"Let go of everything and be comfortable?"

Hatomo Zhi muttered, looking at Li Xiangxian's distant figure, he was also puzzled in his heart, and he still didn't understand the meaning.

"Amitabha, thank you Master for the gift!"

"Thank you Master for the gift!"

Everyone hurriedly saluted Hatomo Zhi, although Hatomo Zhi had bad intentions, but people gave them so many martial arts, they must be worshiped by them, what a good person!

Seeing that everyone in the Juezen Temple saluted him, Hatomochi was even more angry, stealing chickens could not erode rice, no, it should be that he lost his wife and broke the army.

And he still has to laugh, that's called a grievance, he lost to a six-year-old doll, he has lived for decades, all live to dogs.

He Haomochi deceived so many exercises by relying on this trick, and in the end he cheapened the Juezen Temple, hateful, really hateful!

"Master, do you want to stay in the monastery and rest for a few days?"

Insults do not bring such insults, you all know that I am a thief, and let me stay in the monastery for a few days, and I have lost face.

Without saying a word, Hatomo Zhi slipped away, his face turned green.

"Congratulations to Master Hatomochi."

Hatomochi only felt that Ru Mang was on his back, this mental blow was a thousand times heavier than the physical blow, and he couldn't imagine that he was smart for a while and confused.

Wait, sooner or later, your temple will suffer, shame!

Even if you lose to a doll, you will lose all your exercises.

Can often walk by the river, where there are not wet shoes, can only say that Hatomo Zhi encountered hard stubble, plus underestimated Lee Sang-hyun.

He blamed himself for everything, despised the fate of others, and was taken to class!

And where to go Zen master still did not wake up, what happened just now, that little guy won Hatomochi?

He also asked Hatomo Chi to obediently write all the exercises, which he had seen with his own eyes and still could not accept.

When did the senior brother accept such a demon little apprentice, and defeated a Tianyuan powerhouse like Hatomo Zhi at the age of six, whether Hatomo Zhi was too weak, or this little master and nephew were too strong.

"Uncle Master, what are you thinking?"

Empty and the others looked at where to go, the Zen master stood in a daze, and asked him what he thought?

Where did the Zen master look at everyone and smiled awkwardly: "Didn't think about anything?"

He understood it in his heart and said with a smile: "Junior Uncle, the first time you saw a little junior brother like such a demon, you must still be thinking about it, and you will feel commonplace in the future."



"We still put these secret books in the Tibetan scripture pavilion and collect them."

"Be careful, don't break it."

A group of people took the secret book and went to the Tibetan scripture pavilion, leaving only the confused face of the Zen master where to go, who am I, where do I come from, and where am I going?

When the elder of the Scripture Pavilion saw a group of people coming to the Scripture Pavilion, he looked puzzled and asked

"Why did you come to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, did you lose to that Hatomochi and then you have to work hard?"

As soon as he saw it, he went to see the Zen master, and said with a smile: "Uncle Master, we are sending you martial arts cheats, a total of more than thirty books."

"Send martial arts cheats?"


Then he asked people to carry more than thirty cheats and handed them to the Zen master.

How did I suddenly have dozens of martial arts cheats, go to see Zen master can't help but pick up one and read it, this turned out to be the Shaolin Temple cheats.

"How did these martial arts cheats come about?"

Go and see if the Shaolin Temple has collapsed, and then give these things to their Juechan Temple?

But this is also impossible, if the Shaolin Temple can go bankrupt, it will be a big joke.

Moreover, people have so much money for sesame oil every day, even if they eat big fish and meat every day, they can't squander it for a year.

"Hatomo Zhi lost the competition with the little junior disciple, so he wrote out all the martial arts secrets."


"Your little junior brother won that Hatomochi?"

This surprised the Zen master, who was said to be at least Tian Yuan, and he lost to Li Xiangxian.

In his opinion, if Hatomo Chi loses to Senior Brother, or he is half a pound and eight taels with the empty two, he can accept it.

In the view of the Zen master, Li Xiangxian is very talented, but talent and actual combat are not the same thing, Li Xiangxian is too young, and the actual combat experience is definitely insufficient.

As a result, you said that Li Xiangxian not only won that guy, but also let that guy write down the martial arts secrets he learned, you must know that martial arts are other people's lives!

As a result, Lee Sang-hyun really wanted the life of that Hatomochi, how did this little guy do it?

"Yes! Still a complete victory, Hatomo Chi didn't even touch a single hair of the little junior brother, and was defeated by the little junior brother. "

Before there was no competition, no one thought that Lee Sang-hyun would lose, knowing that Lee Sang-hyun had already lost to Hatomo Zhi in the realm, and he was definitely not an opponent in terms of combat experience.

But after watching that competition, they knew how perverted the little junior brother was, in front of the little junior brother, they didn't need any experience, and they were completely crushed by absolute flexibility and strength.

Hatomo Chi had no room to resist at all, in the end, he was still a little junior disciple who was too devilish, and he abused Hatomo Zhi with just one finger of Zen.

With the flexibility of his body, he directly beat Hatomochi to the point of vomiting blood, and Hatomochi had to admit defeat.

"Not bad, the little junior brother took Hatomo Zhi in two moves."

"Two moves?"

"I remember that your little junior brother is not a grandmaster?"

"Yes! Can't the grandmaster second Tianyuan? "

Seconds your uncle, you seconds one I'll see.

"Junior Uncle, isn't it very reasonable for the little junior brother to defeat Tian Yuan?"

"It seems to be right."

It seems that on Li Xiangxian's body, there is nothing impossible, after all, people can create exercises.

You are compared with a person who can create martial arts, such a person's moves have been deduced many times in his heart, don't look at Li Xiangxian is inexperienced, but people predict your moves.

"What about the little junior brother?"

Someone asked such a question, yes, just now after Hatomo Chi wrote the exercises, the little junior brother left!

Li Xiangxian left the martial arts training field, and naturally went to practice his own exercises, and he understood a truth.

Sometimes you can't be too nice to everyone, you may be genuine, but there will always be people who are jealous.

Sometimes you give them exercises, and if you don't give them in the future, they will think that you don't know how to be grateful and don't give exercises!

The human heart is such that you often give alms to a beggar, and one day you suddenly stop giving alms, and the beggar will fight with you.

There are too many things between farmers and snakes, it is better to improve their strength in the future, what good exercises are there, just give it to the master, as for what do other people have to do with me Li Xiangxian?

This time the incident made Li Xiangxian understand that he was not obliged to help them, and even they once thought that they were thieves.

[You lament the weakness of human nature, people's hearts are separated from the belly, you have an epiphany, you have comprehended the six techniques of Buddhism! ] 】

The six Buddhist links are: Heavenly Eye Tong, Heavenly Ear Tong, Other Heart Tong, Fate Tong, Divine Realm Tong, and Leakage Tong.

The Eye of Heaven is all the phenomena in the six paths, regardless of the thickness of the distance, can be clearly seen.

Heavenly Ear Tong, that is, the language of the six sentient beings and all kinds of sounds in the world can be heard.

He knows what the six sentient beings think.

Fatal communication is the karma that can know the past and future of oneself and other sentient beings.

Divine footing means that you can be free and unhindered and realize all kinds of unthinkable realms.

To leak through is to cut off all the thoughts and troubles and completely get rid of samsara.

Among the six links, the last type of leakage is unique to the Arhat Sage, and cannot be realized by the immortals of the outer path.

The so-called "five-way immortal, six-way arhat", the difference is in the leakage.

It's really impermanent life, the large intestine covers the small intestine, and once he had an epiphany, Li Xiangxian turned on the immortal mode.

Can't you cultivate immortals if you say good?

Of course, that is for ordinary people, Li Xiangxian is not an ordinary person, why can't he cultivate immortals?

They practiced their martial arts, and Lee Sang-hyun cultivated his own immortals.

"As soon as the Six Links Art is turned on, I, Li Xiangxian, will turn on the immortal mode?"

"The heavens and the earth are big, and I Li Xiangxian can come and go freely anywhere!"

In the blink of an eye, four years have passed.

At the age of seven, Li Xiangxian showed his body and reached the realm of three perfections: refinement, full of qi, and divine prosperity.

When he was eight years old, he could already refine qi, that is, refine and qi to form qi, reaching three to two.

When he was nine years old, he had already refined Qi into God, that is, he had refined Qi with God, so that Qi returned to God and reached two into one.

I also realized that "wandering the gods and protecting qi", refining the gods out of the way, iQue is too empty!

At the age of ten, he realized the "Golden Light God Curse".

Heaven and Earth Xuanzong, Wan Qi's root.

Guangxiu billion calamities, prove my divine power.

Inside and outside the three realms, only the Tao is respected.

At this point, he has cultivated the true yuan, and his cultivation has also reached the realm of freedom, and the art of six links plus the golden light divine spell, Li Xiangxian is like a god descending into the world.

"Look, what's that?"

"Are immortals coming?"

"That's obviously Buddha."

"Let's go and see!"


"Master, what are we doing in Juezen Temple?"

"Yilin, Juechan Temple is now the first righteous path sect of my heavens, and only by inviting them out of the mountain can they cure the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance."

"Isn't the first place in the right way Shaolin?"

"Four years ago, the Shaolin Temple collapsed and died in name only."

"Master, look at that golden light!"

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