Li Xiangxian searched for a long time in Wangcheng Mountain, but still did not find it, could it be that there really was no empty stone?

There are people on Wangcheng Mountain, and they must be looking for something wrong, or they need to dig stones to hollow out the stones.

It was hard to come here, but he couldn't go back without finding anything, he was naturally unwilling.

After thinking about it, it was not cost-effective, but I decided to look carefully, the empty stone is definitely a very scarce existence, and the place where it appears must be very peculiar.

The main point is that Li Xiangxian does not know the thing at all, it is very likely that it is actually in front of him, but he has not found it.

Where there is an empty stone exists, then the natural space is likely to change, in short, just look for strange places.

Slowly from the bottom up, he still didn't believe that he couldn't find this empty stone!

Just as Li Xiangxian walked down, he happened to meet a man wearing a mask, and when he saw Li Xiangxian, he asked: "Is this the road to Wangcheng Mountain?"

Li Xiangxian looked a little impatient and said: "I don't know, I'm bored, interrupt my train of thought!"

"You little monk, what are you doing here, isn't Wangchengshan a Taoist priest?"

"You are a monk, and your whole family is a monk."

"Little monk, why are you so hot-tempered."

"Little sister, I'm not a monk."

"It's really weird, what are you doing with a sword as a monk?"

The person who came was Li Hanyi, who wanted to go up the mountain to challenge Zhao Yuzhen, and she interrupted Li Xiangxian's thoughts, which made him very unhappy.

Li Xiangxian glared at Li Hanyi, and said with a look of disdain: "I said that I am not a monk, and besides, who stipulated why a monk cannot hold a sword?"

"I also want to ask, why do you a woman take a sword, don't go to someone to marry, bring a baby."

Li Xiangxian was not a monk in the first place, and Li Hanyi had to say that he was a monk, and he was naturally very unhappy.

Li Hanyi was naturally very unhappy when Li Xiangxian said this, she hated others to treat her as a woman in general, who said that women were inferior to men.

"Little monk, believe it or not, I beat you so much that you don't even know your father."

As soon as Li Hanyi saw Li Xiangxian's age, he was ten years old at most, four or five years old, and his strength at this age was not great.

For example, Zhao Yuzhen, who is the most powerful in the rivers and lakes, also became a heavenly master at the age of 17, and she is here to challenge this person this time.

Li Xiangxian was very unhappy, and said indifferently: "I really don't even know my father's mother, but with your little strength, what are you selling?"

"Still hitting me? Laughing at the dead, it takes ten moves to defeat you. "

"You are a monk, and you still say wild words, today I will teach you a lesson."

Li Hanyi remembered, this guy recognized himself as a woman at a glance just now, shouldn't it!

What's going on, is this person really a master?

This is absolutely impossible, if he is a master, then I Li Hanyi and his surname.

Li Hanyi also suspected that Li Xiangxian was here to challenge Zhao Yuzhen, then he had to defeat this person, even if he warmed up first, he could only defeat this most genius person by her.

Drawing the sword and immediately attacking towards Li Xiangxian, the first move is naturally temptation, Li Xiangxian shook his head, I just came to find a stone, do you have to come to me to trouble?

Facing Li Hanyi's sword, Li Xiangxian easily caught it, and his strength was not good.

Li Hanyi couldn't think that this person didn't draw his sword, obviously he looked down on him, and naturally he was angry, this guy's behavior and words did not respect himself.

The second sword came out, which was easily dodged by Li Xiangxian, but was caught by Li Xiangxian's two fingers, and when the fingers twisted, Li Hanyi could not control the sword.

After taking ten steps back, Li Hanyi couldn't imagine that this person was a real master, if she couldn't even win this little monk, how could she compete with Zhao Yuzhen.

The third sword was extremely fast, but unfortunately she pierced the air, but Lee Sang-hyun took off her mask and realized that Lee Sang-hyun was behind her.

Li Hanyi turned around and saw the mask on Li Xiangxian's hand, isn't that his own?

After touching it, she found that the masks were all there, and she didn't even notice how this person had just shot.

Unexpectedly, she did not challenge Zhao Yuzhen, and met this little monk, who was not his opponent.

Li Xiangxian looked at this mask, and then looked at Li Hanyi and sneered: "Such a beautiful woman, what kind of sword to play, be careful to shave your face!"

The appearance is extremely beautiful, often showing people in men's clothing, wearing white clothes and gray towels masked.

"Give me back my mask."

Li Hanyi was angry and killed with a sword, while Li Xiangxian had already retreated a hundred meters away, and she didn't even touch Li Xiangxian's clothes.

"Little monk, you are just powerful in body skills, and you have the ability to be like a sword technique with me."

Li Hanyi thinks that her sword technique has reached the point of being divine, and Li Xiangxian's body technique is very strange, and she can't touch it at all.

This person is also a sword practitioner, and put forward a request to compare sword skills with Li Xiangxian, if the sword skills are lost to this person, she Li Hanyi will admit that her skills are inferior.

Li Xiangxian threw the mask to Li Hanyi, shook his head and said: "You are not worthy of my sword, since you want to lose so much, let you see what is called a gap."

As soon as Li Xiangxian's words fell, twelve swords were instantly condensed, and the four attributes were the four swords of wind, fire, thunder and ice.

Li Hanyi couldn't help but be surprised, he couldn't imagine that this person could actually do this step, it seemed that it was time to show his true skills!

The twelve swords immediately went towards Li Hanyi to see the attack on the twelve swords, Li Hanyi seemed a little busy, but fortunately he was stable.

But these twelve swords contain four attributes, which are extremely difficult, and each sword has its own moves, which is equivalent to twelve people fighting with Li Hanyi.

Facing the twelve Xuanyin swords from all directions, Li Hanyi obviously had no possibility of winning, and she made the Moon Xi Huachen that she was proud of.

Attracting countless peach blossoms, wanting to disturb Li Xiangxian's sight.

Li Hanyi finally used her two-handed sword technique, and she had two swords, which blocked the attack of these twelve swords.

"My twelve swords, each sword has twelve changes, that is, more than a hundred changes, just now it was so hard, be careful!"

The wind sword is extremely fast, it is necessary to keep one for a fatal blow, and the sword move with the first sword is the six sword qi of 'Heaven and Earth Only My Dao' to split the heavenly thunder.

The second sword is paired with the sword move 'Heavenly Thunder Guide My Sword'.

The third sword is 'All things become my sword', the sword qi leads countless small tornadoes, the wind gathers, condenses the grass into a sword, and each grass sword is as sharp as a sword.

The fourth sword 'Qiankun let me do it'.

The fifth sword, 'All beings shall be destroyed by me'.

The sixth sword 'Bipolar Bullet My Sword'.

Li Hanyi used the water-stopping sword technique and paper falling clouds and smoke to deal with it, and in the face of an attack equivalent to six people, she was still unable to fight with two fists and six hands after all.

Li Xiangxian used the seventh sword, and the sword scorpion crisscrossed, directly knocking Li Hanyi out and spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Li Hanyi couldn't believe it, this guy had twelve swords with four attributes, each of which was able to make a different sword move, they were not only attacking.

I thought that the sword that could control the four attributes was already extremely powerful, but as a result, every sword controlled by this guy was like a person who could make different sword moves.

Do you use it with one heart and twelve?

"Still fighting?" Li Xiangxian looked at Li Hanyi and said very indifferently

"If you don't fight, then don't bother me looking for something."

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