"Master Kong, can we go and see your little junior brother?"

Mrs. Dingyi and the others were fine, so they wanted to go to see the genius of Juezen Temple.

"Yes, but you can only see from a distance, he annoys others to disturb him the most."


Under the leadership of Sora Kong, the four of them went to the best place to watch, and many disciples also watched from afar.

I only saw a figure sitting on the treetops, full of mysterious golden light, like a Buddha coming to the world.

When people see it, they can't help but worship it, they are worthy of being at ease, and being able to meditate on a leaf is really a god man.

"The little junior brother has been practicing in that place for four years, maybe he finally realized something today!"

"Four years?"

Does this mean that Lee Sang-hyun sat on a leaf four years ago as he does now, a good person against the sky?

It was incredible that they did it four years ago, and they wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes.

"Four years ago, he was a grandmaster, can he be like this?"

"Yes, the little junior disciple is gifted and intelligent, ordinary people can't imagine that he can integrate any exercise with half a blaze of incense, so he often understands the exercises here."


Several people were confused when they heard it, what the hell is this enlightenment exercise?

"It is to create martial arts, and the clouds of our Juezen Temple were created by the little junior disciple, who was only six years old at that time."

As soon as they said this, they were proud on their faces, and after having a little junior disciple, they felt that the strength of the Zen Temple had not only increased!

The number of people has also doubled, and now Li Xiangxian is a person at the level of uncle.

"What? Create martial arts at the age of six? "

A few people are numb, and they can create martial arts at the age of six, which sounds a little unbelievable, but there is no need to lie to them.

"Maybe you don't believe it, but my little junior brother defeated Hatomochi who came to the sky at the age of six."

"What? Jiu Mozhi went to the Shaolin Temple four years ago and got the Yi Jian Sutra, but he lost to your little junior disciple? "

When it came to Jiu Mozhi, Yue Buqun and Dingyi knew very well that the monk had won the abbot of Shaolin Temple and lost to a six-year-old child.

I thought that this Li Xiangxian was outrageous enough to create exercises at the age of six, and it was the people of their Juezen Temple who boasted, who would have thought that Li Xiangxian would defeat the monk Hatomochi at the age of six.

The Shaolin Temple collapsed, all thanks to Hatomo Zhi, and Li Xiangxian defeated Hatomo Zhi.

"Four years ago, your little junior brother was a grandmaster, so isn't Hatomochi Tianyuan?"

Yue Buqun thought of this, you must know that this situation is worse than a grandmaster, plus Li Xiangxian was six years old at that time!

A six-year-old grandmaster defeating the experienced Tengen powerhouse Hatomochi sounds a little unbelievable.

Seeing the doubts on the faces of several people, he nodded and said: "You guys are right, at that time, we all thought that the little junior brother would lose, but Hatomochi was defeated by my little junior brother with two moves."

"Two moves?"


This gave several people goosebumps, there is no mistake, two moves to defeat Hatomo Chi, it sounds so mysterious.

But seeing that Li Xiangxian can meditate on a leaf, the main thing is that Li Xiangxian did not use internal force, which is the most critical point.

I saw Li Xiangxian above the treetops, got up, and those golden lights disappeared immediately.

Dressed in white, I have never seen the true face of this person, but that otherworldly aura comes to my face, and the immortals are just that!

Lee Sang-hyun looked at the sky, then stepped into the sky and disappeared from their sight.

Stepping into the air and leaving it, in the end, it turned into nothingness, which is simply a fairy-like person.

Seeing that Yue Buqun couldn't stand, why?

He Yue Buqun cut a few pieces of flesh on his body and lightened the burden, he had never been so light as a swallow, and a ten-year-old child actually did it.

"What kind of exercise is this?"

At a glance, it is the clouds that were just said, this Juezen Temple is really an existence against the sky, and the practice is like a shocking gap.

In the past four years, the Juechan Temple has also shined in the rivers and lakes, so they came to the Juechan Temple, and came to the Juechan Temple, and they knew how powerful they were.

Those on the rivers and lakes are just the tip of the iceberg, especially just now Li Xiangxian turned into nothingness and disappeared, and they finally believed that Li Xiangxian could create exercises.

It seems reasonable that such a natural resource can create exercises, and it seems that it can create exercises.

Damn, where did the Kyawzen Temple receive such a demon, why not them?

"It seems to be called the Seven Endless Realm, which is unique to the little junior disciple, and it is also a kind of body method, which can be turned into nothingness within a certain range and then reorganized."


Yue Buqun wanted to ask, can I learn this kind of thing?

I also want to reorganize, the Evil Sword Spectrum is a deceptive thing, and if I cultivate, I can't become a land immortal.

"Could it be that your little junior brother is already a land immortal?"

Ning Zhong thought of this, in her opinion, this is the legendary immortal, otherwise it would be impossible to do this step.

She definitely didn't believe that it was just a free realm, she was already a grandmaster at the age of six, and after four years, breaking through two realms was obviously not in line with genius.

"I don't really know, but I shouldn't have reached that realm, but it should be about the same!"

He knew that since the last shot, he hadn't seen the little junior brother make a move, so naturally he didn't know how he cultivated.


What is this empty talk about, what is it called?

It is equivalent to saying that there are two masters in Juezen Temple who are comparable to land immortals, and one is still a ten-year-old child, which sounds unbelievable.

Mrs. Dingyi also woke up from the shock, but he couldn't forget the big event this time.

"I didn't expect that your master was in retreat, and it would immediately be a once-in-a-decade reward for good and punishment of evil, plus the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance joining forces."

"So we want to ask your master to smash the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance, and by the way, clean up the two envoys from Xia Ke Island to reward good and punish evil."

The once-in-a-decade reward for good and punishment of evil is coming, and the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance are also in alliance.

Hearing this, he said thoughtfully, "Wouldn't this Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance Alliance also fight against the two envoys of rewarding good and punishing evil?"

Yue Buqun said categorically: "It is categorically impossible, because the Demon Sect destroyed the Lin family of the Fuwei Dart Bureau and the Qingcheng faction."

"What the hell is going on here?"

"It's a long story..."


At the foot of Wushan.

"You guys can't run away, so let's obediently serve Uncle!"

This person was Tian Boguang, following Ning Zhongze and Dingyi Shitai, who knew that he met several other women halfway.

Fan Qinghui was subdued by Tian Boguang, and could only urge Shifei Xuan to hurry up the mountain.

"Concubine Xuan, you hurry to the Juechan Temple on the mountain, it is your uncle who goes to the evil Zen master, he will come to save us."

"Master, I can't leave you behind."

Fan Qinghui was the head of Cihang Jingzhai and was a person who envied the sky, but unfortunately the envy changed greatly, and the Sui Dynasty was destroyed by Xu Xiao of the Lianyang Dynasty.

Their Cihang Jingzhai was also swept away by the Demon Gate Zhu Yuyan, and as a last resort, she had to leave Xiantian and come to Gengtian.

Injured again, they had to flee here, and before they could breathe a sigh of relief, they were targeted by Tian Boguang again.

"No one can leave?"

Tian Boguang ordered Fan Qinghui's acupuncture path, and then caught up with Shifei Xuan, and lit the acupuncture path, and the four women were all pointed, unable to move.

Seeing the girl Shifei Xuan covered with a veil, Tian Boguang was overjoyed: "Damn, whether the veil is a beautiful woman or an ugly woman, I am a little looking forward to it, but the figure is so good, it must be a beauty."

Tian Boguang immediately reached out to unwrap Shifei Xuan's veil.

"Wicked thief, I will kill you."

"Kill me? I, Tian Boguang, will come to a daughter to kill later. "

Tian Boguang ignored Fan Qinghui's roar and unveiled Shifei Xuan, she was born like the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and she had a beautiful silhouette like Chuanyue.

With Tian Boguang, who is accustomed to seeing beautiful stunners, seeing Shifei Xuan's face at this moment, he couldn't help but feel amazing.

But her "Yan" is different from ordinary Yan, Shifei Xuan is "clear water out of the hibiscus, natural to carve" so natural, unparalleled true pure natural beauty.

Looking at him more, her eyes were like the victory of the empty mountain spirit rain, like a real illusion, moving to the extreme.

Suddenly, Tian Boguang was shocked, and he couldn't let go for a long time, so beautiful, so pure, so wanted to hug into his arms and pamper fiercely.

"Beauty! So beautiful! "

While speaking, Tian Boguang wanted to kiss her, that fair skin, I really wanted to eat her!

"Who is presumptuous in Wushan?"

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