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Lower the rogue line.

One pull is five ultra-sharp lines, not much slower than the bullet line.

The line is like a knife light, and the severed head is decapitated.

Deadpool turned sideways and dodged the past perfectly.

But Qin Fei was as if he was a conductor, and gently pulled again.


Deadpool once again captures the deadliest trajectory, but this time instead of dodging, blocking the car.

A sword cuts off the descending rogue line.

However, more falling rogue lines cut over.

With another ding, Deadpool successfully cracked the trick.

But Qin Fei’s hand was pulling faster and faster, rising and falling more and more frequently, and lowering rogue lines more and more.


The scene is completely Deadpool’s performance ring, and the explosion of sword light is like a flash, bursting out a little chill.

“It’s my turn!”

Deadpool knew that he could not let Qin Fei go on like this, and decisively took a counterattack.

The sword light exploded.

A simple start, a simple explosion of power, but a majestic attack.

Dozens of domineering sword rays swallowed towards Qin Fei.

However, Qin Fei was not in a hurry, he was still lowering the rogue line, still the same attack routine, but he had increased his hand speed by another level.

But that’s the improvement.

More than a dozen sword lights collided with the descending rogue line, and it collapsed instantly.

But Deadpool is Deadpool after all.

Under the interpretation of Deadpool, the two swords turned into a highly condensed sword.

This sword seemed to gather the power of the dozen swords just now, and it only wanted to penetrate the two.

Simple and clear, but it plays a reversing role in this life-and-death duel.


Qin Fei pointed out.

The line gun that broke through the air hit the core of the sword.

At this time, Qin Fei was extremely calm on the surface, but he had sensed a great pressure in his heart.

It’s a pressure that comes from fighting, born of danger.

Sure enough.

Deadpool’s second sword came out and slashed diagonally.


Qin Fei pressed down and pressed down incomparably crisply.

“Not good.”

Deadpool saw Qin Fei’s smile and immediately dodged away.

Sure enough.

There was an extra hole in the wall behind Deadpool.

It’s a sneak attack of the bullet line.

It turned out that Qin Fei’s pressed hand down a bullet line, wanting to sneak up on the unguarded Deadpool.

I didn’t expect Deadpool to be so alert and dodge like lightning.

“Yes, the bullet line and the drop rogue line are useless, so what about this?

Qin Fei raised his hand.

Barren waves appear.

If the waves of spirituality swallow Deadpool.

However, the sword came from top to bottom, splitting the barren wave in two, and then Deadpool rushed out from the middle of the crack in the barren wave, slashing towards Qin Fei with a violent aura.

At this point, Qin Fei finally became serious and sacrificed his killing move.

I saw a strange cold light explode in his eyes, and then a cobweb wall appeared.


The cobweb wall was simply cut off by the two swords.

But just when the Edman alloy sword was about to pierce Qin Fei’s heart, the cobweb wall suddenly rushed forward and flew away with Deadpool.


Deadpool slammed firmly against the wall.

Deadpool only pierced, but did not completely break the cobweb wall, which was tightly broken like an eraser. As a result, with the help of Qin Fei, the cobweb wall bounced back like an eraser.

Deadpool, who miscalculated, was secretly calculated.

The strange thing is that this cobweb wall seems to be spider silk of Spider-Man, and it actually sticks Deadpool.

The opportunity must not be lost, and the loss will not come.

Qin Fei’s secret calculation just now was purely countless kills. The sublimation of the skills accumulated in the killing is not a conspiracy, it is definitely part of the skill, because he has calculated everything.

Include the next attack:

I saw a beautiful and impeccable trajectory in the air.

God kill!


The flying sword pierced Deadpool’s heart.

“Good fighting skills, but unfortunately in the face of absolute gaps, it is also in vain.”

Qin Fei ignored Deadpool, and opened his hand to pull back Deadpool’s pair of Edman alloy swords, using them as trophies.

Qin Fei then looked at Stryker, who was smiling.

The sword points to the heart.

Qin Fei felt strange and asked, “Stryker, you can still laugh now?” ”

“Why can’t you laugh?”

Stryker was in such a good mood that he could actually joke.

The pressure behind Qin Fei suddenly tightened, and without waiting for him to make a move, Deadpool kicked his feet on the wall and flew over, holding Qin Fei firmly.

“Boss, let’s go!”

Deadpool is incredibly dutiful.

But Stryker smiled evilly and shouted, “Jason! ”

Jason’s originally lowered head suddenly lifted up, and his eyes exploded.

Illusion unleashed.

Qin Fei’s head slammed.


“Controlling you makes more sense than controlling the entire X-Police!”

“It’s almost the first combat power of mutants, and now it belongs to me!”

Stryker was still laughing wildly.

It turned out that the purpose of his stay was just for this.

But he thought too perfectly.

Or rather, he investigated too inthoroughly.

Although Qin Fei slammed, it was only a bang, and in a few seconds, his consciousness immediately returned to reality safely and soundly, and there was no.


Stryker saw Jason’s neck suddenly crooked, his eyes instantly lost all their radiance, and he shouted anxiously.

Stryker trembling. Shaking hands pressed against Jason’s arteries and did not move.

He’s dead.

Jason died just like that.

Stryker lost his mind. Muttered, “What’s going on?” How did it come to this? ”

Jason’s illusionless attack not only failed, but also the main body.


Qin Fei smiled and asked, “You know what? The strongest professor in this area did not dare to peek at my memory, and even the most basic psychic hints did not dare to play, how old is Jason? ”

At this time, Qin Fei found that Deadpool was also in a daze, and sighed: “Deadpool is so conscientious, you actually pit Deadpool, you deserve to be unlucky!” ”

“Why is that?”

“No, it can’t be! I don’t allow it! ”

The insane Stryker keeps it. Muttering, completely unable to accept reality.

Suddenly, his expression turned hideous, he slapped his heart fiercely, and pressed a button in Qin Fei’s surprise.


The entire base shook in an instant. _

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