out.

Qin Fei arranged a cobweb and webbed the toad.

The battle is over.

“Catch a toad spirit, that’s not bad.”

Qin Fei smiled proudly.


The saber-toothed tiger actually wanted to pull out the threaded spear that pierced the heart.

Qin Fei was too lazy to talk nonsense, and the wire gun appeared again, and a right hand that penetrated the saber-toothed tiger wanted to use force.

This time, the saber-toothed tiger was nailed to the ground again.

After completing all this, Qin Fei turned his head to look over, and what came into his eyes was a dull-looking Parker.

Just now, Parker did everything he could, and the result was a terrible fall. If it weren’t for his super spider induction and excellent self-healing ability, he wouldn’t even be able to stand now.

So he stands by and buys time to get back to the point of state, and then he can help; Second, he wanted to see how powerful Qin Fei was.

The results came out.

It’s just that he can’t accept it a little.

“You’re awesome.”

Parker was completely convinced by Qin Fei’s heart.

Qin Fei stepped on the frantically struggling toad man and asked, “Has the witch Ruiwen already mixed into the mutant school now?” ”

If the witch mixes into the mutant school, it means that the plot of “X-Men 1” is about to begin.

Mastering the plot context is a big advantage.

“Release me soon!”

The Toad Man is still struggling.

Qin Fei condensed another shot and pierced the toadman’s left leg.

The toad man screamed loudly, sounding very exciting.

Qin Fei appreciated the suffering of the toad man and asked happily: “Toad man, I don’t want to repeat the topic just now, this is your last chance.” ”

The stupid toad man actually threatened: “The one who knows the face will release me quickly, otherwise when Magneto comes, you won’t even have a chance to beg for mercy.” ”


Qin Fei smiled and was ready to stab the wire gun in his other hand, directly piercing the toad man’s head.

“Mentally retarded.”

Qin Fei cursed and stood up.

At this time, the panicked vomit wanted to run, but was whipped by Qin Fei’s thread and dragged back.

Qin Fei asked, “What has Magneto been doing lately?” ”

Vomiting hesitated and did not respond for a long time.

Qin Fei was too lazy to talk nonsense, and finally warned: “I’ll count down 3 seconds, otherwise the toad man will be your end.” ”

Vomiting is still hesitating.

She had seen Magneto’s terrifying methods.

Magneto dealt with an underworld leader who blocked Magneto’s cause, and as a result, all the gangster’s subordinates died, and the underworld leader and his mistress were strung back to back by Magneto with steel bars, hung on the roof, and wailed for two days and two nights before dying.

That’s really survival can’t ask for death.

But if…


It’s a pity that vomiting still thinks too much.

She missed the last chance.

Seeing Qin Fei condensing a wire gun with her empty hand, she hurriedly shouted, “Don’t, I can…”

“Too slow.”

Qin Fei pierced her vomit heart with a shot, crucifying her alive on the road.

“The saber-toothed tiger ran away!”

Parker suddenly reminded.

Qin Fei looked over and found that the saber-toothed tiger had burrowed into the distant residential area and disappeared.

And on the street where he was nailed just now, there was still one of the two wire guns that nailed him, and there was actually a palm at the end of this one.

This palm is that of a saber-toothed tiger.

“So ruthless!”

Qin Fei sighed.

He didn’t expect the saber-toothed tiger to be so decisive and actually cut off his palm to escape.

Qin Fei looked at Parker and asked, “Why don’t you stop him?” ”

Parker replied, “I found out after you killed the bald woman.” ”

“Let’s go.”

Qin Fei was too lazy to talk nonsense.

Parker looked at the mess all over the ground, especially the battered home, and asked, “Where else can we go?” ”

“Take Aunt Mei and clean up simply.”

Qin Fei was too lazy to explain.

He now has a younger brother and a woman, and he still has a relationship.

The most important thing is that he is rich, very rich, and does not worry about a place to live.


A penthouse in New York.

This is one of Tony’s many properties in New York, and it is now bought by Qin Fei.

The environment here is very beautiful, standing on the balcony and looking down, you can clearly see the bustling night view of New York.

And standing on the top floor, you will have a feeling of seeing the mountains and small mountains, which makes people linger.

“Yes, at least the Osborne family’s mansions are inferior to here.”

Qin Fei was very satisfied with this transaction.

For Qin Fei, the snatched money was for enjoyment.

Otherwise, what’s the difference between having no money?


Parker is here.

Qin Fei asked, “Is Aunt Mei used to it?” ”

Parker smiled bitterly: “After a lifetime of financial constraints, how can you suddenly get used to it all of a sudden after enjoying the top life?” ”

Qin Fei asked, “Then what are your plans?” ”

Parker replied without hesitation: “Kill Norman and expose Osborne’s crimes.” ”

Qin Fei asked, “Be specific.” ”

Parker replied, “Be a journalist first.” ”

Qin Fei was speechless.

Fate once again played a little joke with Qin Fei.


An object flew in, and then a figure flew like the wind from across the balcony.

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