Gate of Heaven.

"Where am I?"

Li Xiangxian only felt uncomfortable, and when he raised his hand, he found that his small arms and legs were small.

It's like a five or six-year-old child, could it be that he crossed it himself?

To be precise, it is indeed crossed, but the thought that he is only five or six years old is inevitably a little speechless.

With a burst of pain, Li Xiangxian only had one memory in his mind, Li Family Villa was attacked, and a fire burned clean.

Only he and his brother Li Xiangyi escaped, and later he died, and Li Xiangyi was taken away.

"Master, he's awake!"

As soon as a woman entered the house and saw Lee Sang-hyun wake up, she shouted.

After a while, a long-bearded old man walked in and said with a kind eyebrow: "Just wake up, what's your name?"

Li Xiangxian looked at the old man, and also subconsciously responded: "Li Xiangxian."

The old man said: "This name is not good, in the future, you will be called Xiaoyao!" It is a disciple of my Heavenly Gate. "

"Heaven's Gate?"

Li Xiangxian didn't have time to think too much, coming to this world, worshiping a teacher is the most important.

"The disciple is free to meet the master."

Seeing this, the old man was very satisfied, and said with a smile: "Good! Brilliant, old man Tianmen Master Xu Fu, this is your senior sister Luo Xian. "

Depend on!

As soon as he heard this, Li Xiangxian was taken aback, this person is Tianmen Xu Fu, isn't it, it should be the genius of Emperor Shi, right?

He took himself as an apprentice, he must have ulterior motives!

"What's wrong?"

Xu Fu also saw Li Xiangxian's doubts, could it be that this child still knew that they could not succeed.

"Nothing, the disciple just thinks that the senior sister and the name are very fairy and beautiful."


"The disciple visited the master and saw the senior sister."

Li Xiangxian naturally didn't say a word, plopping down on his knees in front of Emperor Shitian, don't care if Emperor Shitian is a good person, one thing has to admit that this guy is very powerful.

Learn all his things first, and talk about the rest later, if you can be used, then at least prove that he is valuable.

"Good! In vain, the teacher brought you back from the sky. "

Chengtian is one of the nine days, and the Tianwu Continent is divided into nine days, and the day is divided into north and south, and the north and south are different.

One is Zhongtian, the second is Envy Tian, the third is Congtian, the fourth is More Tian, the fifth is Tian, the sixth is Gutian, the seventh is Minustian, the eighth is Shentian, and the ninth is Chengtian.

This is the nine days, why the north and south are different, because the north and south poles are big, and there is one country, or several countries or forces in it.

The world where the Gate of Heaven is located is Zhongtian, which is the world with the dominance of wind and clouds and the world and the water moon cave sky as the background.

"Our Tianmen pays attention to hoeing the strong and helping the weak..."

Xu Fu said a lot of people who even he didn't believe, full of benevolence and morality, and only he knew what he thought.

Hearing that Li Xiangxian was about to fall asleep, and at this moment, a strange voice came from his mind.

[Detecting your helplessness to this world, you have obtained the blessings of the original world, and you have the understanding against the heavens! ] 】

Receiving such a news, Li Xiangxian's eyes couldn't help but widen, against the heavenly understanding, what is that?

However, as soon as I heard it, I knew that it was very bullish, and it should be learned as soon as I learned it, and I never forgot it, and I made inferences, shocked the world, and cried ghosts.

Xu Fu caught a glimpse of a smile at the corner of Li Xiangxian's mouth, and said slightly angrily: "Xiaoyao, what's wrong with you?"

Li Xiangxian swore and said: "My younger brother and mother taught me to be a teacher for one day and a father for life."

"In the future, Master Venerable will be my reborn parents, what you tell the disciples to do, and the disciples will go to the soup to make a mistake, and you will also repay the Master Venerable for saving his life."

He knew that if he didn't say this, Emperor Shitian would have to force and talk non-stop.

After saying a lot of things, you just want to be loyal to him, how simple things are, you just say it.

"Getaway! The teacher also passed by by chance, and when he saw that your breath was not broken, he brought you back. "

Di Shitian really passed by, but Di Shitian naturally went to steal things, who knows if he didn't learn anything, and the martial arts there are not as good as here.

When I passed by, I happened to see that the Li Family Villa was destroyed by a strong man and took away a woman, and that person's sword skills flowed.

It was good that the person who was taken away was Li Xiangxian and Li Xiangyi's mother, the descendant of Concubine Xuan, who became Concubine Xuan from heaven, and the person who took her was called Luo Qingyang!

It is Concubine Xuan's senior brother, as for why he killed the people of the Li family, it may probably be because of love and hatred, or other reasons!

Even if Emperor Shitian saw it with his own eyes, he naturally would not tell Li Xiangxian the truth, he felt that it would be bad for him.

After Emperor Shitian lost to Wu Invincible, he knew that he was not immortal, and even the effect of phoenix blood was slowly declining.

And if you want to live forever and immortality, you also need the exotic treasures on the divine beast, he inquired about the news of the divine dragon, so he wanted to train a group of people to help slay the dragon.

If he can obtain the dragon yuan, he can not only immortalize and die, but also radiate and recast his youthful appearance.

Emperor Shi Tian did not care about being the first in the world, because he had been the emperor and the master of the martial arts alliance.

So these shit sword immortals, or land immortals, Emperor Shitian doesn't look at it, those people's names are very loud, and they can live five hundred years old even if Emperor Shitian loses.

Emperor Shitian is now keen on dragon slaying and wants to create a group of people, and just happened to meet Li Xiangxian, and brought it back by the way to see if it was a forgeable material, or kill it.

"Pass on your Sacred Heart Technique to the teacher, you have to remember it!"


Li Xiangxian was excited, old fellow, you hurry up, when I have finished cultivating, the first to kill you.

So Emperor Shitian began to explain endlessly, and Li Xiangxian also remembered it at once.

[You memorized the Sacred Heart Technique, and Emperor Shi Tian only taught you part of it, but your understanding went against the heavens, and you deduced all the Sacred Heart Inner Heart Technique. 】

Li Xiangxian's eyes were as wide as copper bells, well, since he only passed on a part of himself, he was really a cunning old man.

Fortunately, he had this anti-heavenly understanding, otherwise he really wanted God to release the heavens, and he closed it and began to cultivate.

In an instant, the aura was sucked into the dantian, and more and more of it was around, and a mist slowly formed.

Emperor Shitian was taken aback, he just said it, Li Xiangxian did it, it seems that this son is extremely talented.

It's much stronger than Luoxian!

Emperor Shitian knew that Li Xiangxian had not practiced martial arts before, and as a result, he entered the realm of the day after tomorrow on the first day of cultivation.

The next day, Emperor Shitian passed on Li Xiangxian's dry ice palm, and the person who hit this palm will be like an ice sculpture, practicing to the highest realm, and he can die with the palm.

Who would have thought that Li Xiangxian's talent was against the sky, and he froze a mosquito to death in the first time he practiced this palm, frozen Kun to death in the second hour, and froze a cow to death in the third hour.

You just say that the cow is not awesome, anyway, Emperor Shitian was so frightened that the flax stunned!

Looking at Li Xiangxian, who was cultivating in the distance, Emperor Shitian muttered: "This son is extremely talented, it seems that he has to teach him a kung fu every day, and there is no kung fu teaching in this way."

"Maybe you can let him go to the sky and see what secrets are in that Xia Ke Island?"

Emperor Shitian has lived for so many years, and he has not been to Xia Ke Island, he plans to let Li Xiangxian go, this son is very talented

"Moreover, Sword Forging City seems to be casting a divine weapon Ling Shuang Sword, which is definitely a sharp weapon for slaying dragons, just let him go."

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