[You observed the innate qi of the official Yutian, you had an epiphany, and you created the Immortal Sutra. 】

The Immortal Sutra is naturally not really immortal, but it requires physical body cultivation until the Vajra is not bad, not decaying, and not bad for ten thousand years, so that there is a trigger for immortality.

In the end, it is still necessary to temper the physical body, but those who have cultivated the Immortal Sutra are invincible beings in the same realm.

It's a pity that Li Xiangxian doesn't have time to look at it now, he wants to see if the blood of this official Yutian can really stimulate the formation of Ling Shuang's sword.

Guan Yutian's body was thrown into the furnace of the house, and the magma in the furnace boiled, and when everyone saw this situation, they knew that there was still a play.

Li Xiangxian directly threw the Nine Dragon Stone into the molten slurry, and suddenly, a sword qi was born from the furnace.

"Is Ling Shuangjian really going to be born?"

The Sword Venerable knew that the Ling Shuang Sword was about to be born, and they must know that they had cast the Ling Shuang Sword in Sword Forging City before, but unfortunately, after a battle, it disappeared.

Later, they have been fighting for generations to create the Ling Shuang Sword, it can be said that this is the hard work of several lifetimes, is there finally a result today?

A white rainbow ran through the sun, and the entire people in the sky saw it, and they had all heard about the problem of Ling Shuangjian.

Heavenly vanity.

"Senior Brother, what is that?"

"That's the direction of Sword Forging City, could it be that the legendary Ling Shuang Sword was forged by Sword Venerable!"

"The Ling Shuang Sword is a legend for hundreds of years, and now it has appeared again, is there a myth born?"

"I only hope that this Ling Shuang Sword will not fall into the hands of traitors."

There are so many people who want to seize the Ling Shuang Sword, and some people want to go to Sword Forging City for their own hegemony.

Songshan faction.

"That's the direction of Sword Forging City, it seems that Ling Shuangjian was born."

"It seems that we are going to Ling Shuangjian."

"It is said that the Ling Shuang sword is extremely powerful and can win the world."

"Order, go down and go to Sword Forging City in the starry night."

Supreme Alliance.

"When I got Bai Hongguan Ri, it must be Ling Shuangjian who was born!"

"Master, is this Ling Shuang Sword so powerful?"

"Of course, with this thing, I can sit on the Supreme Alliance."

"You two practice well, I'm going to Sword Forging City."



Seeing the light emitted from the molten slurry, everyone was overjoyed, now that the Ling Shuang sword was not born, the sword qi was already scary, if it was born, you knew how imposing it was to be born.

"Seeing that this sword momentum has not yet been achieved, I am afraid that it will take tomorrow to achieve it!"

"I can't imagine that this sword is absorbing the essence of the sun and moon."

Li Xiangxian could see clearly that the sword body of this sword was not formed at all, it was the light of the sun and moon.

He couldn't see any way, and the Nine Dragon Stone was all absorbed by it, which was a pity for the Nine Dragon Stone.

I can only hope that this Ling Shuang sword is not as powerful as it boasts, and it is good to have the current sword power.

"Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon?"

Jian Zun looked puzzled, they had seen what was happening in the furnace at all, and naturally did not know what was happening.


"The Ling Shuang Sword is said to be divided into a heart sword and a demon sword, could this be the heart sword?"

"I only saw a sword, I don't know if it's a magic sword or a heart sword."

Li Xiangxian used the art of six links, but he still couldn't see through this sword, and he really wasn't a common thing, or he didn't know what level the level would be.

Don't even be inferior to the sword you forged, then it really sniffs big.

"The birth of Ling Shuang Sword will definitely cause people from other sects to come, I think those guys should arrive tomorrow, and they will definitely compete."

Jian Zun knew that once this kind of treasure was born, no one could refuse, and the priority was to deal with the people who came.

"Xiangxian, can we let Ling Shuangjian be born early, and when the people from other sects have not yet arrived, we will take out Ling Shuangjian."

As long as Ling Shuang's sword reached their hands, the others could not help them, and if others wanted to compete, they had to weigh two pounds.

When Li Xiangxian heard this, he casually replied, "I'll give it a try."

Immediately used the real fire, who knew that it was completely absorbed, and the true yuan was also sucked away continuously, and a good Ling Shuang sword even dared to absorb its own things.

He wanted to see what was strange about this thing, and in an instant, the entire sword furnace boiled up, and Li Xiangxian was uncontrollable and was sucked away a lot of True Yuan by Ling Shuang's sword.

As well as the condensed life essence, Li Xiangxian's face changed greatly, and he hurriedly stopped, this thing is too evil.

Such a powerful sword, if you don't stop in time just now, damn it, all your kung fu will be sucked away by it.


Jian Zun saw that Li Xiangxian couldn't handle it, and he could see that this Ling Shuang sword was indeed a magical thing, and even Li Xiangxian couldn't take it.

"This Lingshuang Sword Heaven and Earth created, even I can't take it, it seems that I can only wait for him to be born slowly."

"Come, show me the sword furnace, except for me and the young city lord, everyone else who wants to enter must be informed."


A few people also returned to the city lord's mansion, they knew that waiting here, it would be useless, and they would be born for a while.

The Sword Venerable also made everyone cheer up, if someone had the idea of forging the Sword City to fight the Ling Shuang Sword tonight, they should be vigilant now.

Li Xiangxian handed the things he had retrieved from Guan Yutian to Jian Zun, this thing Li Xiangxian could not use, and he would take a look.

"Congenital anger?"

"This is a good kung fu for offense and defense, you kid don't practice, what do you do with me?"

"Oh! When Guan Yutian uses it, I will take a look. "

"You... You brat. "

Seeing that Li Xiangxian had said this, Jian Zun couldn't help but shake his head, it was really against the sky, and he learned the other party's kung fu at a glance.

Perhaps this is the point that Li Xiangxian is powerful, he can learn anything, so his cultivation is so powerful.

"Okay! Then I went to cultivate. "

If there was no Li Xiangxian, maybe Jianzun would be afraid that others would rob him, but Li Xiangxian was here, and it would be useless for anyone to come.

People who are so strong as Guan Yutian have been killed by Li Xiangxian with a sword, and others are not as good as Guan Yutian, and they can rival Li Xiangxian.

Ning Zhong also knew Li Xiangxian's identity, and knew that there would definitely be many people from the rivers and lakes who would come to Sword Forging City in the future, and he was also ready to leave.

"Ning Nuxia, you are afraid that the people from the Huashan faction will also come!"

"Since I'm all dead, it's better not to appear in everyone's field of vision."

Ning Zhong thought for a long time, but he was still ready to leave for more heaven and start over.

"After waiting for Ling Shuangjian to be born, I will also leave here, and I will prepare my things to go to Xia Ke Island."

"Why do you have to go to Xia Ke Island when you are young, in case you can't come back?"

"I can come back, so naturally I'm not afraid."

"I'm going to leave in a few days anyway, and Ning Xia won't wait a few days together."


"Is it embarrassing?"




Supreme Alliance Helianba, Songshan Sect Zuo Lengchan, Heavenly Void Guan Chong Void, Juechan Temple, Changle Gang and others also arrived in Sword Casting City.

"Who is this young city lord?"

"I don't know."

In the midst of everyone's discussion, Li Xiangxian appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

As soon as I saw that it was a monk, they were speechless, there was no mistake, the young city lord of Sword Forging City turned out to be a monk, and it was really the first time I saw it.

"Little junior brother."

"Senior brother, why are you here?"

As soon as he saw that it was Li Xiangxian, he also called out seriously.

"The master is out of customs, let me come out and see for a long time."

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