Shape-shifting male.

In order to sit on a chair, the body in “X-Men: Back to the Water” instantly shrunk from a big fat man more than two meters tall and weighing more than 500 pounds to an ordinary mutant.

In battle, his abilities were excellent.

The moment he punched, his body suddenly swelled to a size close to that of the Hulk, and the fist, which was originally only the size of an ordinary person, became larger than a soup bowl.

Huge fists represent great lethality.

This punch is even more terrifying than the hedgehog’s punch, and even a car can knock it over with one punch.

Line Shield!

Qin Fei wiped his hand in the air, and a shield appeared out of thin air.


The giant fist slammed into the line shield, but the line shield was undamaged.


The shapeshifter was stunned.

But his distraction doomed him.

The line shield disappeared without warning, and at the same time, a long line that was so fast that no trace could be seen. The gun shot from the center of the wire shield and directly pierced the head of the shape-shifting man.


Seeing that the two righteous battlemen were about to be killed, Magneto became enraged and summoned all the surrounding machinery, even all metal objects.

For a while, the sky was full of metal objects.

More than a dozen vehicles of various sizes, thousands of metal objects of various kinds, of which the largest number of construction tools and steel bars.

“If you have the ability, you will smash it.”

You must know that Qin Fei is in the crowd, surrounded by people from the brotherhood.

Once those things fell, it was definitely the Brotherhood who was injured first, not Qin Fei.

But everyone overestimated Magneto’s temperance.

In other words, Magneto’s ruthlessness far exceeded the imagination of everyone present.

First of all, the dozens of cars collectively smashed down towards Qin Fei.

It’s just that some of these vehicles are cement trucks, and some are even sixteen-wheeled heavy large transport vehicles that can carry tens of tons of steel bars.

This large vehicle smashed down, covering a huge area.

Qin Fei smiled evilly.

Swim out like a fish and perfectly avoid crashes from all vehicles.


The first to fall was the sixteen-wheeled heavy large transporter, a giant vehicle with a length of nearly 20 meters after hitting the ground, and rolled forward several times because of inertia.

Such kills, which do not know how to calculate, are reduced to meat paste everywhere.

No matter what superpowers these mutants have and how powerful their bodies are, they all turn into meat mud under this crushing-level power.

The crushing of this car alone killed more than 10 mutants who could not escape in one go.

Not to mention, there are more than a dozen behind them.

The wheels were crushed one after another, Qin Fei’s original position was directly ploughed more than a dozen times, all the mutants died too much to die, not even a single wounded, and the total number was piled up to more than 20 people.

Qin Fei had an infighting, Tony had a raid, and Magneto crushed this time, and the 87 mutants of the mutant committee could live to less than 20 now.

And the rest of these people are not because they are strong enough, but because they are lucky enough.

For example, the mutant magma that can spew lava at the mouth is only because he is responsible for raiding Tony the Iron Man, so he was not affected by the three attacks.

Another example is the reborn man, because he wants to use his ability to contain Dr. Octopus, so he is taken aside by the speed ability used by Callisto in an emergency.

“How so?”

“How so! Who is the enemy? ”

Calisto looked at the miserable scene and looked at the sky in confusion.

She didn’t get it.

Why did Magneto, who was originally like a hero, become so cruel; Why did the scene of one-sided fall turn into heavy casualties.

“Qin Fei!”

Magneto, who doesn’t take human life seriously at all, is not angry about the deaths and injuries of the Brotherhood, but his own failure.

In between, he rained down the remaining metal items towards Qin Fei.

This time the coverage is huge.

Enough to bury the entire basketball court.

But Qin Fei didn’t plan to dodge this time.

Because he has come to the group of mutants who are lucky enough not to die.

Steel bars, hammers, pliers, and other items rained down.

Wire Shield.

A thread shield that was enough to protect Qin Fei sheltered his body.



In the desperate roar of the mutant, countless metal objects flew down.

Qin Fei witnessed a mutant who seemed to harden his skin being smashed into meat sauce by a continuous metal object; At the same time, he also watched as the magma that had just been rescued by Calisto was smashed to pieces alive.

Even the defensive mutants, the magma with good strength is so miserable, others can imagine.

In this way, the mutant committee did not even have 10 people.

This is where a tragic word can describe.

At this moment, Qin Fei wondered if Magneto was his own person.


At this time, Tony seized the opportunity of the saber-toothed tiger to be stunned and blasted him near Qin Fei with a cannon.

It’s a pity that Qin Fei didn’t have time to talk to the saber-toothed tiger mushroom.

Because Magneto has already culled.

Magneto clasped his hands together, and the two cars lying on the left and right suddenly merged towards Qin Fei.

Qin Fei did a backflip to easily avoid this attack.

But Magneto was not discouraged, and made several hand-lifting movements in succession.

The cars that fell down before kept flying and mercilessly smashed into Qin Fei’s head.

Qin Fei dodged left and right, and the overturned car could only rely on strong wind and sand to affect Qin Fei, and the other corners of Qin Fei’s clothes could not be touched.


Magneto snorted coldly and pushed with both hands.

A bulldozer suddenly rushed towards Qin Fei.

“Go and die!”

Qin Fei didn’t run away this time, and suddenly kicked:

Foot shaving!

And it is still stronger than the last time, instilling a foot shaving line with armed color domineering.

The black foot shaving line cut the bulldozer with a knife-like sharp tofu, cutting straight towards the middle line of Magneto’s eyebrows.

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