Ning Zhong's approach naturally made Li Xiangxian look at it, and he could only say that Ning Xia was really a good person.

Looking at Li Xiangxian, his eyes did not blink, and Ning Zhong glared at Li Xiangxian, he really dared to look, and his eyes did not stop.

"Li Xiangxian, aren't you afraid that I will gouge out your eyes?"

Ning Zhong was embarrassed to look at him, he had never seen such a shameless person, but you were still the apprentice of a high monk.

Li Xiangxian spread his hands and said with a smile: "If you don't look at the white, don't look at it, it's not that I have to see it, it's you who has to do this, who is to blame."

Ning Zhong quickly used True Qi to dry the clothes, he really lost to this guy, looking for death and life, what face do you want.

She finished cleaning up, looked at Li Xiangxian who was still watching, and said coldly: "Does it look good?"

Li Xiangxian nodded and said, "It looks good."


Ning Zhong was angry, it seems that this little monk is also an extremely annoying person, otherwise how could he say such an incongruous thing.

"The hair doesn't grow Qi, do you like it so much?"

Lee Sang-hyun continued: "I love to watch, I like to watch."

"Get out!"

She didn't expect to really lose to innocence one day, and her mouth and eyes were a little untidy.

"The clothes are dry, Ning Lady or you go and jump into the river again, so that I can watch it again."


Murderous, he is deliberately angry, never can wake up a person who wants to seek death, then let her know what the consequences will be after death.

So angry that Ning Zhong left in anger, Li Xiangxian also followed, and walked the road of the hour like this, and Ning Zhong said indignantly:

"Little monk, why are you following me?"

Li Xiangxian retorted: "Whoever said that I follow you, I just go along the way."

"Follow me and say, what, you're afraid I'm looking for my own death."

"I'm really afraid, I'm thinking I'm dead, and I can still take advantage of the heat."

Ning Zhongze: "???"

You said a word, knowing that the direction was to go to Sword Casting City, Li Xiangxian was speechless, he didn't expect to come to this kind of place.

After a day's journey, it was dark, and there was really no way, so the two could only build a fire by a lake and grill fish to eat.

Looking at Li Xiangxian who actually knew how to make food, he was really a little surprised: "I didn't think that you, a genius who has lived in Juechan Temple since childhood, can still make food."

She also thought that Li Xiangxian practiced every day in addition to cultivation, and people like this were clothes to stretch out their hands and eat to open their mouths, but they didn't think that they were wrong.

Li Xiangxian's face was expressionless, should a genius know nothing but cultivation?

"I am a genius not a waste, a genius knows everything, only knows cultivation, and if there is no common sense of life, it is waste."

A person who can't even take care of himself is a genius, but he is also a waste.

Without common sense of life, those who will even starve to death.

Suddenly, a man's voice came from the sky.

"So fragrant!"

As soon as the words fell, two figures also appeared in front of the two, and Ning Zhong couldn't help but be a little scared when he saw the two.

To know that the rivers and lakes are sinister, it is necessary to guard against people, or be careful.

As soon as Li Xiangxian saw the two, he couldn't help but smile and said: "It's quite fragrant, or together!"

Seeing Li Xiangxian so cheerful, the two were also unceremoniously and walked over.

Li Xiangxian divided the grilled fish among the two, one for each person, and the two were not afraid of poisoning and ate it.

Zhang San saw Li Xiangxian's calm face, and said suspiciously: "Little brother, why aren't you afraid of us?"

Hearing this, Li Xiangxian looked at the two and said with a faint smile: "Then why should I be afraid of you?"

"Makes sense!"

"Yes, what's right, you're not afraid that we're bad people."

"If you encounter it, you consider yourself unlucky, and besides, you are only interested in fish."


"It's really interesting."

Zhang San took a look at Li Xiangxian, a young man, and couldn't see through Li Xiangxian's cultivation, which made Zhang San very surprised.

Logically speaking, for a person like Li Xiangxian, cultivation is also innate, but how to feel that he has no internal strength, this is unlikely.

On the contrary, this woman has a great master, Li Xiangxian should still not cultivate, but hide cultivation!

As soon as he thought of this, Zhang San had a plan, and immediately said with a smile: "Little brother, this is only a delicacy, not good wine."

Saying that, he threw the wine jug to Li Xiangxian, knowing that this wine is not an ordinary wine.

Li Xiangxian also took the wine handed over by Zhang San, and as soon as he opened it, the aroma was overflowing, which shocked people's hearts, and Li Xiangxian also drank it directly.

"Good wine, so fragrant!"

For this kind of spirit, naturally for Li Xiangxian, it was completely unaffected, compared to the Yanyang Dafa he cultivated, it was not enough to be fatal.

After Zhang San and Li Si saw Li Xiangxian drinking, they were completely like people who were fine, which is absolutely impossible!

You must know that if this wine is drunk by ordinary people, it will be poisoned immediately, and Li Xiangxian was not poisoned, which obviously shows that he is a master.

"The little brother is so powerful, ordinary people drink my wine, and they have long died of poison!"

After Zhang San said this, he also quickly drank it.

As soon as he heard this, Ning Zhong over there was taken aback, the wine Li Xiangxian drank just now was poisonous, and he knew that he should have been stopped.

Li Xiangxian is still young, he has no experience in rivers and lakes, he blames himself, people saved himself twice.

Li Xiangxian said with a smile: "This wine is indeed poisonous, but it can also enhance internal strength, which is good."

Li Si also handed the wine jug to Li Xiangxian and said, "His spirits, my ice wine, this ice and fire double heaven, can you bear it?"

Li Xiangxian also quickly took the wine jug over, opened it and drank it, and a cold breath entered the body, and that cold breath entered the meridians.

You must know that Li Xiangxian has practiced the cold attribute technique of the Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm, and the fire attribute martial art of Yanyang Dafa, which is completely trivial to him.

"It's wonderful, one ice and one fire, this wine is sold everywhere, I will definitely buy more to eat."

"Like, then I'll give you all to drink!"

Zhang San also handed the spirit to Li Xiangxian, they wanted to see what Li Xiangxian was capable of, and after drinking two kinds of wine, it was like someone who was fine.

Lee Sang-hyun took a sip of spirits on the left and ice wine on the right, and drank it to be called a joy.

Zhang San and Li Si were dumbfounded, knowing that with their ability, they only dare to drink one of the wines, while Li Xiangxian drank two wines, and he could still be like a person who was fine.

The two knew that Li Xiangxian was an absolute master, really a young genius, and this strength was not to mention a land immortal!

After drinking, Li Xiangxian also felt that he could not suppress it, so he quickly ran out and immediately sat on the ground.

The two true qi in his body, one ice and one fire, rushed very much, and began to cultivate, and this thing improved him a lot.

Yin and Yang, the way of heaven and earth, the rule of all things, the parent of change, the origin of life and death, and the house of gods.

Accumulation of yang is the sky, accumulation of yin is the earth, yin is quiet and yang, yang gives birth to yin and long, yang kills yin and hides, yang transforms qi, and yin takes shape.

[You refine qi and refine, you have an epiphany, combined with Yin and Yang attribute exercises such as Yanyang Dafa, you create Wuji Divine Skill. 】

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