Everyone only felt that they all lived to the dog, and when Li Xiangxian did not come, they all prided themselves on the geniuses of Juezen Temple.

Now that Li Xiangxian is here, they know what genius is, this is genius!

They all knew that Li Xiangxian was able to cultivate sword qi, and at that time they knew that this little guy was powerful, who would have thought that he would be a grandmaster in the blink of an eye!

"I remember that the little junior brother's martial arts were abolished, which means that he started by repairing the meridians, and it was only a few days before he became a grandmaster!"

"Little junior brother is innate in one day, can you compare?"

"That's true, too."

They are all numb, this cannot be compared, people are compared to people, angry people, really want to go back to the furnace and rebuild.

Li Xiangxian made the last move to destroy the world, this move was a palm technique that descended from the sky, and with a loud "bang", the entire ground shook.

They all almost fell, smoke and dust billowing out, and when the dust was gone, there was a huge deep pit on the ground, no, a huge palm print to be exact.

Li Xiangxian was very satisfied, this thing is really powerful, and when he turned around, he saw that the people of Juechan Temple were coming.

"Why are you all here?"

"You make such a big movement, I estimate that in a while, the master will come!"


"Little Junior Brother, what kind of exercises are you using?"

One by one, their eyes were focused on Li Xiangxian, they had just seen the power of this technique, if they could learn a one-and-a-half move, they would be satisfied!

Li Xiangxian slowly spoke, "This is called Rulai Divine Palm."

"Like a god's palm?"

"Never heard of it?"

"I combined the Qingbao Sutra and the Four Symbols of Providence taught by Master, and comprehended it, you want to learn from me and teach you."

What the?

What did the little junior brother comprehend by himself?

Isn't this the practice created by the little junior disciple?

Moreover, Master had already taught him the Four Signs of Providence, which was simply suffocating and frightening.

At the age of six, he had already created such a powerful technique, in time, he would not be able to create an immortal method?

It's really unreasonable, he's just a child!

How did you create exercises?

Li Xiangxian saw that they were all dumbfounded, and did not give feedback at all, and wondered: "Don't you all want to learn?"

Everyone woke up from the shock, regardless of three seven twenty-one, learn first and then talk.


"Okay, then you remember the mantra..."

Li Xiangxian taught them the oral skills, and after saying the experience, in this way, their cultivation speed would be very fast.

"I'll go up and cultivate, don't disturb me to cultivate."

Li Xiangxian instructed, and then cast the Void Escape Technique and stepped into the air, like a god.

Everyone's eyes were as wide as a copper bell, is the little junior brother a god?

He was able to walk in the air, as light as a swallow, like the legendary immortal, coming and going freely, stepping on the sky.

This little junior brother is simply not a person, which makes everyone surprised and delighted, so against the sky, no wonder he will be jealous.

"Presumably, you have all remembered the mantra and essence that the little junior brother just taught, so what are you waiting for, hurry up and practice separately!"

One by one, they were still looking at the place where the little junior brother disappeared, so they quickly returned to their senses and quickly practiced.

All of them kept a certain distance, and then began to cultivate the first Buddha light, and their faces exuded bursts of golden light.

When the evil Zen master heard the movement, he hurried over, only to see bursts of golden light emitting from these disciples.

Could it be that they are going to become immortals?

This is the thought of the evil Zen master for a moment, what kind of plane are these people engaged in?

Is this Buddha Light?

How is this possible?

Are they really going to become immortals?

Who came to tell me what exactly happened?

Could it be that someone has attained the Dao, so these disciples have also ascended to heaven!

With this doubt, seeing that the void was in front of him, he went to the evil Zen master and patted him on the shoulder. Sora also saw the master coming, so the two went into the distance!

"Empty, what the hell is going on?"

Empty Void forgot about this, and quickly explained: "Master, we are practicing exercises, and the first move of Buddha light appeared."

The evil Zen master was puzzled, he knew all the exercises in the monastery, and there was absolutely no such exercise.

"What exercises?"

"Rulai God Palm!"

"Like a god's palm?"

This made the evil Zen master even more confused, unheard of, he was an abbot, and he had never heard of this kind of martial art.

Yukong smiled and said, "Master, have you taught the little junior disciple the Four Elephants of Providence?"

Does this have anything to do with Lee Sang-hyun?

Could it be that you are still jealous!

You can also learn the Four Symbols of Providence, the question is, have you practiced meditation at home?

The evil Zen master nodded and said: "Your little junior brother is talented and intelligent, he already has the qualifications to cultivate the Four Elephants of Heavenly Providence, I will naturally pass him on, and he will be in half an hour, I am ashamed of myself!"

"The problem appears here, it is precisely because Master, you taught the little junior brother the Four Elephants of Providence, and I gave him the Qingbao Sutra, and the little junior brother felt something, so he created the Rulai God Palm."


Go to the evil Zen master was surprised, he didn't hear it wrong, this such a powerful martial art was actually created by his little apprentice Li Xiangxian himself.

He was somewhat unacceptable, and looked at the void again, and judging from the empty expression, he was sure that he was not lying.

When he saw the master, who had always been relatively calm, he showed a surprised expression, and the corners of his lips couldn't help but rise, and there were few people in the world who could shock the master.

But since Li Xiangxian came to the monastery, Master has gaffed many times, and it is rare to have the opportunity to see Master like this.

If the master knew that the little junior brother could still reorganize his body, his terrifying jaw would be shocked.

Tell Master about this later, and it is also a great pleasure to see Master frightened.

Go to the evil Zen master knows that he has gaffed, and the apprentice still has a smile on his face, he wants to see the master ugly, right?

Go to the evil Zen master raised his hand and knocked on the empty head, and dared to laugh, believe it or not, punished you to clean the toilet.

"Empty, since this is the case, you should quickly write out this Rulai God Palm Technique to help your little junior brother and include it in the Hidden Gold Pavilion."

There was really no way, in order to alleviate the embarrassment in it, he could only do this to the evil Zen master.

"What, if you want to be lazy, I have to watch you finish all this today."


The hollow heart is happy, Master, I understand what you mean.

I went to the evil Zen master to take a look, but did not find Li Xiangxian, and asked, "By the way, where is your little junior brother?"

Yukong smiled and said, "This place is occupied by us, he goes to it, and tells us not to disturb him."

Seeing Li Xiangxian go to the top of the mountain, he couldn't help but shake his head.

"Then you also hurry up and finish things, go to cultivate well, you master brother, don't be surpassed!"

"Master, if I don't get it, in a few days I will be surpassed by the little junior brother!"

It was clear that with the ability of the little junior disciple, sooner or later he would have to surpass him, but he didn't expect it to be so fast.

"What do you mean?"

"Little Junior Brother is already a grandmaster!"


It's also boring to go to the evil Zen master, and the little apprentices are all grandmasters!

All right!

They have all created martial arts, and it seems that it is not enough for cultivation to be promoted to grandmaster.

Can...... But Nima has only been a few days, and if it goes on like this, he will enter the land immortal in one year!

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