Li Xiangxian nodded and said, "I once saw a book written that this thing is said to be unique to the world of immortal cultivation."

"I can't go now, you two are well-informed, whether the Tianwu Continent has this kind of stone."

Zhang San couldn't think of Li Xiangxian's real upper realm, then it would be really good, when the time came, he went to Xia Ke Island, and it was an ironclad thing to enter their Tai Xuan Sect at that time.

"Little brother, I can only say that you just found that kind of stone, and you can't refine it, that requires a special refining master."

"This is very skillful, not that you can refine this thing."

They knew in their hearts how precious this thing was, and they had worked hard for so many years to get this ring that was less than a cubic space.

It requires the professional techniques of the sect refining master, Li Xiangxian's cultivation is very powerful, but the fire of the Nether Realm really can't melt the Void Stone.

Without flames above 10,000 degrees, it is difficult to do this, and naturally it is impossible to do this.

The refining and alchemy masters raised their hands because the temperature requirements were high, and only peak immortals who cultivated the Three Immortal True Fire could refine it.

"We don't have it on us, but we have been to Congtian, the one called Wangcheng Mountain or Ultimate South Mountain, I don't remember clearly, it seems to have, I don't know very well."

Zhang San can't remember, anyway, it's right from the sky, he didn't know before, and then he had such a doubt with the ring.

"Thank you big brother for informing." Li Xiangxian already has a better place to go, that is, from the sky, looking for the empty underworld stone.

As long as he has the space stone, refining this kind of thing he feels simple, with his understanding, when the time comes, just find a few books, it should be enough.

"I don't know if there is, don't find it by then, blame me ha."

Zhang San wasn't quite sure if there was any, anyway, this matter was what he had always wanted to do, but they didn't have time, and now they still had something to do.

"How could this be, I didn't find it, that is, I didn't have this opportunity."

"Yes, this thing needs to be seen by chance."

"The little brother is very open, you all said that you are going to the knight, and it's okay if you can't find it, just remember to come back on the eighth day of the first month of the month."

"I have too many things to do, but don't worry, I will definitely be back before you set sail."

"The little brother is also a man of temperament, I can tell you the truth, you can rest assured, Xia Ke Island will never harm anyone who goes to Xia Ke Island."

"The two of us still have things to do, time is tight, the task is heavy, leave!"


"Okay, there will be a period later!"

The two also left quickly, and they still had a lot to do this time, such as whether the investigator Yutian was really dead.

The news said above that this person's body was missing, and they naturally thought that Guan Yutian should not be dead, since he was not dead, where would it be.

Watching the two leave, Ning Zhong also looked at Li Xiangxian and asked very puzzled

"Li Xiangxian, how do you want to go to Xiake Island, others talk about it, but you yearn for it."

How to see that Li Xiangxian saw the second envoy of Xiake Island, Li Xiangxian could chat with them instead, and what the hell was that empty stone.

Li Xiangxian slowly spoke: "Because I want to understand immortality, I naturally want to go to Xiake Island."


How can Li Xiangxian believe this kind of thing, to know that the land immortal is also five hundred years old, isn't this considered immortality?

"Yes, it is said that the land immortals can live for five hundred years, but in fact, three hundred years up to the sky, the immortality I want is to never grow old and never die, not just live for hundreds of years and thousands of years."

"Not old or dead?"

Ning Zhong didn't know what to say, because Li Xiangxian's martial arts cultivation was stronger than her, but immortality and immortality were not unlikely.

To be honest, living for three hundred years, for those who practice martial arts, this is already very top-notch!

Five hundred years is immortality, living for thousands of years, is there really such a person?

It turned out that Li Xiangxian was so powerful, people's hearts were higher than them, and they were still thinking about how to improve their cultivation, and Li Xiangxian was thinking about never dying.

This kind of thinking sounds somewhat absurd, unrealistic, and fanciful, but he is Lee Sang-hyun.

Only ten years old is so powerful, it is impossible for him to really be able to achieve immortality and immortality, he is too young.

"Yes, I practice martial arts in order to be able to live forever one day, otherwise I won't practice."

If he did not pursue immortality, Li Xiangxian would not practice martial arts, he would improve his strength, find his brother, and inquire about the truth about the destruction of the Li family back then.

The two chatted like this for a long time, and they couldn't imagine that Li Xiangxian was so young, there were so many things to do, and he was really a young and sad person.

Looking at Li Xiangxian, who was meditating over there, Ning Zhong felt that he couldn't be treated as a child, and he didn't look like it.


Originally, Li Xiangxian was going to go from heaven, and heard that Helian Ba had become the alliance master of the Supreme Alliance, and the Ling Shuang sword cast by Sword Forging City seemed to be about to be born.

Anyway, it's not bad these days, so I went to Sword Casting City and found an inn to live in, and my ass was not hot yet.

Jian Zun came with his daughter, and as soon as he pushed open the door, Jian Zun shouted: "I heard that my son-in-law has come to Cast Sword City, you don't go to Cast Sword City, what inn are you coming to stay?"

As soon as Li Xiangxian saw Jian Zun coming, his face was speechless, and he knew that as soon as he entered the city, he would be discovered.

"I've seen the senior!"

Li Xiangxian could only bow to Jian Zun and salute.

Jian Zun came over and patted Li Xiangxian's shoulder, and said with great joy: "Good boy, what is the senior, you have to call your father-in-law."

"Light dance, this is your fiancé Li Xiangxian, come and get to know each other."

When the girl saw that Li Xiangxian was a monk, she was a little unhappy in her heart, and she had always been quite disgusted with the marriage that her father had helped her contract.

"Come quickly, he is here, let him teach you martial arts, his cultivation is similar to your father and me!"

Jian Zun also sent people to Juechan Temple, knowing that Li Xiangxian's position was comparable to the existence of a land immortal.

"Senior, praise!"

"You kid, don't think I don't know, I know about the matter between you and Zhang Sanfeng!"

Zhang Sanfeng?

When Jian Qianwu heard this, he couldn't help but be surprised, knowing that Zhang Sanfeng was a land immortal, and Li Xiangxian had also fought with the top experts of this kind of person.

Could it be that what his father said is true, this Li Xiangxian is born at the age of six, and at the age of six, he can internalize sword qi and create martial arts?

Jian Qianwu came over and said to Li Xiangxian with a smile: "Hello, my name is Jian Qianwu, I am older than you, you have to call me sister."

When Li Xiangxian heard this, his brows frowned and said: "This is impossible, Xiu Wei is higher than you, you have to call me brother."

Jian Qianwu is Jianxiong, and Jianzun has already decided to take Li Xiangxian as his heir, so he naturally changed his daughter's name.

"I have listened to my father say how genius you are since I was a child, and I thought you were very powerful, but I didn't expect that it was also a nose and a pair of eyes."

"According to what you say, isn't that land immortal a thousand hands and a few asses!"


Jian Zun saw that the two could talk like this, and he was happy in his heart, he should have let them meet a long time ago, and his feelings should be cultivated from an early age.

Ning Zhong in the next room saw the commotion here, and as soon as he opened the door and came out, he saw the people of Sword Forging City.

And as soon as Jian Zun saw Ning Zhongze, his eyes straightened, what a beautiful woman, full of heroism.

"This is Ning Woman."

"This is the Sword Venerable of Sword Forging City."

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