Upon hearing this explanation, Li Xiangxian smiled unscrupulously: "Whether you don't know or don't want to carry it, I think you know very well in your heart."

Hatomo Zhi was embarrassed, he could not have imagined that this six-year-old little doll would have such a mind, he admitted that he underestimated Lee Sang-hyun.

I thought that this little doll was a small child, but it turned out to be so rational that it made people tremble, and they were more awake than others.

He knew that in this way, he would show his stuffing, but these two exercises must definitely be obtained.

There is no reason to lose to a child, he absolutely cannot be instigated.

Li Xiangxian looked at Hatomo Zhi with an indifferent expression, and said word by word: "Since you said that you are afraid of leakage, then only ask you to say the first two words of the mantra!"

"In this way, there are only two words, so I am not afraid to leak the mantra of the exercises!"

Since you are asked to memorize it all, and you are not willing, then you will say two words directly, so that if you can't say it, then you are pure.

As soon as everyone heard Li Xiangxian's words, they couldn't help but admire in their hearts, they knew that they were wrong, so easy to question Li Xiangxian.

Being provoked by an outsider in a few words, they are sorry for the little junior brother after all, and they all blame the damn jealousy.

"Besides, everyone present knows this mantra, Master Hatomochi you said that this martial art belongs to your Fanbang, and you have also practiced, should you always know the mantra?"

"Otherwise, how do you cultivate, if you can't say it, then the person who stole the martial arts should be you!?"

Li Xiangxian pressed step by step, it can be said that it made Hatomozhi's palms sweat, he really did not expect Li Xiangxian, a six-year-old doll, with such a thoughtful mind.

It turned out to be through his blind eye, which made Hatomochi very shocked, could it be that this martial art was really created by this little doll.

This is impossible, absolutely impossible, it must have been stolen by this little doll, it should be the situation he said.

Seeing that Hatomo Zhi could not speak, Li Xiangxian glanced at everyone and said, "You guys come and tell him Master Hatomochi what are the first two words?"

The crowd said loudly, "Go away."

They hadn't learned it, but they had memorized the mantra, and before they could learn it, Hatomochi came.

The evil Zen master watched Li Xiangxian leave Hatomochi speechless, and his heart was very relieved, this little apprentice would not lose to adults no matter what.

As strong as a villain like Hatomochi, in front of Li Xiangxian, he can't please a little, and his original form is revealed!

Where to go Zen Master looked confused, he couldn't think of this Li Xiangxian, who seemed to be a little doll, his mind was meticulous, and his momentum was not weak.

Just now, he thought that he actually helped Hatomochi speak, but now that Hatomochi couldn't say a word, he realized a little, it seemed that Hatomochi was telling a lie.

And as soon as he came back, he didn't understand the matter, so he stood aside at will and helped outsiders bully a child.

Where to go Zen Master couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness in his heart, he really lived to the dog, how could he say those words just now.

There must be too many guides, so not only auditory hallucinations, but also gibberish.

Even now he still can't believe that Lee Sang-hyun can create exercises, he still thinks that those exercises were not created by Lee Sang-hsien.

Li Xiangxian continued to press, "Master Hatomochi, you don't say a word, I just want to ask you how you did the cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu just now, you imitated it, right?"

Hatomo Zhi's face changed, he did not expect that this child saw through his own dependence, and today this matter is afraid that it will not be good.

Hatomochi could only bite the bullet and say: "Little doll, you are purely framing, do you have to learn everything?"

"Since you said that this thing was created by you, then you must be familiar with the road, then the two of us will compare, if you lose to me, then I see what else you have to say?"

Hatomo Chi took shamelessness to the extreme, and he directly pulled Lee Sang-hyun out, wanting to bully the small with the big, and he believed that Lee Sang-hyun was definitely not his opponent.

In Hatomochi's opinion, he can definitely abuse Li Xiangxian, so he proposed such a competition.

Know that the competition is the key, and everything else is auxiliary.

Li Xiangxian shook his head and said, "Hatomo Zhi! It's okay if you go to other places to deceive people, come to my Juzen Temple to deceive people, you can be regarded as hitting a stone. "

"Why don't you know the mantra, let me tell you, because you have cultivated the Xiao Wuxiang Gong of the Xiaoyao Sect, and you can simulate other people's martial arts moves."

"You just relied on this little Wuxianggong, thus defeating the Shaolin Temple and getting the Yi Jian Sutra, am I right?"


Everyone looked confused, they didn't expect that there was such a powerful martial art, which could simulate other people's moves.

In that case, Hatomochi would let them step on the clouds and trick demon kunbu, which was actually imitated by Hatomochi, otherwise how could he not know the mantra?

The clown turned out to be us?

It's all that we have short knowledge and don't know that this kind of martial arts exists, so we open our mouths to question the little junior brother.

Hatomo Zhi's face changed drastically, he never imagined that Li Xiangxian knew the existence of this martial art, shouldn't it!

Where to go, the Zen master suddenly realized: "So it is! His competition with the Shaolin Temple has always made the opponent the first move. "

I can't imagine that he only now knows why Hatomo Chi let the people of Shaolin Temple strike first, originally thought that he was modest, who could have thought that it was ulterior motives.

When it comes to being able to simulate other people's moves, it must be performed by others first, and I never thought that Li Xiangxian was in the Juechan Temple, and he had already guessed the matter of Domo Zhi in the Shaolin Temple.

Li Xiangxian continued: "If I am not mistaken, your little Wuxiang skill is all learned by steal, and you rely on this trick to take away the martial arts secrets from many Shaolin temples."

"What to say to destroy, in fact, you just don't have a mantra, take it to cultivate."

"Little doll, let you try you and don't dare, you frame me like this, and your Juezen Temple is just like that."

Hatomochi recognized a little, what about what you said, I just don't admit it, what can you do with me?

I admit that you little fart knows a lot, but so what, it's good if you don't admit it, as long as you dare to compare with me, you are definitely not my opponent.

Hatomo Chi grasps the fact that Xiu Wei is stronger than Li Xiangxian and gives full play to his own advantages, you are a little brat, then at most the day after tomorrow cultivation.

How can an acquired cultivation child compare with him, naturally he cannot.

Li Xiangxian saw that Hatomo Zhi was looking for death like this, and he agreed: "Okay, then I will try it with you."

As soon as they heard that Li Xiangxian wanted to compare with Hatomo Zhibi, the other senior brothers hurriedly stopped it.

They knew that Li Xiangxian's strength was good, but compared with Hatomo Zhi, the gap was still too big, and there was a great grandmaster in the middle.

In addition, that is Hatomo intelligent simulation of Li Xiangxian's martial arts moves, which is completely undominant.

"Little junior brother, he can learn your moves, don't be fooled!"


"Master, you persuade the little junior brother."

"Senior brother, you persuade your little apprentice, he obviously knows..."

Instead of responding to them, the evil Zen master signaled them to shut up, one by one, now knowing that they were facing Li Xiangxian.

Just now, you seem to be eating your junior brother, wall grass, it seems that you are in your heart, and you should be taught a psychological lesson.

"Look good, study hard, what nonsense."

Seeing that Li Xiangxian agreed, Hatomo Zhi said without a trace of hesitation: "This is what you said."

Li Xiangxian said confidently: "I said it, but if you Jiu Mozhi loses, write down all the exercises you have learned."

"If I lose, this Cloud Stepping and Trick Demon Kunbu Cheats will naturally be yours, how?"

I will lose to you a six-year-old child, then I will find a piece of tofu to kill today, who is in the middle.

"Good! Deal! "

Hatomo Zhi readily agreed, little doll you are thoughtful, how?

In terms of strength, I Hatomo Chi is your grandfather, this cloud stepping and trickery demon kunbu, I Hatomo Chi laughed!

Hatomochi feels that he has won the battle, do you know what my intentions are, and in the end, this technique is not going to fall into the hands of my Hatomochi?

It's really big to let a doll compete with me!

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