Li Xiangxian looked at the old monk, immediately knelt on the ground, and said gratefully: "Thank you Master for saving your life."

The evil Zen master quickly picked up Li Xiangxian, led him to the house, and asked, "Why did that person kill you?"

Li Xiangxian said: "I was originally Li Xiangxian, the eldest son of the Li Family Mountain Villa in Chengtian, and my parents died tragically after an accident at home, and later I was rescued by a person named Xu Fu and taught me martial arts."

"I only practiced for three days before I stepped into the realm of the day after tomorrow, and Xu Fu looked at me very much, and wanted to give me his daughter."

"So I was jealous of my master brother, so I took me to Gengtian, saying that I wanted to see the masters of Xia Ke Island and see it for a long time."

"Who knew that he masked and abolished my martial arts, and I recognized it, so I wanted to kill people and kill people, and I fled here with light merit."

Li Xiangxian said this, it is not considered to be made out of nothing, you can find out if you check it, plus a tragic life, and a talent against the sky.

I believe that no one will refuse such a child, three days of cultivation will step into the day after tomorrow, you must know that ordinary people cultivate, just the sense of qi will be practiced for several months.

And as soon as the evil Zen master heard this, he immediately checked Li Xiangxian's injury, and sure enough, his whole body martial arts were abolished, as if he was already a wasted person!

"You can rest assured to recuperate in the Juezen Temple, and when you are well, you will make plans when the time comes."

"Duke Shane!"

Originally, Li Xiangxian still wanted to kneel, but was directly stopped, and this evil Zen master believed Li Xiangxian's words even more.

A person who grovels at every turn can be seen to have suffered a lot, and he is so sensible, which naturally makes him feel very distressed.

"It's empty, you guys take care of Lee Sang-hyun and wait for me to come back."


Then he went to the evil Zen master and left, and he naturally went to find Saihuatuo, a divine healer with extraordinary medical skills that could bring people back to life.

It is rumored that the Nine Dragon Stone is even more against the sky, not only can cure diseases and save people, but also can help people practice martial arts.

The evil Zen master could not bear the fall of such a genius, so he planned to invite Saihuatuo to come.

After three hours, Saihuatuo came, and he was shocked to see Li Xiangxian, whose meridians were cut off all over his body.

"What kind of person is so cruel that he doesn't even let a child go."

"Doctor Saishen, can you help him repair his meridians!"

"This is a bit difficult, and it depends on his own creation."

It turned out that Emperor Shitian had long known the power of the Nine Dragon Stone, and Sai Hua Tuo, and naturally felt that he could repair Li Xiangxian's meridians.

Saihuatuo has saved countless people, but this is the first time to encounter, naturally a little tricky.

Nine dragon stone is not a stone, but a miracle medicine, rumored to be able to greatly increase people's strength, immortality, transparent whiteness, and a purple halo under the urge.

Sai Hua Tuo immediately used the Three Immortal Needles to insert Li Xiangxian's Heavenly Spirit, urging the Nine Dragon Stone, and a steady stream of purple energy entered Li Xiangxian's body.

Li Xiangxian obviously felt the mystery of this, and never expected that the Nine Dragon Stone was really mysterious and could reshape his meridians.

Since this is the case, can he take this opportunity to open up the meridians of the whole body, when he thought of this, Li Xiangxian had a number in his heart.

At this time, it is a good time to cultivate ten thousand swords and return to the sect, so as to take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, ten thousand qi to self-generate, and the sword to rush into the cave; Gui Yuan Wuxue, Zong Yuan Gong Chang.

Suddenly, everyone seemed to feel a sword qi, and they couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, thinking that it was someone outside the house.

They all looked outside the house, this sword qi seemed to be nothing, it seemed to be far away, just when he went to the evil Zen master and prepared to go out.

Sai Hua Tuo was taken aback, and raised his voice: "Innate Sword Fetus!"

Only a person with this strange physique can possess this kind of sword qi coming out of the body!

The evil Zen master also noticed that it turned out that the sword qi came from Li Xiangxian's body, and the sword qi became more and more concentrated and stronger, as if there were ten thousand swords.

And the entire people of the Juezen Temple also felt this sword qi, and their weapons were also restless, as if they were responding to some kind of call.

Li Xiangxian's forehead was full of sweat, sword qi crisscrossed, bursting out, Sai Hua Tuo and Go Evil Zen Master two hurriedly True Qi to protect the body.

And the sword qi that emanated shot directly into the wall, all becoming cracks.

At this time, countless auras also slowly gathered, and Li Xiangxian stepped from the waste to the day after tomorrow, breaking through the first entrance and entering the innate.

Go to the evil Zen master to understand, no wonder Li Xiangxian wants to be killed, this kind of talent is really too against the sky.

It only took him one hour to go from waste to innate, you must know that he not only repaired his meridians, but also broke through the first entrance and became an innate master.

This does not explain why he is jealous, if he is allowed to develop, the future will definitely be the most dazzling existence in these nine days.

It must be Li Chungang, who can match the envy of the sky, and the Zhongtian Sword Saint, the land immortal of the highest realm of martial arts, is right in front of him.

It should be known that the realm of martial arts is divided into seven realms, which are the day after tomorrow, the innate, the grandmaster, the tianyuan, the free, the King Kong, and the land immortal.

This son entered the innate one day, the sword qi is self-accomplished, and the future kendo will definitely have a place, if such a genius is let go, wouldn't it be in vain.

Moreover, in another four years, Xia Ke Island will come again, and he will not be the best candidate to deal with the two emissaries of reward and punishment.

And the Sword Forging City Sword Venerable happened to pass by Juechan Temple, felt the sky-rushing sword qi, and came to Juechan Temple.

"Master, the Sword Venerable is here!"

Empty said outside the door.


I went to the evil Zen master to take a look at Li Xiangxian and said to Saihuatuo: "I'll leave it to you here, I'll go and see what kind of plane this guy is doing."

Saihuatuo nodded and went out to the evil Zen master.

When Jian Zun saw that the evil Zen master was coming, he smiled gladly and said, "Go evil, you have a kendo master here, can you let you see it below."

The evil Zen master knew very well in his heart that if he really let Jian Zun know that Li Xiangxian existed, he would definitely take action.

"The city lord said and smiled, if I have a kendo master here, then this person must be the city lord you."

He just wanted to let Jian Zun leave quickly, and he didn't know what Li Xiangxian would do, or it was better to refuse Jian Zun.

Sure enough, at this time, that sword qi once again emanated and soared into the sky, and the room where Li Xiangxian was located was destroyed by the sword qi.

"It's a little uninteresting to evil you, just look at it, and you won't eat him."

Without waiting for the evil to reply, the Sword Venerable had already gone to the backyard first, and the sword qi naturally disappeared!

Through the movement and destruction caused, Jian Zun soon came to the room, only to see the two walk out.

One is Sai Hua Tuo, and the other is Lee Sang-hyun, a six-year-old child.

"Saihuatuo, when did you practice kendo?"

Jian Zun naturally thought that this was caused by Sai Hua Tuo's cultivation, and he didn't think much about it at all, the sword qi that spread in the sky just now was a six-year-old child.

Go to the evil Zen master rushed over and gave Sai Hua Tuo a look, that is, to make Sai Hua Tuo admit that who knew that Sai Hua Tuo did not understand the meaning of the look in the eyes of the evil Zen master.

Sai Hua Tuo looked at Jian Zun and the Evil Zen Master, felt that the two of them were strange, and said bluntly:

"To evil, what do you mean? I just saved someone, and you're going to get me away? "

As soon as the evil Zen master heard Saihuatuo's words, he really wanted to give him a finger of Zen, and then sing the chrysanthemum stage, who wants you to go, do you understand!

Jian Zun glanced at the two and knew that there was something tricky in this, so he asked, "Sai Hua Tuo, what happened to the sword qi just now?"

Seeing Jian Zun ask like this, Sai Hua Tuo realized it later, and then looked at the evil Zen master's face and understood it.

"What sword qi?"

Saihuatuo began to play sloppy, who knows about this, anyway, they have not seen it.

Jian Zun knew that they were intentional, looking at each one without speaking, Jian Zun looked at Li Xiangxian and said with a smile:

"Little brother, do you know where the sword qi came from?"

"I have it in me." Lee Sang-hyun opened his mouth and came.

"Don't say..."

To the evil and still want to stop it, but Li Xiangxian said it without hesitation, and the Zen master was depressed.

Children are childlike and unscrupulous, no wonder they will be jealous, it can only be said that this child is talented, sincere, and has no scheming, and is really suitable to join their Juzen Temple.

"Why is this kid still deceiving people?"

Jian Zun didn't believe it, you are a five or six-year-old child, you say you have sword qi, who are you deceiving here?

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