Hatomo Zhi looked at Li Xiangxian and said, "Little doll, I can understand you completely, but this thing does not belong to you, you still hand it over and return it to the original owner."

Hatomochi saw that what he said just now directly made everyone believe him.

The main thing is that the words of Hatomo Zhi just now can be described as both reasonable explanations and full of tolerance, which makes everyone more suspicious of Li Xiangxian.

Yukong looked at Li Xiangxian and asked, "Little junior brother, you tell everyone that what this monk said is not true."

Li Xiangxian glanced at each other and said indifferently: "What is true is true, what is fake is false, the truth is in front of you, it is up to you to find it yourself, why do I need to say more."

Lee Sang-hyun knew that saying anything would not work, there was no need to explain, and when the truth was revealed, it would come out.

When Hatomo Zhi heard this, he grasped this point, increased his strength, and said loudly: "You all heard it, and he admitted it himself!"

Just now, it seems to be like this, I can't imagine that the genius of the little junior brother can create exercises, that is all deceptive.

They still believe that the little junior brother is a real genius, who would have thought that everything was fake.

That's right, Li Xiangxian's talent is indeed superior, but being able to create exercises, this kind of thing feels ridiculous to think about!

I couldn't help but feel a little lost, I didn't think that the little junior brother would be so hypocritical, and I thought that he was still young and would not tell lies.

Who would have thought that they were all deceived, and the little junior brother was a person who fished for fame!

Where to go Zen Master the more he looked, the more he didn't understand, and quickly asked the evil Zen master: "Senior brother, what's going on here?"

Go to the evil Zen master and say, "This is my little apprentice, very talented."

"Little apprentice?"

"Master, the cloud stepping and trick demon steps that Senior Brother performed just now are the Little Junior Brother..."

I wanted to say that it was created by Lee Sang-hyun, but now Lee Sang-hyun admitted that it was stolen, which made him feel ashamed on his face.

In fact, if Li Xiangxian said that the exercises came out, they would naturally believe that someone else came to the door now, and said that it was someone else's.

"Although I don't know what happened, I don't believe that a six-year-old can create exercises."

Where to go Zen Master invisibly, standing in the camp of Hatomo Chi, not complicit in the stream, plus simply feeling that Li Xiangxian does not have this ability.

The most powerful thing in the entire monastery is that the senior brother goes to evil, he does not have this ability, and no one else must either, let alone a six-year-old child, I really don't know how they believe Li Xiangxian's words.

Although Hatomochi is not a good person and has other purposes, this powerful practice definitely does not belong to their Juzen Temple.

Hatomochi smiled and said, "You guys will learn it, as long as you give me the secret code to destroy, then this matter will be over, lest anyone say that I targeted your Juzen Temple."

Hatomo Chi knew very well in his heart that this evil Zen master was a bit powerful, and he couldn't see through his strength at all, and after understanding that this person's strength was still very strong here.

Much stronger than what Shaolin Temple abbot, stronger than that Xie smoker, let me go, Bai Zizi, accept it when you see good.

Hatomochi's words really reflect a kind of generosity, and they are really a good wishful calculation.

I believe that when encountering this kind of thing, I am afraid that everyone will agree, we have all learned, and people only ask to give him those cheats!

When ordinary sects heard such words, they naturally agreed immediately, after all, this matter was a bit humiliating to say, stealing other people's martial arts.

It is also said that it was created by himself, which is really not ashamed at all, who believes it!

Everyone was also said by Hatomochi to see in their hearts, how generous people are, and it is better to return the secret to Hatomochi by reversing them.

"Uncle Master, Li Xiangxian secretly learned other people's martial arts, and said that he created it himself, he is so dishonest, I think he should be expelled from Juechan Temple."


"I don't learn well at a young age, and I will pay it back later!"

As long as one person says that Lee Sang-hyun is not, others will follow.

They were all indignant, as if Lee Sang-hyun had killed their parents, and treated them as enemies.

Just because Li Xiangxian's talent is too strong, and now he is jealous, it can only be said that Li Xiangxian is too young, and everyone is too jealous.

The evil Zen master understood why Li Xiangxian was jealous, and even the disciples of their monastery could be provoked by people with a few words.

Only everyone is human, it is normal to have jealousy, and the same is true for those who practice Buddha, and those who do not practice are even more jealous.

You must know that Lee Sang-hyun did not come for a long time, but Lee Sang-hyun changed everyone and learned what Lee Sang-hyun taught, and as a result, he did not believe Lee Sang-hyun at this time.

Not to mention anything else, what Li Xiangxian taught them was real martial arts, which no one could object.

If that is the case, what reason do you have to accuse him?

People are at least sincere with you.

He glanced at everyone and said disappointedly, "I believe that my apprentice will not tell lies, as for what this person said, do you have evidence?"

"Senior Brother..."

Where did he go next to him still wanted to speak, but he was directly stopped, go to evil and shut him up!

I don't know anything, come and point, this is standing on the moral supremacy!

Go Evil Zen Master looked at Hatomochi and continued:

"According to what you said, I also said that all your martial arts skills are from my Juezen Temple, do you recognize?"

The pair looked at the group of disciples and said

"You people! How has your little junior brother treated you badly, how has he hurt you, and you are still jealous of his talent. "

"Let the teacher feel sad, others are just three words, you doubt your little junior brother, I don't know what your heart is?"

"Just because he's young, you bully him and don't even believe him?"

The evil Zen master was very disappointed and couldn't help but let Lee Sang-hyun get close to him, and now he is the only one in the monastery who believes in Lee Sang-hyun the most.

Because he knew that with Lee Sang-hsien's talent, he could go to a better force, so Lee Sang-hyun chose to stay here.

It is by no means because of the martial arts of the monastery, you must know that relying on Li Xiangxian's kung fu, you can find a place to practice.

He stayed in this place because he was grateful and felt that he was good to him, so he refused the various conditions of Jian Zun and stayed here.

"Although it is a mediocre talent not to be jealous, but you still have jealousy, the world is so big, there are more people who can use the same martial arts."

"It is said that the world's martial arts come out of Shaolin, just like Songshan Shaolin has the Yi Jian Sutra, they have the Yi Jian Sutra like the Shaolin Temple in Tiantian, what's strange about this?"

"If you can't see the truth, you will treat your little junior brother as a thief and be ashamed of your master."

Everyone was said by the master, but they still didn't believe it in their hearts.

The evil Zen master saw Li Xiangxian's calm face, completely unswayed by gossip, and he was very happy in his heart.

Crouched down and said to Li Xiangxian: "Xiangxian, for the master believes in you, you are also called Xiangxian, I think you must have a way to make this house manifest."

Li Xiangxian saw that the evil Zen master believed in himself so much, nodded and said:

"Master rest assured! With this kind of demon and monster lie, the disciple had at least ten ways to make him manifest. "


Go to the evil Zen master patted Li Xiangxian's shoulder, very satisfied, in addition to talent, the little apprentice also has insight that should not be at this age.

Li Xiangxian looked at Hatomozhi and said with a faint smile: "Your Excellency leaves now, your face can still be saved, if you are greedy and insufficient, you will lose face later, don't cry your nose!"

As soon as Hatomo Chi saw Li Xiangxian's doll, he didn't put it in his eyes at all, the key is that he also said that he was crying nose, he is a national teacher!

Being looked down upon by a six-year-old child, everyone is angry in their hearts, and he will definitely get such exquisite martial arts just now.

"Little doll, if you steal something from others and don't admit it, do you still want to quibble?"

If you go to the evil Zen master, he may have to weigh it, you are a little doll, you don't know a few words, and you can't say clearly.

What else can you do, it's just ridiculous.

Seeing that Hatomo Zhi looked down on people so dog-eyed, Li Xiangxian naturally smiled indifferently and said, "You said that I stole your martial arts, I have the best way here, Your Excellency dares to verify it."

Hatomo Zhi looked at Li Xiangxian's little doll with a confident face, and he was a little in a trance!

He wouldn't really have anything to do, would he?

"What's wrong? Don't dare to agree, it's no confidence! "

Li Xiangxian saw that Hatomozhi was still thinking, and directly used the method of agitation, fake is fake, and still pretended in front of me, don't humiliate it today, you really treat yourself as an onion.

Everyone saw that Hatomochi was really pondering, and felt that this matter did not seem to be simple!

"What don't I dare."

Hatomochi can only casually agree, so many people watch, who instigates, so who has a ghost in his heart, now it is a court.

Li Xiangxian sneered and said, "Dare to ask Your Excellency, but you have learned to step on clouds and tricks and tricks?"

Hatomo Chi didn't know what kind of plane Li Xiangxian was engaged in, and he still opened his mouth: "Naturally."

Li Xiangxian's eyebrows were solemn, and he said positively: "Since you have learned, then you should be very clear about the mantra, you should memorize two mantras to listen to it!"

As soon as these words came out, Hatomo Zhi's face changed, and his cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu were only his form, not his god.

It is completely imitating other people's moves, he naturally does not have this thing, he made a mistake!

Hatomo Zhi's brain was running so fast that he almost burned out, and he said in a hurry: "I carried it, won't I let you all listen."

"Little doll, your plan is good!"

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