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Fight like Kilkenny cats?

The madness of crossbones made Captain America react instinctively:

Raise your shield for cover.

Captain America has a new shield.

Qin Fei didn’t know what kind of shield it was, but he always felt that it was not very reliable, and it was estimated that it was a temporary replacement.

It’s a pity that the cross-boned action can only scare Captain America, not Qin Fei.


Both of the lower legs of the crossed bones were shattered by the bolt gun that broke through the air, and ordinary knelt on the ground.


Then Qin Fei simply snapped his fingers, and the grenade in the crossed bone hand flew away and exploded in the distant air.

Although the explosion was violent, it did not cause the slightest damage.

Qin Fei slowly came to the crossed bone kneeling on the bridge deck and slapped it over.


Crossed bone teeth all flew out.

Originally, his body would have flown out of the viaduct, but the evil Qin Fei didn’t want him to die too cheaply, and at the moment he just got off the ground, the wire gun nailed him to the ground.

In order to take revenge, this guy did not hesitate to use the super terrifying infectious virus as a weapon, and there was no psychological burden at all.

This kind of garbage with almost no bottom line gave him a happy death, which was a relief for him.

Therefore, Qin Fei wants to play, and it is enough to accidentally play to death.

Qin Fei mocked, “Does it hurt? ”


Crossbones also want to spit Qin Feikou. Water.

If it weren’t for Qin Qiling, the flash would be fast, otherwise it would be disgusting this time.

Qin Fei sighed and said, “It seems that I am still too kind. ”

“Come here!”

After saying that, Qin Fei controlled one of his subordinates to cross bones, released his control, and said: “Shoot him on the body, remember, don’t be fatal.” ”

“Long live Hydra!”

I don’t want this Hydra member to have the same mind as Crossbone, and I want to pull out the grenade and die with Qin Fei.


But his companion shot.

One shot to the head.

Everyone looked at the shooter.

The shooter nervously retorted: “No, it’s not me who shot me!” I didn’t think about killing my companion just now! ”

Fury and Captain America looked at Qin Fei.

Everyone knew that Qin Fei had the means to control other people’s limbs, and also knew that Qin Fei could only control ordinary people, not enemies with strong physical fitness.

Just like the crossed bones, because the body of the crossed bones is beyond ordinary humans, it is difficult for Qin Fei to control.

Qin Fei said to the shooter, “You come.” ”


“Long live Hydra!”

The shooter actually bit through and hid in the mouth. The poison capsule in the poison capsule died in less than 3 seconds.

Qin Fei’s suspension wire puppet line can only control the external structure, and the target’s body cannot be controlled inside.

Fury pleaded, “Stop killing, they are all important prisoners!” ”

Qin Fei scolded mercilessly: “Idiot, did you see me kill them? ”

Fredden was speechless because they had committed suicide.

Captain America said: “Then you don’t push them anymore, the more you push them, the more extreme they will be.” Don’t forget that they’re all hydras. ”

“It’s a real trouble.”

Qin Fei scolded: “I still want to waste these guys and use them for human experiments, but it seems that it can’t be done now.” ”

“These brainwashed maniacs!”

At the end, Qin Fei also scolded more.

Fury and Captain America’s face turned unnatural.

For the first time, they had the audacity to speak out about illegal and inhumane human experiments.

But they couldn’t help Qin Fei.

Fury finally chose to forget Qin Fei’s words and asked, “Mr. Qin, can you hand these people over to us now?” They are the most important witnesses, and with them, we will definitely be able to thwart Hydra’s conspiracy. ”

“Cut off one head and grow two more!”

Crossbones shouted slogans, and then bit through the poisonous sacs in their teeth.


Fury immediately pounced on the nearest Hydra member.

But these armed men took the lead with crossbones, shouted slogans in the posture of fanatics, and then bit through the poison sac together.

Mass suicide.

Captain America weakly carried a poisoned corpse in his hand.

Qin Fei said with disdain: “People are handed over to you, but you don’t even have the ability to stop them from committing suicide, no wonder S.H.I.E.L.D. has decayed to such a point.” I knew that I would ask the professor to go out in person, so that it could be more practical. ”

Fury and Captain America were embarrassed.

Before Qin Fei caught the woman through the wall, knowing that it was Hydra behind the scenes, he decisively passed this information to Fury.

And today’s containment game is the best evidence presented by Qin Fei.

The results disappointed him.

If this time is handed over to the professor to deal with, with the professor’s mind control, to ensure that no matter how fanatical they are, they can only obediently obey.

Fury immediately perked up and pleaded, “Mr. Qin, Hydra has grown to the point where it has to be eliminated, and I hope we can put aside our past differences and cooperate as happily as before.” ”

“I decide.”

Qin Fei refused without thinking.

Fury questioned, “Mr. Qin, aren’t you afraid of Hydra’s entanglement. Entangled? ”

Although Hydra does not have top-notch combat power, they are incapable of being killed.

In the past, Captain America was so clean, and as a result, they in turn eroded the foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D., and made S.H.I.E.L.D. history in the movie.

The plot hasn’t happened yet, but they’ve grown into a global super-terrorist organization.

In terms of size, they are definitely the number one organization in the world.

This undead tissue is more disgusting than dog skin plaster.

It’s a pity that this is only for others.

“Why should I be afraid?”

Qin Fei’s memory had mastered a lot of Hydra’s core secrets, and if he really wanted to play, Hydra would not be able to support Qin Fei’s targeted attacks at all.

“You really…”

When Fury was helpless, his phone rang.

“There’s a weirdo going to pull that strange hammer?”

“Coulson, I can’t go away for the time being, you continue to preside over there, I give you the power to dictate.”

Fury simply ends the call.

Without waiting for him to continue the previous topic, Qin Fei’s eyes lit up when he undoubtedly heard the content, and he asked with a grin: “Fury, has an unknown magic pattern appeared in the desert of New Mexico?” ”

Fury asked, “How do you know?” “_

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