Knowing that Li Xiangxian's sudden disappearance was to go down the mountain to save people, everyone couldn't help but shake their heads, it seems that this Juezen Temple will definitely be able to fight against the second envoy of Xiake Island.

"Master Kong, your little junior brother should be able to deal with the second envoy of Xia Ke Island!"

"I think so too."

"Yes, although your little junior brother is only ten years old, his strength is already the second master of your Juechan Temple, if the master and apprentice join forces, why fear the second envoy of Xia Ke Island?"

Yue Buqun and the others already believed that Li Xiangxian was the second master of Juechan Temple, and if he went to the Evil Zen Master and Li Xiangxian's master and apprentice to join forces, he would definitely be able to fight with the second envoy of Xia Ke Island.

When Fan Qinghui heard the conversation of several people next to him, he was confused and said suspiciously: "You guys said that Junior Brother Kong is the second master of Juechan Temple?"

Fan Qinghui once thought that he had misheard, and Li Xiangxian would be the second most powerful in Juechan Temple?

also said that Li Xiangxian is only ten years old, this is not a joke, at the age of ten he became the second master of Juejue Zen Temple, and there is no one in Juejue Zen Temple.

"Uncle Fan, although my little junior brother is young, his talent is the best in our Juechan Temple, my master said, the little junior brother should not be more than twelve years old to become a land immortal!"

"At the age of 12, he will become a land immortal?"


Everyone couldn't help but shake their heads, becoming a land immortal at the age of twelve sounded somewhat ridiculous.

But when they saw Li Xiangxian's strength, they naturally understood everything, according to this trend, they would definitely not be more than 14 years old!

Even so, this talent is just as enviable, it's too against the sky!

Fan Qinghui's brain was buzzing, she thought that her apprentice Concubine Xuan's talent was already extreme, and after listening to the empty words, she knew that she was sitting in a well and watching the sky.

You must know that in Envy Tian, there are indeed many geniuses in the Yang Dynasty, and there are countless land immortals, but there are none who can become land immortals at the age of twelve.

When did Senior Brother find such a powerful apprentice, this talent is really unique in the world.

Dingyi Shi Tai Zhengsei said: "A person who can create martial arts at the age of six, it seems that he became a land immortal at the age of twelve, it sounds reasonable!"

A person who created martial arts at the age of six is now a free realm at the age of ten, not to mention that he became a land immortal at the age of twelve, at least he is also a King Kong, and this realm is also beyond everyone's reach.

Upon hearing Mrs. Dingyi say this, Ning Zhongze and the others nodded very approvingly, which was reasonable.

They also understood that the rise of the Juezen Temple was due to the existence of the demon Li Xiangxian.

You must know that the leader who has been a bad Zen master for decades in the past, the Juezen Temple is not the top, and the Juezen Temple has risen in recent years.

The time coincided with this Li Xiangxian joining the Juechan Temple, and I understood that the Juechan Temple was powerful, and it was powerful in Li Xiangxian's joining.

A person who can create exercises, creating a few exercises at will, is enough to make a huge change in the strength of a sect.

And Fan Qinghui's brain was buzzing, what did she hear?

Lee Sang-hyun has already created exercises at the age of six?

Compared to becoming a land immortal at the age of twelve, creating martial arts at the age of six is definitely a bomb, you must know that six-year-old children still have bedwetting.

And this Li Xiangxian has already created exercises, if it weren't for listening to them say this, Fan Qinghui would definitely not believe it if he heard others say it outside.

Shifei Xuan was twelve years old, and her cultivation was not as good as Li Xiangxian, and she learned that Li Xiangxian created exercises at the age of six, and her heart was shocked.

Instantly became curious about Li Xiangxian, he is so powerful, how did he do it?

Could it be that Li Xiangxian created martial arts, and then they boasted, the three became tigers, and Li Xiangxian naturally became a genius.

It must be like this, Li Xiangxian actually created a few ordinary moves, and as soon as everyone touted it, the name of genius came out.

"Master Kong, the cloud-stepping and trick-trick demon steps of your Juechan Temple should have been created by him!"

They knew that these two peerless martial arts, which had not been used in the Juechan Temple before, must have been created by Li Xiangxian.

Sora also told the truth: "That's right, this was indeed created when my junior brother was six years old, and later created a few more."

Being able to be said by the leaders of these two factions, then it shows that this technique is very powerful, is this Li Xiangxian really so perverted?

He looked at the two masters and continued

"Don't worry, two leaders, since you value my Juechan Temple so much, we will definitely take care of the affairs of the Supreme Alliance and the Demon Sect, and there is still half a month."

"They are fighting for blood in Blackwood Cliff, and we will definitely go there that day and annihilate them in one fell swoop."

"However, before that, you must not allow the people of the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance to sneak up and ask for help when they encounter something that cannot be solved."

He is now the master brother of Juechan Temple, and naturally manages Juechan Temple, and what he says is also a word.

With the empty promise, they also made it worthwhile, and immediately said: "I will wait for the horse of the Zen Temple."

"It's serious, as for the second envoy of Xia Ke Island, it requires my master to personally take action."

"However, you don't have to worry, if my master can break through the entrance, he will definitely stop it."

"Okay, then we'll be relieved!"

Now that the matter of the Demon Sect and the Supreme Alliance has been resolved, even the people of Xia Ke Island have someone to deal with, and they are naturally happy.

"I'll wait for my leave, we will contact the other sects, and then we will all go to Blackwood Cliff."

"Then take care, everyone!"

Since the strength of the void has increased, he is also the acting abbot, so he naturally has to have a spectrum.

Seeing them go, Empty You hurriedly said to Fan Qinghui: "Uncle Master, I'll take you to the residence."

Naturally, it was impossible to live in the monastery, so they built a new courtyard in the back mountain, the purpose of which was to provide accommodation for top masters.

Since they are here, it is inconvenient to live in the courtyard, so it is best to let them live in the back mountain.

"Uncle Master, you guys just live here, how long do you want to live."

Fan Qinghui looked at everything in her eyes, the environment was beautiful, the yard was well built, and it was not the same as other buildings.

"Who planted these flowers?"

In fact, Fan Qinghui knew that flowers were planted here, and apparently someone lived here.

"It's my little junior brother, he also lives here, don't worry, only my little junior brother lives here, don't worry about the rest."

The empty space is to tell them that although Lee Sang-hyun is a man, he is young and it is okay to live in a separate courtyard.

As soon as she learned that Li Xiangxian also lived here, Shifei Xuan was also very happy, and she would definitely consult with that guy to see how he cultivated.

"I have a heart!"

"Little Junior Brother, are you there?"

Looking at the pavilion of the opposite courtyard, he quickly shouted.

Li Xiangxian also walked out, and when he saw Shifei Xuan and them coming here, he looked puzzled.

"Little junior brother, they will live here in the future, hurry down and help."


"Oh what? You are the only one in our monastery, so hurry down. "

"It's okay, let's come."

Since they know that Li Xiangxian is powerful, where do they dare to ask Li Xiangxian to do things, people are real masters.

"Hurry up, grind and grind."

"Isn't this coming?"

Li Xiangxian also hurriedly came down to help them get things, which should be some cheats.

"Uncle Junior is a sword practitioner, let Uncle Junior guide you, your sword can be transformed into a divine law."

"The little master and nephew still practice swords!"

"Practiced a little."

"My junior brother was able to internalize sword qi at the age of six, and his kendo talent is stronger, but it's a pity that our monastery doesn't have sword techniques."

"At the age of six, you can internalize sword qi?"

Fan Qinghui's four people looked confused, they thought that Li Xiangxian was enough against the sky, but now you tell us that he can achieve internal strength to transform sword qi at the age of six.

Where is this genius?

This is a demon!

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