"Master, I've already written it, I'm still a little busy, or you can help me get the Hidden Scripture Pavilion."

Void is a person who understands, knowing that the master must have been hungry and thirsty for a long time, so he simply did not disturb his cultivation like a divine palm, and left with a word.

Go to the evil Zen master speechless, blame this little apprentice, you say how many times have you made my master ugly, but why do I feel a little happy?

Most likely this is an illusion, yes, it must be so.

Go to the evil Zen master and know that there is no one, so he immediately let go of himself, took the handwritten Rulai God palm book, and then kissed it.


Who knew that when the empty returned, he just saw the dancing evil Zen master, and the whole person was stunned!

Go to the evil Zen master also saw the void back, the air is filled with an embarrassing atmosphere, go to the evil Zen master club to die.

Then he pretended to stretch his waist, saw that the void was still in a daze, and went to the evil Zen master: "Ahem..."

"I forgot something just now?"

Empty pretended to have amnesia, touched his head and left, and his face was red.


As soon as he went out, he couldn't help but laugh out of the pig barking, no one thought that such a serious master was such a lovely person.

Hearing the laughter of the apprentice, the evil Zen master shook his head, how could he be so gaffe, and how could he pretend to be a high monk in front of the apprentice in the future.

The evil Zen master immediately sat down, took this handwritten book, regarded it as a treasure, and carefully studied it like a god's palm, although he had read it just now, but now he will read it.

The eyes of the evil Zen master were still as shocked as ever, and he was directly wet.

You must know that the Four Elephants of Providence is a housekeeping skill, which has been practiced to the point of pure fire, and has pure yang exercises, and self-confidence is unmatched.

But as soon as this Rulai God Palm came out, he had an unattainable feeling, Rulai God Palm was even more powerful than the Four Elephants of Providence.

And such a powerful martial art was actually created by his little apprentice Li Xiangxian, and the evil Zen master himself once tried to integrate the things of the Juezen Temple and create something new.

Who would have thought that he still overestimated himself and did not do it, you must know that most of the land immortals are not three-element one, but have their own creations, which are comparable to the land immortals.

In the past, the real land immortal, the King Kong Realm, has reached the point where King Kong is not bad and invincible, and now few people can do it.

And those land immortals that exist now, the physical body naturally cannot be as unbroken and immortal as King Kong, and all laws are inviolable, and everyone has long abandoned this path.

Therefore, there is another way, and the same way to enter the realm of land immortals.

Go to the evil Zen sect's hands tremble a little, and his heart cannot be calm, no wonder he will be jealous, in other words, whoever is a master and brother with him will be jealous.

"With this Rulai God Palm, seeing Helian Ba again, I can crush him."

Go to the evil Zen master, but know why he came here, the two naturally have an unspeakable feud.

Over the years, he has always been willing to go to evil, and now he finally has a confidence.

"Who would have thought that the person who created this exercise, it was no one else, it would be a six-year-old child."

Go to the evil Zen master slowly understand, to know that children are innocent, imagination is stronger than adults, it can be said that it is fantastic.

Not to mention a genius child like Li Xiangxian, imagination will be even more terrifying, you can underestimate a child's cultivation, you must not underestimate his talent, let alone underestimate his imagination.

In fact, the most important thing in many exercises is imagination, you have imagination first, you will practice in that direction, so as to create exercises.

At this time, the elders of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion also came to find the evil Zen master.

"Senior brother, the third senior brother went to Songshan Shaolin and has not returned so far, will something happen?"

The elders of the Tibetan scripture pavilion and the evil Zen master are both people of the highest level of the monastery, and they are all people who go to the character generation, Dharma number: go and see.

The three junior brothers in the mouth, the law number: where to go.

As for the fourth junior brother "went", he used to be the most powerful person in the monastery, and then went to Xiake Island, and really went forever.

"Nothing should happen, hasn't the Demon Sect been captured and imprisoned?"

Go to the evil Zen master is not worried about this, you must know that the Shaolin Temple in the sky is the most dishable of all the Shaolin temples in the nine days.

In the entire Tianwu Continent, there are so many Shaolin Temples, but this Songshan Shaolin Temple in their heavens is really not amazing.

It seems that there is only one Yi Tendon Sutra that can be obtained, and there are very few people who can cultivate this Yi Tendon Sutra, except for that abbot, others have no such ability.

As for the Demon Sect, there is no need to worry at all, it seems to be full of talents, but if you lose it, it is also a leaderless group.

Going to see that the Zen master also noticed the thing in the hand of the senior brother, and asked, "Senior brother, what is this thing?"

"A martial art, newly created, unique in nine days."

"Oh! Senior brother actually created martial arts? "

Go to see the Zen master take the handwritten Rulai God palm and start to look at it, the more shocked he looks.

It was placed on the table, and the hands had already pinched the table and deformed it.

"Don't break the book!"


Go to see the Zen master was shocked, he couldn't imagine that the senior brother had created such a powerful martial art, he was really shocked!

Among the four junior brothers, the fourth junior brother has the most amazing talent, and a few years ago he went to the knight, and among the remaining three, he went to the evil senior brother with the best talent.

Unexpectedly, Senior Brother Evil also had an epiphany, and created such a Buddhist exercise, it seems that Senior Brother's strength has made him unattainable.

In the future, I can only look at his back, create his own exercises, and he is already a land immortal!

"Senior Brother, you have already stepped into the Land Immortal?"

Go see the Zen master looked at the senior brother and wanted to get this answer.

The evil Zen master shook his head and said slowly: "It's still early, and besides, this technique was not created by me."

"What? You didn't create it, who is that? "

Go and see the doubts on the face of the Zen master, in addition to the senior brother, there are people in this monastery who can create martial arts, there should be none!

Who still has this ability, no more!

"You guess?"

Go to the evil Zen master also knows that he can't guess who it is, but he just wants to let his junior brother guess and see how his junior brother will react.

Go to see the Zen master rack his brains and finally give an answer in his heart.

"To be able to create this extremely Dharma martial art, I am afraid it should be a high-level monk from other heavens, senior brother, where is this master, quickly take me to see."

Go and see the senior monks who immediately think that they are from other places, I am afraid that only the kind of high monks who step into the land immortals are possible.

The evil Zen master shook his head, knowing that he couldn't guess.

"Could it be that this person left the Juezen Temple?"

Looking at the senior brother and shaking his head, he went to see what the Zen master thought was like this, and he couldn't help but regret that he didn't see the senior monk.

Seeing this, the evil Zen master looked at each other and smiled: "Forget it, you can't guess what you said."

"The person who created this martial art is none other than my newly acquired little apprentice Li Xiangxian, the one who can cultivate sword qi."

"A congenital disciple in one day."

Go to see Zen Master Mu Leng froze, and shouted: "Impossible!"

"Absolutely impossible!"

"He is talented in martial arts, I admit that he is powerful enough, but he is a six-year-old child, you say he can create martial arts, senior brother, are you kidding me about this?"


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