When Guan Yutian heard this, he couldn't help but laugh.

"Boy, you are very confident, you don't think that you are the young city lord of Sword Forging City, you are amazing, right?"

When Jian Zun heard that Li Xiangxian wanted to kill the official Yutian alone, he was a little worried at first, but he got the news, and Li Xiangxian and Zhang Sanfeng had a discussion.

A veteran land immortal, a real strong person recognized by everyone, can Guan Yutian compare with Zhang Sanfeng?

It is completely incomparable, Li Xiangxian This is a manifestation of self-confidence, he was able to internalize sword qi at the age of six, and he was able to forge swords just after reading books related to sword casting in the morning.

There should be no one to match in terms of talent, and he naturally does not worry about Lee Sang-hsien's strength.

"The young city lord of my Sword Forging City is amazing, what's wrong? Could it be that your official Yutian is afraid? "

Jianzun naturally supported Li Xiangxian's approach, so that Li Xiangxian killed an official Yutian, who dared to question Li Xiangxian.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to let Li Xiang show his might, this is definitely a good thing, how can it be stopped.

Guan Yutian was ridiculed by Jian Zun like this, and naturally he was deceived.

"I don't dare anything, I'm just afraid that when the time comes, you will intervene to save this kid."

"Don't worry! I will never meddle. "

"If that's the case, then I really want to know, what is this kid's ability?"

"It's not a skill, but it's enough to kill you!"

Li Xiangxian directly faced Guan Yutian and punched out a Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm, this move was a lock skill.

An ice dragon flew out and crashed towards Guan Yutian, if it was hit, it would definitely cause Guan Yutian's meridians to be sealed.

The light ones are frozen for a few seconds, the heavy ones are directly destroyed by the meridians and become a waste person, and if they are heavier, they are directly frozen to death and turned into ice cubes, just like Tian Boguang.

Guan Yutian also directly turned on the innate qi, and instantly blocked Li Xiangxian's Xuanbing Divine Dragon Palm, or this innate qi is too bullish.

It can almost be said that it is a defensive invincible martial art, which is similar to the golden bell hooded iron cloth shirt, the King Kong is not bad divine skill, etc., but this is more powerful.

Most of the others are horizontal martial arts, that is, external skills, which are extremely harmful to the body, unlike this innate qi that does not hurt the body.

Catching Li Xiangxian's move, Guan Yutian mocked: "Boy, my innate qi has no weakness, and the old man is already invincible!"


"The sun is phaseless! Sparks! "

In an instant, all the places in the center of Murong Hua burst into flames, and the temperature slowly increased.

Your innate qi is invincible, can you still withstand the burning of 10,000 degrees of heat?

Guan Yutian was very depressed, this guy obviously played a cold attribute martial art just now, and now he has come up with a fire attribute.

You must know that when these two extreme forces are combined, the human body cannot withstand it, how can he have nothing at all!

Guan Yutian's forehead was already sweating, and his innate qi could resist any attack, but this was not an attack, but a conduction of heat.

The innate qi cannot be isolated from this, in the final analysis, it is a kind of qi emanating from the body, condensed and not dispersed.

Silent and silent, without a trace, you can hurt others and protect yourself, this power is better than invincible divine skill.

The innate qi is the head of the six yangs, and the lord of the whole body, the five senses and hundreds of remains, it is not only this that is the case.

Therefore, the head must not go in.

External evil does not invade, and even so, Guan Yutian still sits firmly on the fishing platform, and what is a little sweat, it is not worth mentioning.

"Although the innate qi is not invincible, it is more than enough to deal with a few of you, since you know my secret, then I have to kill you."

Guan Yutian thought that Li Xiangxian had exhausted his skills, so naturally he couldn't help but shout, he knew that except for the night of the full moon, his official Yutian was invincible.

"I just play with you casually, and you think you're really invincible?"

Li Xiangxian just didn't want to kill him so quickly, and as a result, Guan Yutian still thought he was invincible, since you are so anxious to find death, then it will be you.

As soon as the Tai Xuan Sword Method came out, with one move to break the qi, it weakened Guan Yutian's innate qi by one-third.

And Guan Yutian also thought of this guy Li Xiangxian, who looked so young, but he had a variety of martial arts, and he felt incredible.

I thought that several people joined forces, and they were not his opponents, but who would have thought that Li Xiangxian's strength was still underestimated, and the kind of sword technique he used just now actually reduced his anger.

Li Xiangxian immediately made a move of thunder finger, and the thunder and lightning instantly slashed at Guan Yutian's innate qi, weakening it by another third.

Guan Yutian's face changed drastically, he didn't think that this guy's sword technique was powerful, and the thunder attribute technique directly weakened his innate qi by two-thirds.

This kid can also fire and ice, what kind of divine is he, and he has mastered so many exercises with his own strength, no wonder this old boy of Jianzun announced that this person was the Young City Lord four years ago.

Jian Zun was also taken aback, he knew that Li Xiangxian was very powerful, but what a powerful method, he had not seen it so far.

Now that he knows, Li Xiangxian has mastered a variety of attribute exercises, and any one is enough to make people fearful.

His decision was correct, with this kid inheriting Sword Casting City, then Sword Casting City will definitely be able to shine in the future.

Jian Qianwu also knew Li Xiangxian's genius at this moment, he was not only powerful in cultivation, but also able to master various exercises, and each of them was able to make a person a master.

In the past, when she heard Jian Zun talk about Li Xiangxian, she was naturally upset, and felt that it was all blown by Jian Zun, but now she can only be convinced.

Ning Zhong is not, he can't imagine that Li Xiangxian is already an absolute master, you must know that Guan Yutian is definitely a master of the sky, and he can be suppressed by Li Xiangxian.

This guy is still a teenager, and the scary point is here, if this guy is a few years older, or if he is a few years younger, maybe he ...

The four great sword envoys looked at Li Xiangxian's battle with Guan Yutian, and they were also shocked, Guan Yutian did not die.

And the young city lord can also suppress the famous official Yutian, which is inevitably too terrifying.

Especially the thunder finger just now, one finger directly weakened most of the innate qi of the official Yutian, and if you want to make another finger, you can definitely break the innate qi.

A sword qi burst out from Li Xiangxian's body, shattering Guan Yutian's innate qi.

Guan Yutian was shocked, or quickly dodged the countless sword qi, damn it, what kind of perversion is this.

This guy is not a human at all, otherwise how could he be so strong?

"Who are you? How so? "

Guan Yutian really couldn't figure it out, it stands to reason that this guy is only fourteen or fifteen years old, and he can cultivate so many divine skills.

"Sorry, I don't talk to dead people!"

Li Xiangxian's move was endless, and he had already arrived behind Guan Yutian, and a sword condensed by True Yuan had pierced Guan Yutian's chest.

With another move of dry ice palm, Guan Yutian was frozen, the meridians had been sealed, and he could no longer move.


Guan Yutian felt that his body had been frozen, the life essence was dissipating, and his internal strength could not be used at all.

Jian Zun and the others were stunned, Li Xiangxian disappeared just now, and he killed Guan Yutian in seconds!

That's right, it's a flash deal.

Guan Yutian, who lost his innate temperament, was directly killed by Li Xiangxian in seconds, this guy is worthy of being able to compete with the land immortal Zhang Sanfeng.

Li Xiangxian took the things from Guan Yutian's body, and said to the four great sword envoys: "Throw his body in the sword furnace."

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