Zhang San and Li Si came to the city lord's mansion, and quickly hugged his fists and said, "Little brother, you have done all the tasks of our brothers!"

You must know that many of the people who were killed by Li Xiangxian just now will be punished, and as a result, Li Xiangxian preempted the two brothers.

Jian Zun knew that these two people had high martial arts, how could they still feel a little familiar, and they couldn't remember it for a while.

At this time, the heads of other sects also chose the sword and came out, and Zhang San and Li Siyi were happy to see that they were all there.

"Great, you're all here, so we don't have to run again."

As soon as everyone saw the sign taken out by Zhang San, they subconsciously knew who the two were.

"Reward good and punish evil!"

They drew their swords in an instant, and it was naturally impossible for them to follow the two to Xia Ke Island.

"The wicked are dead, and the rest of you are invitations!"

"I hope you will take this bronze medal, you are not our opponents."

"Except, of course, this little brother."

The two naturally did not include Lee Sang-hsien, and the others all added up, and that was not the opponent of one of them.

"Do you know them?"

Jian Zun saw that the two of them were so afraid of Li Xiangxian, and they said hello, which was a rare thing.

When Lee Sang-hyun got involved with Xia Ke Island was too surprising.

"I met before I came to Sword Forging City."

As soon as the heads of the other sects saw this, they directly said to Jianzun and Li Xiangxian:

"City Lord, Li Gongzi, please also take action and deal with the second envoy of Xiake Island together."

Everyone hurriedly gave the two of them a fist salute, they knew that only if the two of them made a move, and they fought against the second envoy of Xia Ke Island together, they would have a chance to succeed.

You must know that Xia Ke Island is everyone's public enemy, and they think that Sword Forging City will stand on the same line with them, so they plead with the two to make a move.

When Li Xiangxian heard this, he quickly refused: "Guys, we can't do anything about this plea, and besides, there is nothing bad about going to Xiake Island."

"They are good and punish evil, they will not do anything to you, so why refuse this invitation?"

As soon as they heard Li Xiangxian say this, they also knew that there was no drama, and it seemed that they had decided on this Xiake Island.

If you don't go, you can't go, without the help of the two, they are definitely not opponents of the two, so there is no need to deceive themselves!

"Okay, I'll take it!"

"I took it too!"

"City Lord leaves!"

"Then go slowly!"

One by one took the bronze medals, they left, people really have no obligation to help them, can't hide, then just face it directly.

"Sword City Lord, are you going to Xiake Island?"

"Your son-in-law is going, you won't dare to go!"

Zhang San and Li Si naturally also trained the meaning of Jian Zun, for the sake of Li Xiangxian's face, they might be able to open up to Jian Zun.

The requirement is not so dead, or do you need good talent, and the talent of the Sword Venerable is naturally not great.

When Jian Zun heard that Li Xiangxian wanted to be surprised, he was taken aback and said, "What do you say?"

Li Xiangxian quickly explained: "It's what I want to go."

Jian Zun looked puzzled and said, "Why did you kid go to Xiake Island?" Why are you so confused? "

Li Xiangxian explained unhurriedly: "Because Xia Ke Island has the practice of immortality, I just went to see it first."

"If I'm not mistaken, Xia Ke Island invited everyone to go, it should be to understand some martial arts."

"As for why none of the people who went came back, it was because it was an opportunity for eternal life, so they refused to come back."

Zhang San and Li Si listened to Li Xiangxian's words, and did not say anything, but chose to be silent, not thinking that Li Xiangxian had guessed their behavior.

"Lee Sang-hsien, I'm going to follow you too."

Jian Qianwu also came over, even her father, she naturally did not want to stay in this place alone.

"Let's go to the house first!"

A group of people arrived in the house, glanced at everyone, and slowly said: "Ask the two of them, they won't say anything, although those just now are my guesses, but I can be sure that 90% of them are right."

"I naturally went to Xia Ke Island to confirm the conjecture in my heart, so even if I go to Xia Ke Island, I will still come back."

"Don't worry about this, the peak of martial arts is powerful, but you can't live forever after all."

"The first point of my application is whether Xia Ke Island can enter the legendary immortal cultivation world, and the second is whether there is a way to cultivate immortality."

"I know both of these things, but I always have to see them for myself."

Unexpectedly, when Li Xiangxian went to Xiake Island, what he had to do was to see if Xiake Island could enter the Immortal Cultivation Realm, and whether there was a practice of immortality.

They were all afraid to go, and as a result, Li Xiangxian wanted to go, which was somewhat difficult for them to understand.

Zhang San also opened his mouth and said: "Guys, we can only say that the people who went to Xia Ke Island, they are not dead, and there is nothing else to comment."

As soon as they heard this, they couldn't help but think in their hearts that they were really the same as what Li Xiangxian said.

Yukong smiled and said: "Just like the little junior brother said, I specially investigated and found that the people who were invited to Xiake Island were all extremely talented people."

"That is to say, people with poor talent can't be looked at, which is why my master didn't go to become it ten years ago, but my little master did."

For this reason, he also specially did an investigation and found that the wicked people were all killed by the two, and the others were not great evildoers, and they were invited to Xia Ke Island if they had talent.

It was completely consistent with what Li Xiangxian said, and he was surprised to learn about this.

Jian Zun thought along this train of thought, it was really such a thing, the people who could be invited to go were all extremely talented people.

Otherwise, you are the head of a faction, and you are not qualified to go, and going to the evil Zen master is the best example, when his little junior brother is even more powerful.

"I'll go to this chivalrous island."

After thinking about it, Jian Zun naturally decided, whether he had anything to worry about, his daughter didn't have to worry, Li Xiangxian had strength and morality.

"Dad, why are you going?"

The sword light dance is very incomprehensible, you guys go like this, what will I do alone then.

Jian Zun looked at Li Xiangxian again and said, "You kid can go, but you have to finish the chapel with Qianwu."

Once there is this relationship, Li Xiangxian will have a concern at that time, and he will naturally come back at that time.

"Whoever wants to marry him, you all go, it's better not to come back."

After Jian Qianwu said this, she ran out, both of them were going, leaving her alone here.

Jian Zun knew that his daughter was angry, shook his head, saw Li Xiangxian glaring at him and said: "Why are you stupid, hurry up and chase!"


Lee Sang-hyun chased after him, came to the room where the sword danced, and saw her plopped on the bed and was sad, Li Xiangxian really didn't know how to comfort her.

"I promise I'll be back, ten years at most."

"Who are you, what do you care about me or not?"

"Light dance..."

After an hour of persuasion, this was the sword light dance persuaded, Li Xiangxian said that she would prepare a lot of things before going, and if she did not agree at that time, she would not go.

After saying a lot of good words, Jian Qianwu agreed, and Li Xiangxian also stayed in Sword Forging City for two days, and was ready to go to Congtian.

Ning Zhong also left Sword Forging City, and was regarded as a companion along the way, but when he reached the halfway point, he found Yue Buqun's body.

"How did he die here?"

You must know that Li Xiangxian only injured Yue Buqun at that time and could kill him, but he saw Yue Buqun's body halfway.

Ning Zhong glanced at it, and his heart was mixed, and he couldn't imagine that this meeting again was already a parting of life and death.

"Let's go! He deserved it! "

Ning Zhong also knew that Li Xiangxian had left his hand two days ago, and he should not have killed Yue Buqun, it was completely for his own face.

The two hurried for four hours and arrived at an inn to stay, and Ning Zhong saw Li Xiangxian's wine jug, so he couldn't help but take it and take a small sip.

With just one mouthful, he almost killed Ning Zhongze, and Ning Zhongze, who was so hot that he couldn't do it, returned to the primitive dress.


Li Xiangxian didn't know what to say, as soon as she drank, she must be drunk.

On the contrary, it made Li Xiangxian prostitute in vain again, feasting his eyes!

A woman is drunk, that's also a crazy woman!


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