When he arrived at the door, he saw the strangely dressed Hatomochi and said, "Your Excellency is Master Hatomochi from the sky?"

Seeing this, Hatomo Chi responded with a smile, "Don't dare."

"Master please!"

Sora did not bring Hatomochi to the main hall, but brought him to the martial arts training ground, since the person who came was not good, then why give him a good face?

As soon as Hatomo Chiichi saw that this was a martial arts training ground, he was confused and said, "What does this mean?"

He couldn't help but smile and said, "Your Excellency came to my Juezen Monastery not to exchange Dharma, but to find someone to discuss, as my uncle has already said."

"If this is the case, then why should I have a good talk to you, and let you come today to learn the power of my Zen Temple."

Hatomo Chi was very happy, originally he was ready to salute first and then soldier, who knew that Sora was so impatient, and he was in his arms.

Hatomochi originally thought that it would take a lot of words before they could force them to do it, who would have thought that the void would directly enter the subject, he was overjoyed!


Hatomochi agreed, but it's not that I want to trouble you, but you have to find trouble with me, in short, he is justified.

Since he has cultivated so many powerful things, today he has to compete with this Fan Monk Mozhi, and the starting point is one move and one finger Zen.

And Hatomo Zhi has naturally seen Yiyang Finger, plus learned Xiao Wuxianggong, he can naturally simulate other people's moves, which is also his winning weapon.

Finger confrontation, even if he can break 100 meters with one finger, but the speed does not want to, Hatomo Chi easily dodged.

On the other hand, Hatomo Chi was able to maneuver freely, but launched an attack, forcing Sora to use tricks.

Seeing this, Hatomo Zhi secretly rejoiced in his heart: This Juezen Temple really has exquisite martial arts, which is much stronger than Shaolin.

Void was able to transform two figures, he could only chase one, and he was about to catch up with Void at great speed.

Suddenly found that the void was behind him, but instead used a finger zen on him, fortunately Hatomochi reacted, otherwise he would have been hit!

And seeing the weird footwork of Sora Sora couldn't help but be a little excited, it was really good!

Give him a little more time, and he will be able to simulate it, and when the time comes, he will fight back and say that these are actually their Fanbang's martial arts.

No matter how exquisite martial arts you are, when the time comes, then your Juezen Temple can no longer be used, so you have to hand over the secret code.

It is relying on this hand to communicate, Hatomo Chi can be said to have stolen a lot of martial arts, he used Yang conspiracy and conspiracy, and by the time you find out something is wrong, he has long fled!

The Yi Jian Sutra of Songshan Shaolin was obtained by him, and it can be said that this person is tricky.

Hatomo Chi relied on his own cultivation, and his natural strength was much stronger than that of the void, so he forced Stepping Cloud Step out, which made Hatomo Chi even more excited!

I can't imagine that this small Juezen Temple has such exquisite footwork and light skills, it can be said that it is really enviable!

It's a pity that after waiting for a while, these exercises are all mine, and when I think of this, Hatomo Homo Homo is excited!

Through the hand-to-hand, Hatomochi has already figured it out and learned a shape, of course, the main thing is that the problem of emptiness itself is too big.

You must know that the void has not been gone, but I just remembered the mantra and used it for the first time, so this is naturally more jerky to use.

This gave Hatomochi the opportunity to simulate, if only he could learn it earlier, so as not to be imitated so easily.

Coupled with the short-term success of the air rush, there are more flaws, so that Hatomochi can see more things and can easily imitate.

And in the main hall.

"Master, it's not good, Senior Brother and Hatomo Chi are fighting together."


"I didn't ask him to invite someone in, how did he get into a fight with someone?"

That said, several people hurried to follow.

Everyone came to the martial arts training ground, and they saw the Ten Thousand Buddhas Dynasty Sect with one move, and they couldn't help it.

And where did the Zen master see this situation, and his mind was full of doubts: Is this a Zen temple? Am I on the wrong track?

To know the martial arts used by Kong, where the Zen master had never seen it, which made him even more puzzled, what happened?

Moreover, the empty cultivation has improved, and his strength is actually the same as him, that is, the Great Grandmaster.

What the hell is going on here?

I, a person who is a master uncle, cultivates like a disciple, and my face is resting on where.

Slowly where to go Zen master found that something was wrong, not only did he use such powerful martial arts, but his footwork and light skills were also extremely ethereal, completely elusive.

It is understandable that this guy's cultivation has improved, but the problem is that there are such powerful martial arts, as well as such exquisite footwork and light skills, and everyone is not too surprised by this.

That's right, it seems that everyone present is not interested in the martial arts of the void, how can you be so calm?

Senior brother calm forget it, as a result, you, alas, who is this little monk, how can he be so calm?

Where did the Zen master notice Li Xiangxian, who this little guy was, how did he not know, and this little guy had a calm face.

Like his senior brother, did he make a mistake?

It must be that I didn't wake up today, or I was too directed, dizzy, and hallucinating.

Where to go Zen master couldn't help but slap his face with his hand, the first time he didn't feel it, and the second shot was very loud.


The people around him noticed the abnormality of where the Zen master went, and asked: "Uncle Master, do you have mosquitoes on your face?"

"Master, are you all right!"

"It's okay, it's okay."

Where to go Zen Master looked embarrassed, it turned out that he was not dreaming, and thought that yesterday he had guided twenty rounds and hallucinated.

Once again, he looked at the two of them in the competition, which made the Zen master who went to be even more shocked, even if the void would be so exquisite and light, Hatomo Chi would also be?

Could it be that Hatomochi and Kuno are brothers?

So they used the same martial arts, and everyone discovered it.

"Why does this Hatomochi also have our cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu."


"It shouldn't be!"

Everyone's faces became solemn, you must know that this was created by Li Xiangxian's little junior brother, how could Hatomo Zhi have it?

Where to go Zen master is confused again, what do we call our cloud stepping and trickery?

What you people say, I don't understand at all, it's over, it's over, it's too much, and the ears are abnormal!

Where does this martial art go Zen master can be sure, they Jue Zen Temple absolutely does not, he has read so many scriptures, the Tibetan scripture pavilion is his home, how can he miss such a powerful thing?

As a result, the disciples actually said that this is something from their Juezen Temple, who are you fooling about!

I only went out for a few days and came back, this monastery has this kind of martial arts, and it is still the top of the top.

It can be said that it is more powerful than the Four Elephants of Providence, you say this is our monastery's?

Isn't it a joke?

Whether it is the wrong way to open today, or is it really more today, hundreds of rounds in January, the body really can't stand it.

"How can you also step on the clouds and tricks of our Juezen Temple."

The battle between Sora and Hatomochi is over, and Sora does not understand, this thing is obviously new, and as a result, Hatomochi will even be.

This should never and can't be!

Seeing this, Hatomo Zhi said with a serious nonsense: "This cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu belongs to my fanbang, and I lost it many years ago, and I didn't expect it to be in your Juezen Temple."


"This Stepping Cloud and Tricky Demon Kunbu belong to their Fanbang?"

"Impossible, absolutely impossible."

Hatomochi threatened, "What's so impossible about this, otherwise why do you think I can use it?"

Yukong defended: "This cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu were created by my little junior disciple, and you said that it was your fanbang's, which is ridiculous."

As soon as Hatomo Chi heard this, he was confused, empty little junior brother, isn't this a joke?

You can't use these two exercises proficiently in your empty space, and as a result, you still say that your little junior brother created it, you joked about it, and he laughed intelligently for two and a half years.

Where to go Zen master is more confused, there is no mistake, the exercises created by the empty little junior disciple, what kind of international joke is this made.

Senior brothers can't create martial arts, and people who are smaller than you are really much guided, and auditory hallucinations appear in their ears.

Yukong also pulled Li Xiangxian out and said to Jiu Mozhi: "Little junior brother, you tell him if you created this cloud stepping and trick demon kunbu?"


Hatomo Chiichi was overjoyed when he saw that the little junior brother in his empty mouth turned out to be a six-year-old child.

It seems that this cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu are obtained by them from other places, so they made up the lie that this little guy can create exercises.

It really happened, the two exercises he was going to decide, as for the Ten Thousand Buddhas Dynasty Sect just now, he hadn't simulated it yet, so he would forget it for the time being.

"Let me tell you, this Stepping Cloud and Tricky Demon Kunbu is the treasure of my Fanbang Tantric Sect, and the Tricky Demon Kunbu was originally called Tricky Shadow, which was stolen by someone many years ago, who would have thought that it would be found here."

"A good Juechan Temple, you actually stole my Fanbang martial arts, and today I want you to give an explanation."


"Impossible, absolutely impossible."

The disciples naturally didn't believe it, but this state's Hatomo Zhi would also make them suspicious.

Hatomochi looked at everyone: "Take a good look, can this six-year-old doll create exercises?"

"Dare to ask the evil Zen master, where to go to the Zen master, can you create exercises?"

The two did not speak, they naturally couldn't, so they were silent.

"The two of you still can't, you say that a six-year-old doll can create exercises, let's ask how many geniuses there are in this Tianwu Continent, and how many people can create exercises?"

"As strong as Li Chungang and the like, what Luo Qingyang, these people can't, you actually make up such lies to deceive me."

"If you Juechan Temple does not hand over my Fanbang martial arts today, then I, Jiu Mozhi, will definitely help you in Tianwu to publicize and publicize it well."

The people of Juechan Temple are also a little suspicious of Li Xiangxian, yes, the little junior brother is a six-year-old child, and it is indeed impossible to be able to create martial arts.

Hatomochi continued: "I came to tell you what happened, he remembered these martial arts, so this doll recited it and said that this is the martial arts he created."

"There is nothing wrong with this doll, he just wants everyone to care about him and treat him as a genius, which is normal and understandable."

As soon as Hatomochi's words came out, everyone believed Hatomochi's words, as if this was really the case.

Everyone's eyes brushed and looked at Li Xiangxian.

Where to go Zen Master is even more confused!

This is the little junior brother in their mouths, and they also said that the martial arts he created, I didn't hear it wrong, the key is that everyone still believes it!

It's over, it seems that there are really many guides, and the ear hallucinations are getting more and more serious.

Don't say that Hatomochi doesn't believe it, I don't believe it anywhere today, it's good if I don't wet the bed, and create exercises?

If he can create exercises, where will I call him grandpa.

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