"Didn't lie to you." Lee Sang-hyun said directly, you love to believe it or not.

And the evil Zen master also came over, signaling Li Xiangxian to stop talking, and then it would really be over, and disaster would come out of his mouth.

"Sword Venerable! The person you are looking for, we don't have it in Juzen Temple, you better look elsewhere. "

"We are a monastery, how can someone practice kendo, I see that you are old and dizzy, Sai Hua Tuo is here, or let him show you."

If you go to the evil Zen master, you can only say this, if you really let Jian Zun know the existence of Li Xiangxian, you will definitely rob people.

Jian Zun glanced at everyone's faces, and always felt that something was wrong, there must be something hiding from him.

He walked into the house alone and saw that the walls in the room were full of sword marks, and he could see that his skill was not strong enough, so the penetration power was not large.

In my mind, I remembered all the things just now, it was very wrong to go to the evil Zen master, what must have been hidden?

Looking at the clothes in the house, it was worn by children, could it be that what the child said just now was true?

As soon as he thought of this, Jian Zun came over and looked at Li Xiangxian and wanted to reach out to test it.

As a result, he was blocked by the evil Zen master's palm, and said to Jian Zun: "This is my newly acquired little apprentice, injured, let Saihuatuo come to the rescue, don't touch it."

When Jian Zun heard this, he was even more firm in his heart, he was injured, and he still needed Saihuatuo to see it, this injury was not simple!

"Go to evil, I have already found out, what else do you have to hide, I won't do anything to him, maybe I will pass on his kendo?"

Jian Zun wants to use this to let go of evil, and if there is a benefit, no one will refuse.

"What are your calculations, I still don't know."

Go evil knows what Jian Zun thinks, naturally he will not give it, a pie is finally dropped from the sky, if he goes to evil to give it to Jian Zun, it is a big sabi.

Seeing that the evil is oil and salt, his own dragon slash, he is not sure of his providence four elephants, or he wants to outwit.

"Just tell me if the sword qi is his, and there is no need for me to entangle here."

Knowing that the matter had basically been exposed, he couldn't hide it, and the evil Zen master also nodded and recognized.

"Yes, the sword qi just now was emitted by him, now you can go!"

Jian Zun got the answer and looked at Li Xiangxian, seeing that he had not yet become a monk, and he had a plan.

"Little brother, I see that your kendo talent is good, how about you cultivate with me?"

"Jianzun, you are going too far!"

Go to the evil Zen master is not happy, fuck, already know not to say, just know to say, this old boy will definitely dig into the corner.

"Go to evil, you all said that there are no people who practice kendo in your Juezen Temple, I just am, wouldn't it be better to hand him over to me."

"Besides, he doesn't have a shave now, and I suspect that you kidnapped him to the Absolute Zen Temple."

"Fart your mother."

The first time he went to the evil Zen master to burst into foul language, which surprised all the disciples, it was the first time he saw the master make such a gaffe.

He also said that he wanted to accept this little guy as a disciple, wouldn't it be true, could it be that the sword qi just now was sent by Li Xiangxian?

"Hell, or else, let's ask the child who he wants to be with?"

Without waiting for the evil Zen master to agree, the Sword Venerable took the lead and said: "Little brother, are you willing to follow this old monk, or follow me to Sword Forging City, I can teach you the sword technique."

Li Xiangxian glanced at the two and pondered for a while before slowly saying:

"My father and mother said that people should know Entu, and if the benefactor is willing to take me in, I am naturally willing to be in the Juezen Temple."

When the evil Zen master heard this, his heart blossomed, this little guy spoke without barriers, but he remembered many simple and easy-to-understand truths in his heart.

"Yes, of course."

Simple, true, kind, grateful, seemingly simple truths, but no one can stick to them.

Jian Zun was not happy, so he drew his sword and immediately played a handsome sword technique, and a tree in the distance was split in two by the sword qi.

Thinking that in this way, Lee Sang-hyun would say that he was powerful, so he changed his mind and triumphantly asked Lee Sang-hyun again.

"Little brother, you know how powerful I am now! Let you choose again! "

Everyone also looked at Li Xiangxian, this move just now was really powerful, just a sword qi split a large tree a hundred meters away in two, it was really too bullish.

Li Xiangxian, on the other hand, said calmly, "I still want to stay in Juechan Temple."


Jian Zun was so angry that he was going to death, damn it, how could there be such an obsessive person, do you follow these monks to chant?

It seems that this move does not work, then only other moves can be used, and Jian Zun has another blow in his heart.

"Little brother, as long as you follow me, you will be the city lord of Sword Forging City in the future."

When everyone heard this, they were also moved, and if they were to change to them, they would be directly vulgar now.

"Oh!" Li Xiangxian understated and responded with a word.

Everyone also thought that Li Xiangxian was moved, obviously to agree!

"I still want to stay in Kyawzen Temple."


Hearing this, Jian Zun wanted to break his mouth and curse, I am already like this, you are still not moved.

Go Evil and Saihuatuo couldn't help nodding, this kid can resist the temptation, and he really has no distractions!

Jian Zun saw that Li Xiangxian was not fooled, and he was also speechless, calmed his emotions, and began to think of other methods.

His brain flashed, and suddenly, he had a plan, and said to Li Xiangxian again kindly:

"Little brother, I will marry my daughter to you and teach you martial arts, and you will be my son-in-law and heir of Sword Forging City in the future, how about it!"

"I'm still willing to stay in the Kyawzen Temple!"

After prescribing such good conditions, the result was only one sentence, and he was still willing to stay in the Juezen Temple.

"How about I forge a Ling Shuang Sword for you in the future?"

"I'm still willing to stay in the Kyawzen Temple!"

"I lean! You're going to die, aren't you? "

Jian Zun was so angry that he blew his beard and glared, he had never seen such an angry person, and he really couldn't listen to a word.

So angry that he wanted to beat someone, he really had never seen such a stubborn person, and let no one live.

Seeing that the Sword Venerable was so angry that he couldn't help but laugh when he went to the evil Zen master, this kid seemed to really have something to do with them.

It's a pity that they don't have too many good martial arts in the Juezen Temple, that is, one finger Zen and his Divine Will Four Elephant Technique, and what Jian Zun said is not unreasonable, and he can't be delayed.

After thinking about it, no, he looked at Jian Zun and wondered: "Jian Zun, I remember that you only have one son, where did you come from?"

"Are you a man plus a man, or a strong man locking a man, you won't want to recruit my apprentice, you have to let your son change sex!"

Jian Zun immediately rolled his eyes and motioned for the evil Zen master to call the others back.

The evil Zen master understood, and said to everyone, "All of you go down!"


The crowd left.

Seeing this, Jian Zun's face sank: "Jianxiong is a daughter, and a woman pretends to be a man, I am such a child, in order for her to inherit Sword Forging City, I have to do this."

"So it is!"

Going to the evil Zen master can be regarded as knowing the truth of the matter, and he never thought that Jian Zun hid it so hard.

"Master Zen, I won't accept this apprentice, let you accept it, how about we get married?"

"We are a monastery."

"He is not a monk, it is not normal to become a relative, and in that case, I will also teach him to ride the dragon and slash, and Ling Shuang Sword will also give him, and in thirty years he will definitely be able to kill the two envoys of good and punish, what do you think?"

Li Xiangxian listened to their words, and there was another voice in his mind.

[You cultivated the return of ten thousand swords to the sect, you have an epiphany, you have deduced the return of ten thousand swords to the sect! ] 】

What is Xeon?

Kendo is the ultimate, all swords can be guarded, and all things are swords.

It is no longer simply able to generate sword qi by itself, but to be able to protect ten thousand swords and all things.

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