In this way, Li Xiangxian dictated, recorded in the air, and the others listened, they all knew how powerful the little junior brother was, and naturally they were very convinced of his words.

Listening to Li Xiangxian's words, everyone felt that the light skill could be performed without internal strength, which was definitely a top-notch exercise.

And the trick demon kunbu is even more smack-jawed, it is simply the ceiling of footwork, and I never thought that there was such a powerful thing.

It can only be said that the little junior brother is very talented, super imaginative, and super capable, but Li Xiangxian feels that everyone is very good to him, so it is understandable to give them exercises.

Di Shitian really sent himself undercover, but Di Shitian never really treated himself, that guy must be jealous of his talent and afraid that he would learn all his things.

Therefore, Emperor Shitian is not worth serving him, he has lived for so many years, he has no feelings for a long time, and some are just used and played.

On the other hand, in the Juezen Temple, this place may not be as good as the Heavenly Gate, but everyone is very good to themselves, no matter what the reason.

As long as you are good to yourself, then give them a little feedback, go to the evil Zen master to give the most powerful things to Li Xiangxian, this is sincere.

People only have these things, and they all turn out to be taught, on the other hand, Di Shitian, damn, all kinds of role-playing to steal other people's martial arts, and as a result, they didn't teach themselves much.

If you don't know, if you are frightened, you will naturally be biased towards Juezen Temple, and there is no harm without comparison.

I also want to make myself a knight and help him explore the secrets inside, and I really want to be beautiful.

Everyone heard Li Xiangxian finish dictating, and then talked about some of his thoughts, and they were even more impressed.

"Little Junior Brother is really a god and a person!"

And at this time, the evil Zen master also came, they did not see anyone practicing martial arts today, who knew that as soon as they came, they saw one in front of Li Xiangxian's door.

"What are you doing here?"

"Master, uncle!"

Everyone couldn't help but hurriedly salute the evil Zen master, and the secret book had already been written, and the void also walked out.

"Master, I just feel that our monastery lacks light skills and footwork, so I asked the little junior brother to read these books more and let him help with guidance."

"These are the two martial arts books created by the little junior disciple based on the many footwork and light skills of our temple, one is called Stepping Cloud, and the other is called Trick Demon Kunbu."

When he was empty, he handed over the two handwritten books of martial arts to the master, believing that the master would not blame him, after all, he was also thinking about the temple.

I went to the evil Zen master and took two martial arts books, and felt a little extraordinarily heavy, and couldn't help but open them and read them.

This flipping through, really called a shock, the body can't help trembling, this light skill can be performed without internal strength, it's too exquisite!

He was almost out of breath, is this a technique that people can create?

This TM is also too devilish!

Even though he knew that the little apprentice Li Xiang was devilish, when he saw these two martial arts, he couldn't help but sigh at his imagination.

"It's so TM!"

This directly made the evil Zen master directly say a foul word, and couldn't help but applaud.

This light skill and footwork are all divine skills, which are definitely comparable to those top martial arts in the Nine Heavens, and they are definitely the most powerful just because they don't need internal strength.

The evil Zen master had already counted the degree of evil in his little apprentice, but when he saw these exercises, he couldn't help but be shocked!

Although Li Xiangxian only created three martial arts, this was enough for them to become the top power in the Tianwu Continent.

And these three martial arts were all realized within two days, what a talent this is, I really want to say: My little apprentice is really a god and a person!


Go to the evil Zen master realized that he had some gaffe, and quickly pretended to cough to relieve the embarrassment of the moment.

Master, your hands trembled, your heart trembled, and your body trembled.

"I've seen Master!"

As soon as he saw that the evil Zen master was coming, Li Xiangxian hurriedly visited him.

"Xiangxian, you have a heart!"

Go to the evil Zen master very well in his heart that this should be a way of repaying Li Xiangxian, really a child who knows how to repay it.

With these exercises, it will definitely be able to greatly enhance the strength of the disciples of Juezen Temple.

Although it is said that this is Buddhism Zen Buddhism, he should have learned the Dharma, but the evil Zen master knows in his heart that the Dharma is a big fist, and naturally he also wants everyone to give the Zen master a long face.

He is also the leader of the Juezen Temple, and everyone's strength has improved, and his face is also light.

"This is what a disciple should do, I have the ability, and I naturally hope that the monastery will become better."

Lee Sang-hyun knows a little, whoever is good to me, then I will be good to whom, and he doesn't care about the rest.

Go to the evil Zen master is very satisfied, knowing that this child knows the truth, even if he does not ask for anything in return, this child will still do this, just let it be!

Lee Sang-hyun is still a child, and he has such a wish, naturally he can't stop it.

"You can think like this, I am very happy for the teacher!"

Go to the evil Zen master nodded, and in his heart it was a joy, this child is gifted and intelligent, and understands things, which is too reassuring.

And at this moment, a voice broke everyone's mood immersed in joy.

"Senior Brother, something is bad!"

The person who spoke was the "Where to Go" Zen master, who is now tired and out of breath, and his legs are a little soft, but fortunately everyone held on!

"Junior Brother, what's going on?"

Go to the evil Zen master is very puzzled, Songshan Shaolin is not bad, this fiery look, it won't really be a big deal!

Where to go Zen Master breathed a sigh of relief before slowly saying, "Senior brother, there is a monk named Jiu Mozhi who went to the Shaolin Temple, and the abbot is not his opponent!"

The evil Zen master said with a solemn face: "How is this person's martial arts?"

Where to go Zen Master said: "The strength is not as good as you, but this person is extremely weird, he can learn all the opponent's moves."

"Is there such a thing?"

"Yes! I have seen with my own eyes that this person uses the excuse of exchanging the Dharma, and if he loses, he will have to fight, and this person will definitely come to our Zen Monastery, and we have to guard against it! "

The strength is not as good as the master, and it is simply shameful to want to come and learn our martial arts.

"Third Senior Uncle, don't worry, this person is here, and I will definitely fight him."

The current Juezen Temple is not the previous Juezen Temple, if anyone comes to find death, they can completely exceed it.

Where to go Zen master saw the void so confident, confused, do not know why?

"Empty, that person is the Tianyuan realm, although you..."

Without waiting for where to go Zen Master finished speaking, Hatomo Zhi had already arrived, and this guy had already got the Songshan Shaolin Yi Ji Sutra in his hand.

"Tiannan, Wulin Turpanjiu, Mozhi came to ask Juechan Temple for Dharma!"

The sound of Hatomochi was so loud that the entire temple heard it.

"It's coming so fast!"

"Just in time!"

"Everyone who comes is a guest, go and invite people in."

In any case, that would not lose the way of hospitality, so the evil Zen master still gave up the space to bring in Hatomochi.


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