Shifei Xuan asked Li Xiangxian to compete, it was not an opponent at all, and seeing Shifei Xuan's sword technique was not very good, she could only teach her the Tai Xuan sword technique she just said.

And Shifei Xuan's qualifications are still very good, it can be said that she will learn it as soon as she learns, and the rest depends on her own comprehension.

One thing that Li Xiangxian can help her may be to tell her that kendo has never been ruthless and can be practiced, you are even ruthless to people, how can you have feelings for swords.

And after Li Xiangxian read the sword canon today, his kendo has been cultivated to the supreme realm, and the sword qi is just a small path.

It can be said that today's Li Xiangxian Kendo is unrivaled, perhaps only today's Sword Saint is possible, and it is impossible for Yuanshen to kill people out of his way.

But Li Xiangxian can completely use the Seven Endless Realm and the Divine Elephant Prison Power to attack, as a substitute for the Yuanshen attack.

This is more cattle than the Sword Saint, because you will not leave the flesh to people.

Li Xiangxian's internal power has long been transformed into True Yuan, you must know that True Yuan is the key to making talismans, and perhaps he can also study mantras, laws, and laws.

Moreover, the Buddha is originally a Dao, and the final purpose is to cultivate immortals, and at present, Li Xiangxian is an immortal cultivator who builds a foundation realm.

Zhuji is only the entry realm of immortal cultivators, and the true yuan condensed in the body can draw talismans and cast some small spells.

In the realm of divine powers, this realm is equivalent to land immortals, and they all have their own divine powers.

And the road above the land immortal will condense a life core, which is used to carry more than half of the essence of the body, and only by destroying this core can it be regarded as truly killing a half-step Jindan powerhouse.

It can be said that the land immortal is not a level person at all in front of the Jindan powerhouse, and the Jindan powerhouse is called a true monarch, and his life expectancy is two thousand years.

The divine body is immortal, the core is immortal, and the divine soul is eternal, which Taoists call heavenly immortals.

It is said that Jin Dan can control a radius of 100 kilometers, let the vitality of heaven and earth submit, and form his own domain.

The flesh crosses the universe and destroys the city with one blow, a person of this level, the entire Tianwu Continent does not say no, at least it is known.

People who are as strong as Di Shitian, or Wang Xianzhi, Li Chungang and the like, they are just land immortals, not even half-step Jindan.

These people can't condense the essence core of life, and the entire Tianwu Continent, a half-step Jindan powerhouse, can sweep away.

In the end, everyone is still a land immortal to slowly condense a little True Yuan, unlike Li Xiangxian who is just in the realm of freedom, he has practiced a True Yuan.

Of course, this is beneficial to Li Xiangxian's cultivation of the Yanyang Dafa, and what he absorbs is the essence of the sun and the moon, and it is by no means an ordinary aura.

Everyone can't practice True Yuan, mainly because most of them have crossed the King Kong Realm, overtaking on curves and becoming land immortals, so there is no True Yuan.

In fact, the King Kong realm is to let people temper the flesh and condense the true yuan, but unfortunately many people can't do it, so as to condense the divine power, cross the King Kong realm to become a land immortal.

It can be said that some land immortals are not as good as the masters of the King Kong Realm, Li Xiangxian himself cultivates the Yanyang Dafa, this King Kong Realm he naturally cannot directly cross the past.

In fact, Li Xiangxian is already a master of the King Kong Realm, but he doesn't think so, he feels that it is not hard enough.

Li Xiangxian thought a lot, and decided to refine the body, the King Kong Realm belongs to the refining body, all said that the world's martial arts, indestructible, only fast and not broken.

In the end, the golden body has not been refined, otherwise how can it be destroyed, or the diamond can't work.

The reason why Li Xiangxian has not been refining his body, the main reason is that Li Xiangxian is still a teenager, if he refining his body, will he not grow tall, and other questions entangle him.

Many people do not refine their bodies in King Kong, they are afraid of this, don't refine and refine, the body not only does not become stronger, but shrinks, that is a big problem!

Lee Sang-hyun still firmly believes in his own path, that is, step by step, and must not pursue the improvement of the realm without paying attention to the essential changes of each realm.

If there is no qualitative change in each realm, but only the improvement of the cultivation realm, then it means that your improvement is wrong and not deep enough.

Just insisting on his Dao cultivation for a few days, Li Xiangxian obviously felt the rapid changes in his body, refining the body is not refining the body into steel, such refining is a failure.

Steel lacks elasticity, while the body itself has elasticity, and if it is hardened, it belongs to the inferior refining body.

When refining the body, a certain element is injected into the body, just like some elements are added to pig iron, which becomes harder and plastic.

In the end, it is the reconciliation of yin and yang, and Li Xiangxian hit the idea on Shifei Xuan's body, and the two of them can absorb each other's internal strength.

At first, Shifei Xuan did not agree, but later she agreed, and finally Li Xiangxian said that she was moved.

And Li Xiangxian is not an internal force, but a true yuan, which has become a big problem, and in the end can only be slow.

Cultivating in this way, on the contrary, it was a huge improvement for Shifei Xuan, and Li Xiangxian's cultivation effect was not as good as expected.

Just as the two of them transmitted their internal power with both hands, Wu Wu's words interrupted the cultivation of the two.

"Little Junior Brother, we have a land immortal master from Juechan Temple, you should hurry up and take a look!"

Being interrupted, Li Xiangxian was naturally very unhappy, but as soon as he heard that a land immortal was coming, it was very likely that the person who came was not good.

"Senior sister, I'll take a look first."

Shifei Xuan also nodded and said with a smile: "Go!"

Li Xiangxian arrived at the main hall of Juechan Temple alone, and saw an old Taoist with a fairy wind Daoist bone, his face was full of red light, and he didn't look like an ordinary old man at all.

It should be a land immortal, otherwise it would never be like this, and there are two children around him, a man and a woman.

When he saw Li Xiangxian coming, he quickly introduced with a smile: "Little junior brother, you are here, introduce you, this is Wudang Zhang Zhenren, from Wudang."

As soon as Li Xiangxian heard Zhang Zhenren's three words, he naturally knew that this person should be Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, and he was a little excited.

"In Xiajuechan Temple, the lay disciple Li Xiangxian has seen Zhang Zhenren."

Zhang Sanfeng saw that it was a ten-year-old child, and at first he didn't think so, but a closer look found that Li Xiangxian was not simple.

Full of charm, light steps, he is a master at a glance, not to mention the strength of his apprentice Song Yuanqiao!

Zhang Zhenren said with a kind face: "There is no need to be polite, this time I come to Juechan Temple and ask for something."


No way!

When Li Xiangxian heard this, he smiled lightly and said, "Zhang Zhenren is serious, if we can help you, it is our honor, please say it directly."

Seeing that Li Xiangxian was so cheerful, Zhang Sanfeng also brought Zhang Wuji out, and said with a bitter face:

"This is my apprentice Sun Zhang Wuji, because of the cultivation of the Seven Wounds Fist and the Xuanxian Divine Palm, I can't crack it."

"I went to the Guotian Shaolin Temple to borrow the Pure Yang Gong Method, but they didn't borrow it, and they heard that the Heavenly Juechan Temple had it, so I came to ask for help!"

"What requirements do you have in Juezen Temple, as long as it does not violate morality, the old immortal is within its reach, and there is no ambiguity."

I'm old, and I'm still three or four lower to ask for someone, which is a little sad and helpless!

Li Xiangxian walked in front of Zhang Wuji and grabbed his hand, indeed a cold poison had formed in his body, if he didn't practice pure yang exercises, sooner or later he would die!

Li Xiangxian pondered for a while, and slowly spoke: "Zhang Zhenren said seriously, in fact, it is a martial art, it is nothing."

"I just want to ask Zhang Zhenren for advice, and then we will naturally offer it with both hands."

"Don't dare to teach, it's okay to discuss."

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